Researching Local Car Dealerships When Purchasing A Car

It's quite possible that purchasing a vehicle is the second most expensive acquisition you will ever make, next to owning your own home. With such a large amount of money needed for a vehicle purchase, a smart investment would include doing your research on not only the type of vehicle you want, but also the dealership you want to patronize.

When researching local car dealership, word-of-mouth is an invaluable resource. When someone you know and trust has had a good, or bad, experience at a local dealership it will help to point you either towards or away from said dealership.

If your best friend went to Buddy's Cars (for example) and had a great experience and walked away with a great deal, you are much more likely to want to give Buddy's Cars a chance to earn your business, right? Whereas if your friend went to Grumpy's Autos (for example) and had an unfriendly salesperson who would not bargain with them on the price of the vehicle, you are likely going to be uninterested in giving Grumpy's a chance.

Once you have narrowed your auto search down to the make and model you desire, it is then easier to narrow down your choice of dealerships because of the types of cars they offer. Whether you're looking for a new or used car, find a dealership that specializes in the type of car you want. They should not only have the largest variety in-stock, but they should also be the most knowledgeable about that particular vehicle.

Negotiating the price of a vehicle is torture for some people; for others it's a natural high to get a great deal. Whether you enjoy it or not, negotiating is a big benefit to the customer when purchasing a vehicle. If the dealership is not willing to come down on the price of their inventory, simply find another dealership that will. Sometimes negotiations take multiple times back and forth from the salesperson to their manager and back to you until you can all agree upon a final price. There really is no reason to pay full sticker price on any vehicle, new or used.

Do your research before car shopping to see what the car you are wanting is worth. If you have a trade-in vehicle, check out sites like or to find out what amount you can expect to get for your trade ahead of time. It helps to have a final amount in mind that you are looking to spend for the new vehicle, with or without a trade-in. Many dealerships have websites that show their current inventory automatically, so you can know what they have in stock before you physically visit them.

Financing options are important to any consumer who is going to need financial assistance with purchasing a vehicle. You can either be prepared by getting pre-approved from your own financial establishment (a bank or credit union), or you can go through whatever financing options the dealership offers. Many dealerships have relationships with local banks and credit unions that will help you get the car you want. It's a nice benefit when dealership offer several financing options to choose from.

Finally, each dealership and really each salesperson at each dealership has their own personality. You will feel most comfortable with someone you fall is trustworthy. If you do not get along with, or feel assured by, your salesperson or dealership, there are most likely plenty of other dealerships that are hungry for your business and will treat you well. You are the ultimate decision-maker, and you have the right to make whatever choice you want. Purchasing a vehicle can be done in one day if that's how you want to do it, but if you would rather start by simply looking around and doing some window shopping, no one should be able to force you into making a rush decision. You will be happiest with a vehicle that was a well-planned purchase from a dealership that was respectful of you and your budget.

Source by Jason J Junge

Using A Car Buying Agent Or Car Broker To Buy Your Next Car

The world of car retailing is changing, and it means good news for car buyers. The traditional way of buying a car from a dealer's showroom has been around forever, and it's a game where the playing field tilted heavily in the dealer's favor. The dealer knows all of the numbers involved much better than the buyer, and so knows exactly where margins can be increased and reduced to maximize their profits while still appearing to provide a good deal.

It's a bit like a casino; the punters at the tables may have a few individual wins here and there, but overall the house always wins. Buying a car from a dealer is similar, in that you might get them to drop the car's price slightly or throw in some extras, but they get it all back again on the finance package or the other extras you had not realized you even needed (but were persuaded by the salesman that they were absolutely essential).

The internet has gone some way to helping buyers, in that you can easily check prices from several different dealerships all over the country. But that's still only a starting point; a dealer will often be happy to cut the price on a car if they can make it up elsewhere, and it becomes very difficult to stay on top of the negotiations when you have a new car, your part-exchange (trade-in) finance, insurance, options and accessories all making up the final numbers. The dealer is expert at juggling all these balls at once, and they know exactly how much they are making from each part of the overall deal. The customer, usually, is completely in the dark as to how much of a deal they are really getting.

More and more car buyers are now turning to a car buying agent or car broker to help them manage their car purchasing. Here the buyer gets to play on a level field with the dealer, as the car buying agent or car broker usually has the same knowledge and expertise as the dealer to be able to negotiate on every aspect of the deal to the advantage of the buyer.

The other advantage of using a car broker or car buying agent is that it saves you an awful amount of time. Researching cars and trekking all over town to visit dealerships, getting quotes from different dealers on different models and comparing all the information is a tremendously laborious exercise. A car buying agent or car broker can take car of all the running around and allow you to concentrate on your job or enjoy your recreational time.

So what exactly does a car buying agent or a car broker do?

Let's explain the difference between a car buying agent and a car broker.

With a car broker, you provide as much detail as you can about the car you are looking for, and the broker sources a vehicle which matches your desired specification as closely as possible.

A car buying agent offers a more comprehensive overall service, usually involving specific advice and recommendations on choosing a car and its specification to suit your needs, as well as the sourcing of the chosen vehicle. If you are not sure about the best sort of car for your needs, a car buying agent's advice can be far more valuable than the savings he or she may be able to get from the dealer. Choosing a more suitable car can be worth a reasonable saving over your entire ownership period, even if the deal on the car's price is not as significant. Many people have bought a car completely unsuitable for their needs, and using a car broker will not prevent that. A good car buying agent, however, will help you ensure that you are choosing a car which will do everything you need for as long as you own it.


Brokers and agents make their money from either a fee charged to the client for their service, and / or a payment or commission from the dealer. This is an important point for you as a buyer; if your broker is being paid by a dealer, they are absolutely working for the dealer rather than you, meaning they may not be acting in your best interests to secure the best car available at the best price possible.

To ensure that your agent is acting in your best interests and not the dealer's, you should always look for a car buying agent or car broker who has a clear fee structure and does not take payments or commissions from the selling dealer. The fees should be clearly explained, easily understandable, and relate to the service provided. If a broker advertises their services as being free, then it …

How to Find Cheap Car Tyres

A person’s dream car is also a person’s highest responsibility; having a prestige car is a long-lasting joy when it comes to the cutting-edge performance, the good looks and the price tag. In this case, running and servicing costs cannot afford to be overlooked, particularly the safety and functioning features of the vehicle. A car’s tyres represent an essential element to the security and performance of the vehicle, as well as the most challenging feature to maintain. Buying new tyres has become a heavy duty because car owners are unaware of what they need and how much they should pay for.

After a period of running, car tyres need occasional examination and ultimately, replacement. This is the time when owners try to find the best deals on the market, depending on the type and quality factors. One significant thing to be aware of is that there are very few dealers who offer the same package of benefits more than once.

The first step when buying new tyres is knowing when the tyres need replacing. One of the ways to do this is by using the penny test. This test is performed by inserting a penny into the tread of a tyre. When the Queen’s head disappears completely into the tread, it is proven that the treads are deep enough and tyres do not need replacement. Otherwise, if the tread is low, the tyres need restoration. The penny test needs to be performed on the surface width of the tyre, meaning both edges and the centre. Irregular wearing on the surface of the tyres is another way of knowing when there is need for restoration. The ideal time of year to buy new tyres is in the fall; in the winter season, it is important that the treads are deep to offer more traction in snowy and frozen environments.

When purchasing new tyres, a person should base the final decision on the balance between two elements: finding the cheapest alternative or acquiring the best price of the desired product. The ideal model should meet or surpass the performance and safety capacities of the original tyres and also suit the car type and size of the wheels. Other criterions to consider are the types of tyres which suit each person’s driving fancy, such as all-seasons, performance and heavy load tyres. The tyres in the first category are very reasonably priced and enable the vehicle to operate at a modest level in all types of weather. The second category encompasses stylish and performance enhancing tyres, designed to give more power on the road. The last category includes long-lasting tyres equipped with heavy weight capacity.

Before making a final decision a person should consider the expert opinion of a professional, however, the high quality and price-awareness are essential main factors. Another consideration includes the environment and season for which the tyres will be used; usually, tyres that fit all seasons are a very safe choice. Secondly, a car owner should pay close attention to the car’s performance from the beginning to the end. If pleased, the same type of tyres is recommended further and this includes weight, height, width, rolling speed, weight capacity and other essentials. If the owner is displeased with the performance of the previous tyres, seeking professional advice is necessary. The next step is to research newspapers and cheap tyres online to find out which approach would be the most cost-effective.

After the right type of cost-efficient tyres has been purchased, the appropriate fittings should be performed at a professional garage which is equipped with specialized machines. The benefit of using a professional installation is that tyre damage can be avoided. All the packages covering the vehicle should be profited upon when the installation is in progress. A consumer should be able to change the tyres successfully, in the case of critical circumstances such as flat tyres on the road. To avoid such situations, the tyres should be inspected and changed regularly, which in return could lead to enhanced performance and range. As a result, the longevity of the tyres could be increased as well as more effective fuel consumption; the effects of well-maintained car tyres reflect most of all on the car’s running costs, bringing incredible savings to the home budget.

Buying cheap tyres online saves the consumer a lot of time as good websites also provide very helpful insight into the products, as well as links to professional advice. Some online resources are focused on tyre types and trends, while other offer cheap car tyres but which are of a high-quality from several brands. The benefit of buying cheap tyres online is that the consumer can have a guarantee of the quality of the retailer’s products and services by checking online reviews and customer satisfaction ratings. A respectable online …

The Cialdini Effect – Influence, NLP & Persuasion

For those who don’t know Robert Cialdini Ph.D., he is the Regents professor at Arizona State University.

His books, Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion and Influence: Science and Practice, are the results of years of study into the reasons that people comply with requests in business settings. Together they have sold almost one half million copies in nine languages and consistently rank within the top one percent of books sold on In the field of Influence and persuasion, Dr. Cialdini is the most cited social psychologist in the world today.

One of Cialdini’s principles is the Law of Reciprocation

When a person receives a gift they generally feel obligated to reciprocate.

The law says that we should try to repay in kind, what another person has provided us.

In this article I’ll show you had to utilize the Law of Reciprocation.

I was talking to a waitress in one of my favorite restaurants recently, and we got on to discussing tips.

Obviously tips are very important a waitress, and it was quite apparent that some of the waitresses in this restaurant where receiving better tips than others. It reminded me of the study I read about a few years ago so I suggested this strategy, which utilizes the law reciprocation…

Sweeten the bill!

When a person receives a gift they generally feel obligated to reciprocate.

David Strohmetz and his colleagues from Monmouth University tested this expectation in two studies.

The first study conducted in Ithaca, New York, found that giving customers fancy chocolates increased tips from 15 percent of the bill to 18 percent of the bill.

The second study conducted in New Jersey found that gifts of Hershey assorted miniature chocolates also increased tips.

When no chocolate was given the average tip is 19% of the bill

However the highest tips were received when the server gave diners one piece of chocolate for person then spontaneously offered them a second piece per person the average tip was then 23% of the bill

I’m going out for dinner there next week, I’ll let you know how her tips are going!

The Persuasion Skills Power Tip

Obviously are not all going to go round and give everyone you meet a chocolate, however you can nonetheless utilize the law reciprocation.

Gifts do not need to be physical objects that are exchanged between people. Some of the most valuable gifts a person can give are intangible:






Cheerfulness and attention

These are all valuable gifts…

Being the first the give and allows you to start to maintain relationships.

According to the work of Cialdini the reciprocity rule applies, even if the recipient does not like the person who gave the gift.

Most of us find it highly disagreeable to be in a state of obligation. No one likes to feel indebted and we’ll gladly return the favor.

According to sociologists and anthropologists the Law of Reciprocation is one of the most widespread and basic norms of human culture.

Reciprocal arrangements are vital in human social systems, over thousands of years we have been conditioned to feel uncomfortable when beholden.

This sense of future obligation makes possible the development of various kinds of continuing relationships, transactions and exchanges that are beneficial to society.

Reciprocity applies to concessions too.

One of the most effective ways to use the reciprocity rule is to start with an extreme request that is sure to be rejected, you can then profitably retrieved too small request [the one that was desired all along] which is likely to be excepted because it appears to be a concession.

How to amplify the Law of reciprocation

If your initiating favor is significant, personal and unexpected the recipient is much more likely to respond in kind/provide an even bigger favor.

Time one of the biggest gifts of all

I always ensure that with everyone I meet I let them know that my time is precious…

I will fit someone in as a favor…This also initiates the law of scarcity, but you’ll have to wait until next time for more information on how to utilize that powerful law…

For more information about Cialdini’s work I suggest you check out

“Influence: Science and Practice by Robert B. Cialdini

That’s all for now

Source by Marc Hogan

Productive Ebay and Auctions – Uncover 4 First Time User Ebay and Auctions Tips

If you are first time merchant at eBay, this article is prepared for you. Through this article you are provided with first time user, productive eBay and auctions tips. Armed with these tips, you'll be able to lay the foundation for productive eBay and auctions success today and well into the future.

The first, fundamental tip for a first timer in eBay, that you need to keep in mind, is the necessity of creating an appropriate eBay store. In order to ensure that you are actually designing and pulling together a good looking eBay store, you may want to look at what other merchants at eBay are doing in this regard.

Second, when it comes to productive eBay and auctions tips for first time eBay user, you want to make sure that you take advantage of all the marketing tools that eBay has to offer. eBay has done a good job of developing a number of different marketing tools that very helpful to eBay merchant. This is particularly true for a person who's using eBay for the first time.

Third, if this is your first eBay outing, you may want to consider engaging in a joint marketing effort with a more established eBay merchant. If you do have any collections or acquaints who are involved in eBay, you may want to broach the subject of developing a joint marketing program with them. This can be effective if you go are selling compatible rather than competitive merchandise.

Finally, when it comes to productive eBay and auctions tips for the first time eBay user, you must always keep in mind that customer service is paramount. Therefore, you want to make sure that you consistently provide the best possible customer service on all levels.

Source by Sean Mize

How to Get a FREE Tax Sale Auction List

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to investing in tax foreclosure properties. One of the most laughable pieces of misinformation that I seem to always come across has to do with auction lists. Much of this misinformation implies that you must belong to some sort of exclusive or paid membership club to access a tax sale list. Or that you need to fork over hundreds of dollars before you can access a list. The truth of the matter is tax sale lists are FREE, have always been FREE and will always be FREE.

As an informed investor, we must look at it from the county’s perspective. The county is foreclosing on these properties since the owner failed to pay the property taxes. Property tax payments contribute to a variety of expenses that help a county and its’ government operate. We’re talking about things such as law enforcement, fire and rescue services, educational funds, road construction and maintenance, and a lot of other necessities. When someone fails to pay the property taxes the county no longer has the money needed from the tax roll revenue to pay for these costs.

When a property is sold at tax sale auction two primary objectives are met. The first is that the auction itself brings proceeds from the selling price. Properties that are sold at a tax sale auction have not produced revenue for a period of 1-3 years. Accordingly, the proceeds from the auction will essentially reimburse the county for covering that property’s share of governmental expenses during this time.

The second and primary objective that it meets is that the property is returned to the tax roll as a tax revenue producing property. The county would rather not have to even deal with tax sale auctions. The ideal situation of course, would be that all property owners make timely payment of their taxes so that tax revenues would be at capacity. But when this doesn’t happen the next best thing is that the property is returned to the tax roll as a revenue producing property as quickly as possible. This is done when the property is sold to a responsible tax payer at auction.

Now that we understand the benefits of tax sale auctions does it really make sense to you that counties are going to make it difficult or expensive to obtain tax sale auction lists? Of course not! They want to make it as easy as possible for you!

So how can you get your hands on one of these “elusive” tax sale lists? ASK FOR ONE! It’s that simple.

The first thing you need to do is determine who the responsible governmental entity is for tax foreclosures in the area you’re investing in. This is the office in charge of handling the tax sale auction. It could be the county clerk, the treasurer, the tax collector, the sheriff’s office or another government office as it varies from one area to another. The best way to determine this is to do some quick research through Google. Find out who collects the taxes, give them a call and then ask them who handles the tax sale auctions in the area.

This leads us to the second and final step which is to contact that office and ask for information about any upcoming tax sales. Many times it will be as easy as going to their website and clicking on the “tax sale” link. Other times you’ll have to contact a receptionist and ask the best way to obtain one. If a list is not published on their website, they will typically either email, fax or mail it to you. If they fax or mail it you might have to pay a nominal postage or long distance fee but it will usually be free.

Wasn’t that easy? No expensive memberships or exclusive clubs to belong to. Just find the responsible government entity and contact them. There isn’t much more to it.

The most important thing here is what you do with that list once you have it. How do you read the list? What properties should you choose to invest in? How much do you pay? How much should they sell for? The questions can go on and on.

Before you try to venture into it alone consider getting someone with more experience to train you. As someone who has over a decade worth of full-time experience in numerous states, my experience in unparallelled.

Source by Casey Denman

Jeep History

Jeep is a subsidiary car brand belonging to the Chrysler group. Because it's the oldest and most known SUV and off road carmaker in the planet, the word "Jeep" has changed into a common term describing Sport Utility Autos and off-roaders.

The first Jeep and praying for the US armed forces that needed a tough, trustworthy car that might be driven in all terrains and in all weather conditions. They needed an off-roader that would simply be transported all around the planet and was easy to maintain, so the first Jeep models were the perfect solution for the army wants. The first Jeep produced in big the M715 model that was mainly employed in the Vietnam War

The civil models derived from the army automobiles produced by Jeep in the 1950s and 1960s so they kept their wonderful off roader capabilities. In truth, for a number of years, enthusiasts all around the world that wanted a car to get the highest tops bought the removed the sole automobiles ready to deliver such intense performance. Today Jeep sells several SUV models, among which the Wrangler, Commander, Compass and Patriot are the best known.

The model that bought worldwide celebrity to Jeep, as it seemed to be a small, compact, simple and fun to drive and was ready to reach areas where other automobiles could only wish. Jeep started the Wrangle production in 1987 and because it resembles the military Jeeps of the 1960s and 1970s, the world fell in love with this automobile.

The models produced between 1987 and 1995, the YJ series, offered great comfort for a pure off roader and it was also available as a convertible model. In the years, Jeep added more sophisticated features to its Wrangler models, including an all automotive protecting roll cage, anti-lock brakes and power steering.

The second generation of Wrangler was produced between 1996 and 2006 and it was more refined, offered more comfort and a better on-road handling than the previous model.

The current generation of Wrangler is larger than its forefathers and offers stronger and economic engines and it's the most comfortable Wrangler so far. The Grand Cherokee is another Jeep success, as it was the company's best selling mid-size SUV across the years.

Jeep wanted a larger model to hold more people and could offer more comfort than the Wrangler and in 1993 they launched the first Grand Cherokee model. The Grand Cherokee is today at its third generation and along with the Patriot and Commander models, it offers the most advanced 4×4 drive system in the world (also known as).

In order to expand their car models, Jeep has launched another two car families, the Patriot and the Compass. Both the Jeep Patriot and the Compass models were launched in 2007 and they are delegates of the company's intention to deliver greener and more trustworthy cars. Jeep Dealers have to face tough competition in the SUV segment and with these new models that need to reposition themselves as the planet's most successful SUV maker.

Source by Dennis J James

Cheap Car Insurance Broker

Are you looking for a cheap car insurance broker? You are probably asking yourself, "Who is not?" Below are some tips for what discounts to look for, and ask about, when searching for a cheap car insurance broker.

Look for low mileage discounts. If you are an occasional driver, you may be eligible for a low mileage discount. A cheap car insurance broker will see you as less of a risk if your car is not actually out on the road very much.

Stick with third-party insurance. Third-party insurance is much cheaper than full coverage insurance, and depending on the worth of your car, you may want to choose sticking with third-party insurance when seeking a cheap car insurance broker.

Keep drivers to a minimum. When looking for a cheap car insurance broker, keeping the drivers you add to your car insurance policy to a minimum helps. Without the drivers frequently drive the car (s) on the car insurance policy, leave them off of the car insurance policy and save yourself some money.

Keep your car safe. Another way to impress a cheap car insurance broker is by keeping your car safe. If you live in an area that is considered dangerous – especially one that has a lot of car-related crime – an insurance broker is going to see you as less of a risk if you take the steps to safely store your car at night or anytime it is not being driven.

Young drivers – do not give up hope! Young drivers should take advantage of starter policies. These policies, which usually last anywhere from six to eight months, are perfect for young drivers still starting out in the world of driving and car insurance. Starter policies are cheaper than non-starter policies, and they allow the young drivers to build up no claims bonuses. Young drivers should also ask about any driving courses that they take to help them get car insurance discounts.

Source by Elizabeth Newberry

Cheap Car Insurance Premiums and Rates

Now I believe that the average consumer is not aware of the factors which make and alter your car insurance premium rates. Now it is commonly known these rates are calculated due to many differences, variables and factors. So it is imperative that the understanding is set in concrete for you to make sense of. If you do in fact want to achieve a low premium rate from your car insurance provider you should make the effort to understand the factors below which affect the premium rate of your car insurance.

Driving Record

Your future insurance institute and or company will unduly look at your driving record, history to establish if you are a troublesome driver or not basically. The insurance company will look in-depth into such things as your At Fault accidents, traffic related accidents which are traffic violations in other words and what car-auto insurance claims you have made. If certain issues are found you will be paying a higher premium rate for you car insurance. Please remember that companies will only look at your driving record up and until three years previous. So after such times your records in their eyes can become relaxed and not frowned upon as much.

Other Insurance Cover

Your prospective insurance company will look into your previous existing insurance protection for any type of related insurance cover. They are basically conducting background research to determine if you are and or were a good client. In terms of premium payments, what claims did you make and surely any other troublesome issues which your old insurance broker had with you. If the flags are raised by your previous insurance company you just may be in for an increased car insurance premium rate. It is also important to remember that if this company is your first insurance institute you will most likely pay more for car insurance until a reasonable insurance history is established.

Credit History NOW INCLUDED

It is my belief that a large majority of insurance companies are now taking into account the credit history and standing of its prospective clients. These insurance institutions are looking at your credit history and scores and how you have used your credit and for what. Time and length of your credit history will be evaluated to establish any existing debts and how your payments were this will provide them with an Insurance Score that use this to determine the likelihood of you paying your insurance rates on time. By paying your rates and bills on time, keeping a good credit record and history using your credit wisely will improve your insurance score.

Location, Location, Location

You can and may well be charged more or less depending on where you currently live and are located. If you live in highly populated areas the risks and chances of car accidents are increased and this is what insurance companies will look at and factor into the calculation to determine your final rates. If you live in the cities you will be paying more for car insurance rates than if you lived in a small suburban area.

The Car Itself

New vs. Old, a new car will often be more expensive to insure than an older vehicle model. With today's revelations in technology and safety measures cars are becoming more expensive to build, own and sell. Newer vehicles are basically more expensive to repair and replace there before the newer it is the higher your insurance rate can be. If you car has extra safety measures, car alarms, air bags, anything of the sort make sure you bring this up to your prospective insurance company.

Car Usage

Your future insurance company DOES care how much you will use the vehicle and for what purposes. Simply put, the more time you are on the road driving the more chance there is that an accident will or may this could be your fault or someone else but the fact remains the chances and risks are once again increased. So in the calculation this is a greater risk for the insurer.

Consumers must remember that the final car insurance rates are in the hands of the insurance company you are dealing with, you can only do so much to keep this at a minimum but at the end of the day it is out of your control in most respects .

Source by Samuel T Baker

Combining the Best of Salehoo and eBay

Understanding how to integrate two of the most popular online websites to our advantage is a sure way of earning a lot of profits. Salehoo and eBay can be easily termed as the most popular websites when it comes to the field of wholesale and drop shipping business. Every wholesale seller and drop shipper who wants to make their presence felt is registered as a member on both these websites.As such, if we know the right procedure by which we can make the most of these two websites, then our business can really pick up in a big way.

Salehoo is an online e-commerce website which offers a comprehensive listing of thousands of wholesale sellers and drop shippers dealing in all kinds of products. Customers who are in search of a good wholesale seller or drop shipper are bound to come to this website and as such if our profile is also listed in the directory provided, then we can expect to make a lot of business deals with many customers. eBay is an auction website where people offer products or items that they have and customers bid for the same.

In order to expand our business, we can buy all the goods and products that have been released lately and are in great demand in wholesale in bulk quantities in Salehoo and then offer them for sale on eBay. By doing this, we can buy goods at low prices in Salehoo and then sell them at higher prices and then gain a lot of profits. We can also advertise as a drop shipper, take all the orders that customers have to give on eBay and then search on Salehoo for a good wholesale seller who can take care of the orders as well as the shipping process. We can charge the customer a higher price that what we are paying to the wholesale seller and profit from the deal. Thus, by effectively and efficiently using these two reliable and popular websites of Salehoo and eBay, we can look forward to a lot of business deals involving a lot of profits.

Source by Jeff R. Stone

To Bait Investors, Honda Plans To Raise Dividends

Japanese stocks dropped, led by carmakers including the Honda Motor Co., on assumption that profits will be restricted by slower growth at home and abroad this year. This is why the Japanese automaker intends to raise its dividends.

“Automakers are struggling with their domestic sales and it looks like their earnings will peak out in the near future,” said Shigemi Nonaka, the chairman at Polestar Investment Management Co. in Tokyo which has $218 million in assets. “Power companies aren’t attractive anymore now they’ve paid their dividends and because a possible gain in crude prices may curb their profit growth this year.”

According to the Japan Auto Dealers Association in Tokyo, motor vehicle sales in Japan declined by ten percent from a year earlier in April, after decreasing 13 percent in March. Honda’s stock lost 13 percent in the last three months, while Toyota fell some 9.5 percent as concerns have mounted that the U.S. economy, the largest overseas market for automakers, is growing at a slower pace. Also, the automaker forecasted last April 25 that its net income will decline 2.9 percent for the year to March 2008.

“It’s becoming clear that the U.S. auto market is slowing down,” Shingo Hayashi, an analyst at Daiwa Institute of Research wrote in a May 7 note lowering the recommendation of Honda shares to “neutral” from “outperform.” He added, “There’s a high chance total auto sales in the U.S. this year will be lower than the previous year,”‘ he wrote.

The second largest automaker in Japan intends to pay out more of its net income in dividends to bolster shareholder returns that have lagged those of its closest Japanese rival, Toyota. The automaker will pay out 30 percent of net income in dividends within two to three years as compared with 25 percent this fiscal year, Honda’s chief financial officer, Fumihiko Ike, said in an interview.

In the past 12 months, Honda’s shares have plummeted 1.3 percent as compared with a 6.7 percent gain for Toyota and a 1.9 percent increase in the benchmark Nikkei 225 Stock Average. The Tokyo-based carmaker will raise dividends even as it forecasts profit will fall for a second year because of higher costs for aluminum and precious metals. “Raising cash dividends attracts more investors than buying back shares,” said Yoshihiro Okumura, a general manager at Chiba-gin Asset Management.

The automaker plans to pay ¥80 or $0.67, a share this business year, up from ¥67 in 2006. The company is paying ¥20 every quarter this fiscal year. Toyota paid out 21.3 percent of its net income in dividends in the year that ended in March 2006 and plans to return 30 percent of profits to shareholders in dividends within two to four years.

“We want to lure more investors,” said Ike. “We want to increase cash payments.” Additionally, Honda said last month that it expected its net income to fall around 2.9 percent to ¥575 billion, or $4.79 billion, in the 12 months started April 1, from ¥592 billion the previous year. The forecast “isn’t conservative,” Ike said, citing soaring prices for aluminum and precious metals and a weaker American market. He also expects the yen to increase against the dollar. The company will pay out 20.6 percent of the net income in dividends for last fiscal year, which ended in March. The final dividend will be paid in June.

Honda, which generates as much as 70 percent of its operating profit in the United States, expects the total auto demand in the country to be at 16.4 million vehicles this year, down from the previous 16.55 million in 2006. Honda expects its global vehicle sales to rise 7.7 percent to 3.94 million units in the year ending next March. It forecasts that vehicle sales will increase 2.9 percent in North America and that number is less than its gain of 6.3 percent in the same period a year earlier.

“We will still increase sales in a shrinking market,” Ike said, citing its redesigned CRV sport utility vehicle, Accord sedan and the Fit compact car. Honda’s American market share increased 0.4 percentage points to 9.2 percent in the first four months of this year, taking away share from General Motors Corp. and the Ford Motor Co.

Honda would likely have gained even more if its suppliers had been able to raise production to meet demand, said Koji Endo at Credit Suisse Group in Tokyo. Honda forecasts its capital expenditure to rise 13 percent to 710 billion yen this business year and it will probably maintain the same level through 2010, Ike said.

At present, the automaker is building a factory, which will integrate the Honda clutch, engines and other auto parts to its product lines. The new factory in Japan will open by 2010. Also, its sixth North …

Top 10 Car Rental Extras For Your Holiday

You have just booked your long awaited holiday, but images of relaxing on a sun kissed beach are replaced by thoughts of having to organize all of the details that were not included in the deal. There is more to planning your trip than just booking the airfare, accommodation and car rental.

Car rental comparison web sites are fantastic for offering all the relevant information that is needed to provide you with the holiday you deserve, right down to all the essential details to complete your holiday package.

Here is a top ten list of useful extras to consider whilst arranging your car rental.

  1. Cheap Airport parking. When leaving your car we want to make sure its left in the best possible hands, but doesn’t cost a fortune for that security.
  2. Airport Hotels. When booking your car rental you do tend to find some good offers that allows you to make a saving on booking both together.
  3. Airport Lounges. Get a VIP lounge pass and relax for up to 3 hours before your flight, with complimentary drinks and snacks in a quiet area, so you can unwind before you start your holiday.
  4. Cheap car hire insurance. It’s always best to have the right package, when travelling in different countries can take a while to get used to the differences so it would be one less thing for you to worry about.
  5. Global Sim Cards. Using your mobile abroad can be very costly, even if you receive calls. A global sim card once you have your international sim number is yours to keep for life, and because it’s prepaid you won’t come home to a nasty bill.
  6. Sat Nav Hire. Forget those old paper maps and hire a satellite navigation system for your holiday, then wherever you are in the world you can be confident that you won’t get lost.
  7. Free Foreign Currency Card. Avoid the inconvenience of finding time to exchange your money and instead, use a foreign currency card as you would any credit card. Simply pay for items with the card or withdraw cash at your holiday destination
  8. Travel Insurance. It is now possible to tailor your travel insurance to meet all of your holiday requirements not just for yourself but all others in the party.
  9. Flight Status. Knowing if your flight is on time or not makes for a good start to any holiday. Using a flight tracker or to set up flight alerts is guaranteed to make sure you never miss a flight.
  10. Travel Forum. Going somewhere you don’t know is always difficult it’s always good to get all the up to date info on people who have just currently travelled to your destination, would help with all the best places to visit and will help to share all your holiday experiences with future travellers.

Source by Gary Status

Cheap Rental Cars – 5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Next Vehicle Rental

There is never any need to spend money on a luxury rental car, no matter what your travel plans may be. As long as it’s comfortable, safe, and capable of decent mileage, what more could anyone want? Whether you’re going out of town for a weekend business trip, want to spend a few nights in a big city like Vegas, or heading for the beach with your family, here are a few things you need to know about finding cheap rental cars:

1. Unless you have no choice, don’t rent a vehicle right at the airport. More often than not, it’s a lot cheaper to rent one at an “off-airport” site. Compare the rates of various rental companies throughout the city carefully. Consider other transportation methods to get to your hotel from the airport until you are able to get to the rental car center.

2. Find out if you eligible for any club / membership discounts. A lot of corporations have a company code that can be used for getting travel-related discounts. There are also perks for club members, government employees, etc.

3. Beware of hidden fees. A deal might sound nice on the offer page, but after you’ve begun the checkout process, the price could go up a lot more than what you calculated due to sales tax, “vehicle license fees”, “arena fee”, or any number of hidden fees. This is especially likely to occur for deals that sound too good to e true, such as “Less than $20 a day” type of offers. Also, find out before hand if you will be required to return the car with a full tank of gas, as you might be charged a penalty if you do not. If it is a requirement, then make sure it’s filled up for you once you arrive.

4. Don’t fall for “horror stories” the clerks will try to tell you in order to get you buy insurance. For most drivers, it’s an unnecessary add-on. All you have to do is call your own insurance company beforehand and confirm that you are already covered for rental cars. Some credit card companies also provide collision coverage. However, if you are traveling outside of the country, the chances of your auto insurance and/or credit card company providing you with international car rental insurance are reduced. In this instance, you might have to have it included in your rental agreement.

5. Use online price comparison tools to show you a list of all available vehicle rentals at once for your planned travel dates. It’s a lot easier to do this than to check with each rental company one at a time just to see if they are offering cheap rental cars on the dates you need one.


The ideal place to find and compare rental car prices is online. There are sites that help you find deals on everything from pickup trucks to convertibles. If you’re not picky and just want to check out some cheap rental cars, you’ll find plenty.

Source by George Botwin

Government Car Auctions Offer a Land of Value

When searching for a used or new car most people head to dealership after dealership haggling with a car salesman, and sometimes even being pressured into buying. They may walk away thinking they got a great deal, but the real truth is there are much, much better deals out there; specifically at government car auctions. Cheap used cars abound at these auctions. Most auctions have all types of makes and models coupled with deep, deep discounts.

You can find anything from minivans to luxury sedans. Some may have small damage or the paint may be a bit scratched, but the cost of repairing such small eyesores pales in comparison to the difference in price of the vehicle. Just think with the money that you would save compared to buying from a dealership will allow you to fix those insignificant dents and dings, and maybe even add a couple extras like a nice set of rims or a new stereo system! Many people worry about where these cars have been, or if they were used in a crime. It could be anything from back taxes to drugs, and that is something that is usually not disclosed to the consumer without a little arm twisting. So get there early and see if you can do a little research before bidding.

There are all types of reasons why the government has designated a person's car, but regardless of why, the government wants to liquidate them as fast as possible. This equals amazing deals for the educated consumer. You may find a few cars with minor damage, but overall I think you will be amazed at the auction car's pristine condition. Many bidders have walked away with cars for less than ten percent of their "book" value! Whether you are in the business of buying and reselling cars from car auctions or you are just looking for a new family car the times of dealership shopping are in the past. Dealership prices and quality do not stand a chance against a well run government auction.

Source by Toni Alexander

Ebay and Auctions – Getting Started With Ebay

One of the myths with online businesses is that you can start them without any investment. That is simply not true because every business requires some investment to start properly. The good thing about the internet is that you can start with a very low investment but do not expect this to be zero.

The first place is your own home. Go through the garage, basement, closet and other locations looking for what you do not need. If something qualifies as junk then rethink it, maybe it is not junk to someone else. If something is worthless in your opinion you might still get a reasonably good price for it on eBay. This is perhaps the easiest way to make money using eBay. Always take a good picture of the item before listing it because listings with pictures get better bids. Then you must write a good description for the listing and set a low opening bid. You could be making hundreds of dollars like this and there is hardly any work involved.

Selling eBooks is another great way to making money through eBay. These books sell quickly. You simply need to find a topic you are good at and write a book. Even if it is something as simple as fixing a computer, changing hard drive partitions, or tinkering with household items or cars, fishing, sports, literally anything that you are good at can be presented and sold in the form of an eBook.

Another thing is to become an auction manager. Some people have great stuff but shy away from auctions. If you can do the job for them then you can earn a good commission per sale.

Source by Sean Mize

Myths and Facts About Police Auto Auctions

Most people have a misconception about the quality and the legal background of the cars being auctioned at police auto auctions. Most of these misconceptions are due to the fact that these cars have had a criminal history and most of these are confiscated vehicles. Police usually seizes vehicles used in criminal activities by criminals and absconders. These vehicles are then put to auctions by the police. Most such auctions are approved by the government and are carried out under the aegis of the local police departments. One of the biggest myths surrounding these vehicles is about their legal implications on the part of the new buyer.

People usually feel that since these vehicles have had a criminal record, they are illegal to purchase and might have a legal obligation for the new buyer. This is a wrong misconception. Since, these vehicles are auctioned by the police and these auctions are approved by the government, there are absolutely no legal hassles that the person owning these vehicles should face after the auction, unless, of course, the person himself has a legal background. Normally, once these vehicles are auctioned, their connection to their previous owners becomes void.

Most police auctions are scheduled only for a few times annually, and therefore, one should keep checking up regularly in order to make it to such auctions on time. It is advised that you reach the auction site considerably early in order to check the condition of the vehicles that you might be interested in. Most of these vehicles are sold on an as-is basis, and therefore, you can only check the physical condition of the vehicles. Thus, one should bid accordingly and factor in repair costs and other overheads while bidding.

Bidding in police auto auctions is an intricate process and might baffle rookies. Judging and assessing the actual cost of the vehicle in the market, cost of a brand new vehicle of the model you are bidding on and judging the condition of the engine and the machinery, just by looking at the vehicle are just some of the things you should consider before bidding at such auctions. Another noteworthy thing about auctions is that these auctions usually do not accept checks and therefore, you should be carrying enough cash in order to bid on the vehicle of your dreams. Finally, it would be worth the time to do some research on the listed vehicles on your part in order to prevent cheating, if any.

Source by Carl A Lee

Tips on Where and How to Recycle Your Motor Oil

Motor oil, or what some of us refer to as dinosaur oil, can be a nuisance to handle and problematic when you don’t know the proper way of disposal. But there is help. Recycling the icky sticky oil is good for the environment. In fact, in most states it is illegal to pour it down the drain or throw it away in the trash.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. Just in case you don’t know, here’s a reminder: pouring used oil down a drain or storm sewer will eventually cause it to seep into streams, lakes, or the wetlands. This causes a lot of innocent animal life to become coated with oil and eventually may cause their death. Oil sticks to everything from bird feathers to beach sand. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that used oil from one oil change can contaminate one million gallons of fresh water. That’s a year’s supply for 50 people. Along with causing death and destruction or getting yourself a big fat fine, there are many horrible effects of not spending the time that is necessary to recycle your motor oil. This is why we have published ways you can recycle your engine oil safely and effectively.

Put your used oil in a clean plastic container and make sure it has a tight lid. Don’t mix the oil with any other gases, solvents, or antifreeze. Keep it as pure as engine oil can be. This insures that every drop of it will be suitable for recycling. Take your used oil to a nearby recycling center, a service station, an oil change business, or any other location that will accept oil. If you can’t find a place near you, try looking online by doing a simple online search for “recycle oil” and the name of your city or town. 99% of the time a local oil change business that recycles oil will pop up.

Not only can you recycle the oil, but you can also properly dispose of the used oil filter. After you take out the old oil filter, drain the oil out of it by punching an air hole in the top. Let the filter completely drain. It takes about 12-24 hours to do. Then you can safely dispose of it.

There are plenty of reasons why recycling motor oil is the right thing to do. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that on average, about four million people reuse motor oil as a lubricant for equipment or at a recycling facility. Nowadays, we can take motor oil and re-refine it into new oil, using it as raw material for petroleum industries. One gallon of used motor oil provides the same 2.5 quarts of lubricating oil as 42 gallons of crude oil.

If you are still unsure of the proper way to recycle motor oil, then leave it to the experts. There are plenty of oil change businesses across America, and finding one in your neighborhood will not be a challenge. If you choose to change your oil yourself, then become the four million and one used motor oil recycler! With everyone’s help, we could start to eliminate much of our foreign oil need. All we need is to take these necessary steps!

Source by Tim LaGanke, Jr.