What to Look For in an Extended Used Car Warranty

Whenever you buy a second hand or used car you don’t expect any warranty from the seller, but if you know where to look, you can benefit from extended warranty purchase.

Even so, you need to take precautions when purchasing a used car extended warranty because one wrong move can cost you dearly. First, is it even a good idea to think about getting an extended used car warranty?

First of all, you need to know that the extended used car warranty is only available for fairly new cars, so if you own a 15 year old car you won’t probably be able to find an extended warranty for it, regardless of the seller. The extended used car warranty is only available for cars that are still in the original warranty period or that have just passed that period. For example, if your car warranty expires in a couple of months, you can think about extended used car warranty, but most companies today sell policies also for cars whose factory warranty has expired several years ago.

The first thing you need to do after deciding that you want an extended used car warranty is to actually get several quotes from several warranty companies. Warranty quotes are usually delivered online and followed by a call to customize the offer for your needs: here you should ask all those particular things you want to be included in the warranty, and you should make sure to remove everything you don’t think is necessary, so you won’t be paying for useless stuff. You will likely get at least three different offers from all of them, so the choice will be easier to make.

I would also recommend that you avoid any extended used car warranty contract that requires you to pay for the repair up front and file a claim to get the money back. They will probably find a way to avoid giving you the money back, so I would avoid this kind of contract. Make sure once you are on the phone that the company will pay directly to the repair shop.

Source by Jeremy Davis