Passengers Dangerous In Vehicles Of Teen Drivers

Teenagers are hot blooded. It is wrong to blame only the current generation. Every generation has remained the same. If you make rules, they love to break them. If you set limits, they love to extend them. If you set a curfew, they are sure to cross them. However, all this is fine as long as it affects only them. However, when this extends to put the lives of others into danger too, warning bells ring.

Most of the people who break traffic rules and regulations are youth. They fail to understand that these rules and regulations are made only to ensure the safety and security of everyone who travels on the road.

It is noted that most teens never stop on red lights, jump over road dividers and always park in no-parking zone. Although they get sentenced with the police, they still try to bend the rules again and again. Thus, it is very dangerous to travel in a case driven by a teenage driver.

The points given below will help you to understand this better:

1. If your teenage friend or relative offers to give you a lift, politely refuse.

2. If you are forced to have a teen driver, cheek his license and driving history before getting on the vehicle.

3. In case you are in a vehicle driven by a teenager and he is speeding too much or is involved in DWI, order him to stop, get off the vehicle and walk off or take a cab.

If you follow the above safety measures, you can have a safe ride. If you are a parent, advise and encourage your teenage daughters and sons to fellow road rules and drive safely.

Source by Archana Sarat