Top Selling Items On eBay – Great Tips To Help You Sell More On eBay

One of the keys to being successful on eBay is know what items are the top sellers and which ones have too much competition. There are several ways to search eBay to find out what is on fire and what you should be selling.

Go to eBay and look for eBay Pulse. This page allows you to see what products are most searched for on eBay. You will also see the top eBay stores for this product. If you want you can select a category such as home and garden and see what terms are being used most frequently. This is a great way to see what is in demand on eBay and what product is being supplied. Once you know the high demand products then it is a matter of finding a wholesale supplier of that product.

Most successful eBay sellers are ones who have found reliable wholesale suppliers and drop shippers. I started selling on eBay back in 1997 and it took several months before I found someone I could trust to supply me with wholesale items. There are several ways to look for wholesale suppliers. The obvious way is to search the internet for suppliers. If you are selling bedding then go to Google and type in “wholesale bedding suppliers”. Now the hard part starts. You will have to weed out the bad guys and hopefully find the one or two good wholesale companies. Another problem you might run into is that you will need a wholesale license or business license before the wholesaler will send you product.

This is one of the reasons I like to use drop shippers. The other reason I like drop shippers is because they don’t require a large sales volume. I don’t want to have to buy $500 dollars worth of product and have it shipped to my house before I know if the product is any good and if I can sell it on eBay. I would rather list the product for sale on eBay and then order one of the items from a drop shipper. The drop shipper will then send the item to my customer under my label. Having a good drop shipper is extremely valuable in the eBay game. Bottom line is that it comes down to supply and demand. Find out what people what using eBay Pulse and then find a reliable drop shipper or wholesaler for that product that is in high demand.

Source by Jordan S Ashton