A Beatles Vintage Car Gets Shipped to the Auction Block

One such event took place in the UK in 2007 when the late George Harrison's Aston Martin DB5 sold for a price that knocked the wind out of everyone present.

The car, which was the first notable vehicle owned by the former Beatle sold for a whopping $ 464,736 USD. This was a record sale for the distinguished auction house, RM Auctions. In association with Sotheby's the event was dubbed the largest ever sale of its kind in the UK with an accumulated sales of more than $ 38 million.

It was estimated that the car would go for no more than $ 300,000 but the demand for Beatles memorabilia drve the participants into a frenzy of high-spirited bidding. Harrison had a fondness for fast cars and was a regular at Formula One racing events. His DB5 was built in 1964 and was hand-delivered by vehicle transport to his estate in Surrey, England on January 1st, 1965.

The car historically ended up in a museum collection in Tokyo, Japan. Later it was sold privately to a resident of Germany. The London auction event was the first time it had been viewed publicly for many years.

The London event kept vehicle transport companies hopping with the extravagant collection of collector cars that were sent to the auction block. Some of them came from the highly regarded collection of the English Formula 1 tycoon, Bernie Ecclestone.

RM Auctions and its sister companies are renamed in the collector car industry for acquiring, restoring and selling the world's most expensive and rarest vintage automobiles. They have been in business for more than 30 years, constantly breaking records for unpresented sales. They offer international vintage car restoration and auction services to clients despite their US, UK and Canadian offices.

Source by Johnathan Stevenson