What Kinds Of Jobs Are There With Nascar?

If you are interested in the exciting world of race cars, perhaps you may be asking the question: " What kinds of jobs are there with Nascar "? There are many types of positions that are available that might be of potential interest to you. The world of Nascar does seem so glamorous and in many ways it is. On the other hand, it is important to also consider that when you find a position that you like within Nascar you will need to be prepared to be on the road regularly if you are an immediate part of the team and away from your home most of the time if you work directly with the race car drivers themselves. The first and most obvious answer to the question "what kinds of jobs are there with Nascar" would be a race car driver. Becoming a race car driver, however, is a dream only obtainable by a few.

Before you can become a Nascar race car driver, you have to not only be an expert driver, you will have to develop a reputation that will attract millionsaires because you have to raise millions of dollars from sponsors to cover the costs of driving the car alone . You will also have to be resolved to the fact that you are undertaking one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Win or lose, you will be in the spotlight even when you may not want to be and, if you are number one, everyone will be driving to make you number two!

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When asking the question, "what kinds of jobs are there with Nascar", perhaps a better option would be to pursue a less risky team job. As a member of the team that serves the NASCAR driver, this type of position would allow you to work along side of the race car drivers or, at least nearby. You would still be able to experience many of the thrills by watching the drivers and by making their success possible, but at much less risk to yourself. You will still have to travel and be away from home many weeks out of the year but you will not need to worry about risking your life.

One very important job is that of a Nascar race car mechanic. Becoming a race car mechanic takes special skills and the ability to work well under extreme pressure. When you watch the races you will see teams of mechanics waiting in the pits for their driver to stop at regular intervals. Each mechanic is assigned a specific job whether it be to change the oil, check the engine, check the brakes, etc. Sometimes though, a driver will experience difficulties during the race and will have to make an unexpected pit stop. If that's the case, not only does the mechanic have to know how to fix a potential problem, but she or he must be able to respond quickly without making a fatal error. This is one team job that is a very high press job that takes a lot of skill and excellent response time.

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What other types of jobs are there within Nascar? Another behind the scenes Nascar team job would be the customer service types of jobs. During the racing events there are thousands of people lining the stands to watch their favorite race car drivers. These events are held outside in bright sunshine and the cheering fans need food and drink to keep them happy while watching the races. Hundreds of people are needed to help serve the people and to work in the concession stands. Many of these jobs are minimum wage jobs but it is a great way to experience the other benefits of being near your favorite race car drivers as well. You may even have the advantage of grabbing an autograph here or there. You can generally apply for these types of jobs at your local race track.

There are many other types of positions that would have been considered to be a team job. A brief overall or mention of some of the jobs would be: the Pitt Boss or Crew Chief who is typically a highly skilled mechanic; the gas man who is responsible for putting gas in the car; front and rear tire variables (yes, you would specialize); and the people who jack up the car for the tire variables.

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Source by Margaret Dunn