How to Deal with eBay Wholesalers and Dropshippers

The internet is a very big market and like any other market there would be people looking for opportunity to take you for a ride. It is very difficult to recognize them on internet and that is what we are going to do now-discussing ways to spot them.

Well, the first rule of any business is that if something is very cheap, it might actually be very cheap. After all what would be the reason for its low price? Be very careful when you find a dirt cheap product. It might actually be worth dirt.

Always know what you are buying in terms of its price. You might find people bidding high prices for products that they could easily have purchased at lower prices else where. Get a good idea of ​​the price before you make any bid.

And yes, try not to go for ideas and schemes though cheap they might be. Most of the times they are not worth a dime. Bid for real products that have a value.

When you are working through eBay, work through eBay. Do not try to deal outside it to save the fees eBay charges sellers. Money sent outside of eBay is absolutely insecure and if you do not get paid, what would you do?

If someone tells you to send payment to accounts that do not belong to that account as specified by eBay, you would do well not to send payments. The account might have been hacked and you might lose your money.

If you find a seller changing the items he sell abruptly, be cautious of him. He might be trying to show as if he has made a lot of sales and in reality might be planning run away with your money. The same goes with shill bidder. If you find some obscure person out bidding you on a certain item, chances are that it might be the seller shill bidding to raise the price of the product.

Never use the escrow service recommended by a seller. It might actually be owned by the seller himself and you can easily lose your money. They would keep the money and send you nothing in return.

Always pay electronically because payments made using checks or money orders are very difficult to recover. What is more it is very difficult to track the payments made.

The best thing to do is to look for the feedback rating. Every seller has a number next to his name which denotes his feedback rating. So, the higher is the rating, the more you can trust him.

And I would like to conclude this discussion by reiterating about feedback rating. Every buyer and seller has a feedback rating and you would do well to deal keeping in mind the feedback ratings of the person you are dealing with. If you do so, the possibility of being cheated on eBay gets reduced significantly. So, be careful of it.

Source by James A. Penn