Myths and Facts About Police Auto Auctions

Most people have a misconception about the quality and the legal background of the cars being auctioned at police auto auctions. Most of these misconceptions are due to the fact that these cars have had a criminal history and most of these are confiscated vehicles. Police usually seizes vehicles used in criminal activities by criminals and absconders. These vehicles are then put to auctions by the police. Most such auctions are approved by the government and are carried out under the aegis of the local police departments. One of the biggest myths surrounding these vehicles is about their legal implications on the part of the new buyer.

People usually feel that since these vehicles have had a criminal record, they are illegal to purchase and might have a legal obligation for the new buyer. This is a wrong misconception. Since, these vehicles are auctioned by the police and these auctions are approved by the government, there are absolutely no legal hassles that the person owning these vehicles should face after the auction, unless, of course, the person himself has a legal background. Normally, once these vehicles are auctioned, their connection to their previous owners becomes void.

Most police auctions are scheduled only for a few times annually, and therefore, one should keep checking up regularly in order to make it to such auctions on time. It is advised that you reach the auction site considerably early in order to check the condition of the vehicles that you might be interested in. Most of these vehicles are sold on an as-is basis, and therefore, you can only check the physical condition of the vehicles. Thus, one should bid accordingly and factor in repair costs and other overheads while bidding.

Bidding in police auto auctions is an intricate process and might baffle rookies. Judging and assessing the actual cost of the vehicle in the market, cost of a brand new vehicle of the model you are bidding on and judging the condition of the engine and the machinery, just by looking at the vehicle are just some of the things you should consider before bidding at such auctions. Another noteworthy thing about auctions is that these auctions usually do not accept checks and therefore, you should be carrying enough cash in order to bid on the vehicle of your dreams. Finally, it would be worth the time to do some research on the listed vehicles on your part in order to prevent cheating, if any.

Source by Carl A Lee