Top 4 Strategies For Winning at Yahoo Fantasy Auto Racing

Every year there are a few hundred thousand people that play Yahoo fantasy racing. This is the lone Yahoo fantasy NASCAR game that they offer during the Sprint Cup season. In my opinion it is a rousing success! I think this particular fantasy NASCAR game has to have the largest amount of single game players of any other fantasy NASCAR game being offered on the internet. It is free to play, so you are not gonna win any money from Yahoo! But, you can join or create any number of public or private leagues and create a ‘pot’ or prizes that the winner gets at the end of the season.

So, how are you gonna beat out a few hundred thousand other people and win at Yahoo fantasy racing? Honestly, it is gonna come down to luck more than anything else. But, a close second behind luck are four essential fantasy NASCAR tips that can make or break your Yahoo fantasy NASCAR season.

#1) Driver Management: Managing the drivers on your yahoo fantasy racing team throughout the entire NASCAR season it vital. I like to have a plan for driver management before the season even starts. As soon as the yahoo fantasy racing game opens up I create a spreadsheet of each of the three driver groups. I have that running down the first column. Then across the top I put each race on the schedule for the year. I can then use available fantasy NASCAR tools to make my initial choice for which driver I want to run at that specific race. I pick the best driver for the track and adjust each one until I have used a driver no more then the allotted 9 times per NASCAR season. I’ve found that this spreadsheet helps me not try to use a driver too many times before the season is over as well as make sure I use a valuable driver more times then I would if I was just haphazardly guessing each week without a driver management plan. In reality, you could use the top four drivers in the yahoo fantasy racing ‘A’ group nine times each and not use another ‘A’ group driver all season long if you didn’t want to. Bottom line, driver management will ensure that you use your best drivers the maximum amount you can use them throughout the season and not have uses left over for them at seasons end.

#2) Driver Performance by Track: A great fantasy NASCAR tool to use is where you can see how a driver has performed at a specific track in the past. I like to lean on this NASCAR statistic as an indicator of success, but not the be and end all factor. There are many reasons outside of a drivers control that turns a good run into a bad finish. Getting caught up in some other drivers wreck or an ill-timed pit stop right before the yellow flag waves can ruin a drivers day. But, on the flip side, looking at a drivers average finish at the track is a good indicator of if they have a history of good results here. I don’t like to look at more then the last couple of years for this statistic though.

#3) Driver Momentum: Some will argue against the philosophy and belief that any player or team in sports can be on a ‘hot streak’. How many times have we seen Denny Hamlin, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon or Matt Kenseth sweep race weekends or win races in consecutive weeks? Plus, from what I hear drivers, teams and broadcasters say, Momentum is a real thing in NASCAR racing. I like to look at how hot a driver is over the last three races. Is he finishing in the top-five for the past three weeks? If so, then I am more likely to pick him for my fantasy NASCAR team.

#4) Practice Results Prior to the Race: This is big. How well is a driver running in practice? Is he on the top of the charts or the bottom? Especially if the race is an ‘impound’ race where teams cannot work on the cars after qualifying. What are drivers saying in interviews during and after practice? What are they tweeting about how their car felt? Listen to these insights and use them to make any final decisions for who to put on your fantasy NASCAR lineup.

Taking these four factors into mind each and every NASCAR race could put you in the top percentile of the whole Yahoo! racing league as well as at the top of any and all of the smaller groups that you are a part of.

Source by Darren Fauth