Pros and Cons Of Door Hanger Marketing

There are many pros and cons when it comes to using door hangers for your marketing and advertising needs. Here are a few examples of why.

PRO – They are personal. Some people appreciate this aspect of door hanger marketing. They need to be hand delivered, which shows effort and care on the part of the advertiser or company. This is great, especially when you are trying to motivate a specific target market of people. Custom hangers are great for local marketing. Local events, campaigns, etc. can all be promoted positively with printed door hangers.

CON – A lot of people who receive see them as an automatic throw away piece. Because there are so many postcards, flyers, and other types of advertising materials that come through the mail every day, you really need to make your hangers stand out in a positive way. This is why the design phase of your door hanger creation is so important, you must catch someone’s attention before your creation ends up in the trash can. Also, there is no envelope for a potential customer to open or other piece to distract them or make them look twice. So, this is why the look and design of your door hangers means so much.

PRO – They are one of the more unique pieces of advertising materials you could choose to use. While you do have the “throw away” hurdle to overcome, if you do a great job during the design phase, you will end up with a beautiful, unique hanger to distribute. This is definitely a pro. If you can grab attention and deliver a powerful message, yours will be a definite success.

CON – Some people view them as a weaker form of marketing material due to their lack of reach. Due to their delivery demands, hangers just cannot get to as many people as say, a postcard that goes through a stamping machine. Because each door hanger needs to be hand delivered, the amount of people you can contact is going to be smaller. Direct mail pieces are going to be able to reach more people due to their delivery method alone. This is why door hangers are great tools to use when you are trying to contact a local group of people.

Overall, they have several pros and cons but ultimately they are best suited to promote a local business or organization and be distributed to homes in the surrounding area. You are going to get the best response this way, especially if you design your door hangers well and make the consumer feel as though you care about them and value their business before they have decided to give it to you.

Source by Valentin Tyrone M Cooke

Flat Panel Aviation Displays For Automotive Mobile Electronics

You know those high-tech ultra cool flat panel displays being used in fighter planes, and corporate jet aircraft? Well, guess what, they are becoming more and more common in luxury cars, and the auto after market accessory business is selling them. They sure look cool, all electronic, flat panel with more features than a personal computer to boot.

Recently, I was at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas and there were several vendors that had these cool displays, as well as some quarter million dollar and up sports cars that now have custom kits for them. The flat panel displays for dash boards are customized and so far they are not that cheap, but the prices are coming down.

I suspect by the end of 2009 you'll be able to pick one up for your car for about $ 1200 and the center console versions are also coming down for most of the major luxury cars, and some come as standard equipment. Perhaps the coolest innovation for digital displays are the ones which project your tachometer, speed, and GPS onto the windshield and then, you never have to look down again while driving.

For windshield holographic projection you can expect to be in it for $ 5,000 to $ 8,000 for the basic entry level units, but boy are they trick. Once you have one you'll never want anything else. And there is even a steering wheel and stick shift switch to turn it off or on. It's great for street racing, driving in heavy stop and go traffic, or fog. Please consider this technologies for your next ride.

Source by Lance Winslow

Want to Buy Cheap Cars? – Government Car Auctions are For You!

So you are looking to buy a new car but not wanting it to cost you an arm and a leg, well here is the secret to landing yourself a bargain. Government Car Auctions are where you can save thousands of dollars on your next car purchase. There are a large variety of makes and models available ranging from sedans, wagons, 4WD and trucks to the prestige, vintage, sports and luxury cars.

What is a Government Car Auction

These auctions consist of vehicles that have been closed or repossessed by government agencies such as:

  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • US Marshals Service (USMS)
  • US Customs Service
  • Small Business Administration
  • Police / Sheriff's Auctions: State and Local
  • US Department Of Defense
  • US Bankruptcy Court
  • Regional Government Public Auctions
  • US Department of The Treasury
  • Department of Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS)
  • Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Department of Energy (DOE)

These seizures and repossessions is a result of criminal or illegal activity, owners who were not able to make their car repayments and they also include offenders who did not pay their income taxes and tax evasion like crimes. Other government vehicles being sold at these auctions include government vehicles that is out of use, such as where government agencies purchasing a new vehicle to carry out a project of public service that is then no longer required.

Why are these cars being auctioned off so cheap?

Government auctions operate differently to a normal retailing businesses as their purpose for selling is not driven by profit means, whereas a car dealership purpose of making a sale is to increase their revenue. The government general purpose is to clear out their inventory to avoid ungoing storage cost. This is why they want a quick sale, since why you would find vehicles being auctioned for a fraction of their market value.

How much do these cars go for?

Like all auctions the savings you can make on a car depends on how many other people are interested in purchasing it. The more interested parties would increase and drive up the price of the car, however do not let this deter you. You can always still save more at an auction then you would at a car dealership. I can even say most car dealerships purchase their vehicles from these auctions and resell it while making a killing of a profit. With the current financial crises there is an increase in number of repossessed cars so the amount of cars available at auctions is outweighing the number of bidders on the market. You can purchase vehicles for as little as $ 200, but that really depends on the car you are looking at purchasing, the savings can be up to 90% off the market value. For example a 1999 Honda Civic was purchased for $ 2,050 where the market value was $ 8,795, that's a saving of $ 6,745.

Where to start?

  1. Firstly, find a government car auction near you, these are typically not publicly advertised, but there are government car auction listing services you can join, they will be able to give you the name, location, phone number and website of auctions near you. These can sometimes be beneficial for you as a lot of people do not know about the available auctions, which can mean less people bidding and more savings for you.
  2. Secondly, you need to do some research on the car that you are interested in purchasing. Getting a rough idea of ​​how much the car is really worth on the market so that you can set a max bid to ensure you get the most savings.
  3. Find the car you are interested in at an auction near you
  4. Arrange financing if required
  5. Attend the auction and inspect the car
  6. Place your bid
  7. Make a purchase


  • Attend the auction early so you can examine the condition of the car and see how many other interested buyers there might be at the auction.
  • Bring along a mechanic or someone who has some knowledge of checking the engine etc for the vehicle
  • Pre-owned government / surplus or company vehicles are generally in good condition and are usually maintained well and serviced regularly. They are typically not more than 2-3 years old, which makes them a great buy.
  • Set a max bid limit and stick to it. Keep in mind cars are being inspected every day, so if you are not in a rush you will definitely find the car you want for a good bargain price.

Source by Mai Thi Nhu Nguyen

SIC Code and Starting a Business

I will assume that this is a new home based business. Do understand that lending institutions look at a home based business a little more carefully than usual. So you want to make your case (file) very strong.

Think about this, if you have a home based consulting business and a bank lends you money. How easy would it be for you to just pack up and leave – defaulting on the loan. So it stands to reason that you should choose a business that is viewed as low risk by lending institutions. This brings me to the subject of SIC codes. SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification. Basically every type of business can be classified by these codes so different businesses reflect a different SIC code.

The main point is to choose a business that has a low risk SIC code. By the way, just this tip is worth its “weight in gold”. Many business credit consulting gurus will tell you to classify your business as “General management” or “Business management”, a generic name. I really believe that this will harm your efforts in the long run. The nature of the business – its corresponding SIC is a big part of developing a solid foundation for business credit development. Your aim should be to develop your business file so you can get CASH lines of credit without any personal guarantees. No Personal guarantees means that you should not have to use your personal credit for the purpose of getting business credit. Many will tell you that this is an impossibility in this economy. Well it is rare but not impossible. It is only rare because most people approach business credit like they approach there personal credit. Plus remember that just because you are asked for your SS# does not automatically mean that your credit is pulled. For security reasons an SS# is required, especially if the amount being lend is large.

Having said that if you have a “high risk” SIC code business like real estate investing but you still have enough cash flow coming in from that business (and/or enough assets in the business’ name) than it will matter less since the business is so strong. For the rest of us, a good SIC code is a must.

So what is a low risk SIC. Try to find out which types of businesses your state is giving grants/aid to. Follow the stimulus money. If the government is willing to help a certain type of business than you know that business has a “good” SIC code. Health care, medical supplies are good examples (many more good examples). Visit the site for a lot more tips.

Make no mistake about it a good SIC code can make all the difference if you want great business credit.

Always remember a good website designer does not automatically become a business credit expert/guru.

Source by Aiman Zul

Removing The Risk From Online Antique Auctions

Online antique auction sites abound like daisies in the vastness of the Internet. And who would not want to graciously get rid of that old piano which is taking up too much dust? Or any of those antique thingamajigs which get accumulated over the years? You can never take too much junk in this lifetime. And just like what the old saying emphasizes: one man's garbage may actually be another man's treasure. Somewhere in the other parts of the world, there must be that person looking for that very antique object you are craving to discard to free up some space for your home. Since you can not literally go from house to house searching for that person, you could just post your object on online antique auctions. Problem solved? Not quite. Just like any other online endeavors, you must be well-seasoned with the tricks of the trade of online antique auctions.

Given the fact that it's online, transactions are much trickier. Watch out, lest you might end up risking more than you are ready to bargain for. Online antique auctions are really convenient, but they come with a catch of increased risk. One good way of learning the routes of the machinations of your selected online antique auction site is by really engaging buying from there before you make any of your flying saucers open for public bidding. Once you get acquainted with the buying process, you will gain much more confidence in selling your antiques. In case you find something iffy with the process, you could always bail out and do not have much to lose.

In the line of talking about the ifyy feel of some websites, it might do you a lot of good if you trust your instincts. True, the site may look good and there may be no known casualties to the transactions made in the website, but if you do not feel too good about it, do not go for it. You can never be too careful when it comes to things like these. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Privacy policies, no matter how long and tedious they are to the eyes, are your best allies should any legal problems arise in the middle of the transaction. It is best to be well-prepared for possible risks and difficulties which investing in online antique auctions entail.

Ratings are also good ways to gauge how good a website is when it comes to marketing your antiques. Be wary also of deceptive bidders who are not really bent on buying your antique. Frequently shortlist and evaluate your available bid lists, so that you will not be piled up in time and to give ample time to evaluate each bid carefully and meticulously.

Communication with companies is also important when it comes to making the sale. Contact the concerned credit card companies regarding the account of the person involved in your sale, and get as much background check as legally possible. It is not enough that you know yourself and what you want in the business. It is equally important to know who you are doing business with and what specific terms is he or she willing to agree to.

Always, always check authenticity of each message. Do not allow identity theft to victimize you and put your entire life on a leash. Be very careful of your personal information. Do not just divulge them to anyone. Screen your email messages carefully. And do not allow any third party to have access to your business accounts online. If it's possible, access only a single PC with which you do all your business transactions. This way, there will be no accidental leakage with multiple users who are able to tamper with your business files with a single click.

It will also do you a lot of good if you study the style of many good online antique auction sellers and bidders. Observe from a distance and see what makes good sellers sell well and secure their earnings amidst the very competitive nature of the online business.

And in any transaction, never make an impulsive decision. At the very least, give yourself at least an entire day before you concretize any decision.

Source by Lee Dobbins

3 Reasons Why Autonomous Vehicles Will Be Here Sooner Rather Than Later

In today’s fast moving world, technology and new inventions are popping up every day, making life easier on us. The auto industry is no different. We have seen this industry progress very quickly in the past few years. Seeing the invention of electric vehicles, more efficient vehicles and now including the amount of autonomous safety features, the question is often brought up, what will the auto industry look like in ten years? Here are three reasons why autonomous vehicles will be here sooner rather than later.

1. Humans are bad drivers. If the industry moves to being 100% autonomous or self-driving, the need for us human drivers would be completely eliminated. This would bring down accidents and auto related fatalities nearly by 100%. While it is hard to imagine no drivers on the road, it makes sense when we see how safe these autonomous vehicles can keep us. Not all drivers are bad, but in today’s technologically driven world almost everyone you see will have a smartphone in their hand or pocket. And the same goes for while they are behind the wheel. These smartphones allow drivers to become easily distracted which results in accidents and injuries, often deadly.

2. Technology is making us more comfortable. Technology arguably runs our lives. It surrounds us and makes our daily lives easier. The same goes for autonomous vehicles and their technologies. These new safety features have come around so quickly and the art has been perfected. It is almost impossible to find a new car without some sort of autonomous safety feature. Anything from voice control, rear-view cameras, automatic parking and automatic braking you can expect to see. As these additions become even more common and present in our driving experiences, we will get more comfortable and used to them. And once we realize the ease and safety that these features provide, we won’t look back.

3. Everyone can be apart of the autonomous industry. From young children to old grandparents or those with a disability, anyone can use these autonomous driving services. The safety and ease of use of these self-driving vehicles will allow anyone to get to their destination, even if you were not able to physically drive regardless of the reason. This will make transportation easier and safer, especially for the disabled and elderly community. These self-driving vehicles will gives us more freedom, independence and options for everyone. Imagine your next road trip not having to worry about driving, directions or how your grandparent might get there.

The use and addition of autonomous vehicles into the industry would be huge. Creating safer roads, more opportunity and a better industry. While this change may not happen for another 10 years, once we get a taste of the autonomous industry we will never look back.

Source by Jacob K. LePretre

Cheapest Car Insurance For Imported Vehicles – 5 Tips

If you own or plan to buy an imported vehicle, you are undecidedly excited about your car. Imports can be fuel-efficient, sexy and sporty. And, like any car foreign or domestic, foreign cars require a significant investment to keep you behind the wheel.

Car ownership is never cheap. There are the car payments themselves to think about. And, then you have to pay for gas, repairs … and car insurance.

Imports And Domestic: All Cars Need Insurance

Whether a car is an import or a domestic make, you are going to need to buy insurance. Purchasing car insurance is not only a legal necessity, but it is also a moral one. But, even if these concerns are not at the top of your list, there is another very good reason to buy insurance: to protect your net worth.

You see, if you skip buying insurance or buy too little, you could be liable in civil court for damages after an accident you cause. So, besides being a legal and moral necessity, buying insurance is just plain smart.

Many Imported Vehicles Are Sports Cars

Many imported vehicles fall under the sports car header. If your car is considered as such in the eyes of most insurers, get ready to pay more for insurance than you would if you owned a minivan or a sedan. However, the good news is that you can find insurers that specialize in sports cars (see below).

Types of Insurance Coverage

There are various types of coverage. In general, you will want to consider liability insurance (to cover the other party), medical coverage (to cover your party's medical bills), collision (to cover your party's vehicle repairs) and uninsured motorist (to cover your party's bills if the other party causes the accident but is not insured).

Finding The Cheapest Car Insurance – 5 Tips

Here are 5 tips for cheapest car insurance for imported vehicles:

1. Decide wherever your car is considered an sports car: While there is no universal definition for sports car, in general sports cars are going to be those that are high performance, have two doors, and have a tuned suspension.

2. If a sports car, create a list of insurance companies who specialize in sports cars: Some insurance companies specialize in sports cars, so be sure to put together a list of them.

3. If not, compile list of best insurance companies around: If your import is not a sports car, that just opens up the field even greater for the companies you have to choose from.

4. Create a list of desired coverage types and limits: When shopping for insurance to get the cheapest rates, you are going to want to get comparable quotes from multiple companies. This means getting comparable coverage. Speak with an insurance agent about which types of coverage and coverage limits you need. Then, ask for those same types of coverage from each of the other companies you contact.

5. Contact at least 5 car insurance companies: Now, start shopping! Contact at least 5 of the companies on your list. Do not stop until you have contacted all of them: more choices means better chances for savings!

Follow these 5 tips to get the cheapest car insurance for imported vehicles.

Source by Everett Maclachlan

3 Essential Bras For the Holidays

What are you wearing for your holiday?
Want to know a secret?
What you wear under your outfit makes or breaks your look.

With the right bra, even your basic tank top looks amazing. The wrong bra leaves obvious lines through a tight t-shirt which detracts from your look.

Some women with amazing breasts can get away braless but gravity unexpectedly prevails. With time, breasts will sag if support is not given to them and droopy breasts are not attractive.

Some women think that bras are only to protect ones modesty. For coverage, if you will.

In reality, bras are meant to support your breasts. To keep heavy breasts from drooping and to boost small breasts.

A good bra would support your breasts and hold them up so that gravity does not drag them down and weakens the skin around your breasts, or your natural bra. It would boost smaller breasts as it pushes your breasts together deepening your cleavage or giving you a cleavage if you do not already have one. It also pushes babies upwards making them perkier and the ones for smaller cup sizes can even contain padding to give you extra volume.

1. The plunge bra

On a vacation, you may want to dress sexier at the resort, with tank tops and dresses with low necklines.

In this case, the 1st vacation bra to get would be the push up bra which pushes your breasts, from the north, east, south and west to the center for maximum cleavage and support.

2. T-shirt bras
When you wear a t-shirt, if the material is too thin or the t-shirt is tight, ridges form on your surface according to the lines of your bra. To avoid those unsightly lines, wear a t-shirt bra, or a seamless bra with a smooth surface. It might look plain vanilla on its own but under your t-shirt, you would look classier.

3. Strapless bras
Straps that show are not tasteful. With some tank tops, bra straps tend to peak out. With tube tops and strapless tops and even halter tops, your usual bras just will not work. Strapless bras or convertible bras with detachable straps allow you to support your breasts even when you wear such outfits.

So for your vacation, bring along plunge bras, t-shirt bras and strapless bras so you'll have support for your breasts no matter what outfit you wear.

Find out more about bras for your vacation []

Source by Janice Wee

Your Car is in Danger in Spain Part Two

Your Car in Spain
(Part 2)
More Trouble on the Costas

In Part one we deal with a new Spanish law change, obliging car owners who are driving in Spain on UK or Irish number plates, to change to Spanish plates within 30 days. This rule actually applies to residents but not to non-residents who may use their car for 6 months of any year in that country.
However Spanish Police are not really too worried about drawing a difference between the two and are very happy to impound any car for a week until you can prove which you are!
As a non-resident you need to carry all your vehicle documentation and a document in Spanish explaining you are a tourist staying in the country for less than 6 months, may help resolve a volatile situation.
For residents there is another danger lurking amongst the ex-pat population. Just when you think you are receiving good information about your car and its future in Spain, you could have lured into an information trap. There are now ex-pats offering the service of conversion of non-Spanish car to a Spanish registration. This could be a genuine offer. It might not be!

Janet Long moved to Malaga in the Spring. She dug her car out last month and was made aware of the law change on number plates by an English friend who did not know all the facts but put her in touch with someone who did! She had heard that this chap could do all the paperwork for her and change everything over to a Spanish registration for about 550 euros. Paul Meadows was an ex-pat who had lived in the area for many years, he had many jobs in his life and knew his way around the local police stations and tax office. He offered to help Janet with her problem and indeed confirmed it would cost little more than 550 Euros. He advised her to go to the local British Consulate and obtain an import certificate for 36 Euros and have her passport stamped. Then she needed to go to her local Town Hall and obtain a "Padrone", a certificate showing she was a resident in her local authority. He offered no help in these matters and it proved fairly difficult to obtain the "Padrone" and took her a whole day! Then Paul suggested he would order the new lights for her car, a Chrysler Voyager.

One day later he called back. The lights were more expensive than he had thought and would cost 950 Euros plus fitting. The bill was probably now to be 1500 Euros. A week later he rang again and said the additional MOT paper would cost another 100 Euros and that VAT would be payable. Yes you can calculate like me that Janet is now in for 1600 Euros. The day of the appointment came and Paul rang again to advise her to bring at least 2000 Euros in cash so that there would not be any problem! Later that day the final bill came to 1864 Euros.

When I caught up with her last week it was too late and it had all been done, and so had she!

The British Consulate advised me what a person should do if they wished to convert their car to a Spanish registration. Yes you need their import declaration form, the "Padrone" and a valid MOT certificate which would only be given if the correct lights were fitted. Armed with all this documentation Janet should have gone to the local Tax office and submitted her case. Having bought the new car one year ago in a legitimate deal in the UK she had paid English VAT and purchase tax, she had the bill of sale and the DVLC document which she had filled in to state that she was exporting the car to Spain. (After this DVLC would have no further interest in the vehicle.)

The Spanish tax office would agree that tax has already been paid and that the British Consulate had checked that she was a declared bone fide UK citizen. Her document would be further stamped.

At the Traffic department with all these documents, she could obtain her Spanish registration and her number. Back to the Garage to fit the new plates and she was done! This sounds horrendous, but it's not, just a few days of your life, which someone may charge a fee to help you achieve or a Spanish speaking friend can hold your hand.

It's that fee really which worried me. I checked with the Chrysler dealer in Malaga. The price of 2 new headlamp units was 800 Euros total. The price fitted was 850 Euros, 30 minutes work and fairly charged at a minimum hourly rate. The labor …

Fulfillment Operations For Cross-Border Commerce

Q: I need a local fulfillment operation in Canada to effectively grow my business there. How would I proceed to develop an external fulfillment operation in Canada?

A: First and foremost, you have to develop a business model for the designated selling area. This is a three- to five-year strategic plan comprised of historical data and a projected forecast. A few pieces to the model are:

– Three to five years projected sales as orders, detailed to a weekly/daily (where appropriate) plan

– Average units and lines per order shipped

– Seasonal or peak volume increases as orders shipped, average lines per order, average units per line, average cartons per order

– Method of shipment and percentage of volume by type for purchase orders (small parcel, LTL, T/L, container)

– Preferred method(s) of shipping by percent of total volume

– Average weight per order shipped

Second, identify where your projected concentration of sales will be and determine the most advantageous physical location within the new selling area for a fulfillment operation for your projected business model. Site selection is critical to managing shipping costs and to assuring there is an adequate labor pool.

Third, decide whether you should handle your own fulfillment or contract a third-party logistics provider. You must identify any tax implications related to opening a new business as an employer. Normally the least-cost method of establishing a new operation is with a 3PL provider. Unless tax concessions for new employers are significant and long-term, it will likely be more economical to operate for the first two to three years with a third party. You can use the Internet to identify potential 3PLs. However, we definitely recommend a visit to prospective partners as a preliminary to any further conversation. It is much better to have a visual image later as you review respective proposals.

Third-party fulfillment

If you do decide to explore contracting with a 3PL, you must develop a request for proposal. The primary content of the RFP is your business model. The more accurate the information you supply about your business, the more effective the proposals from 3PLs will be. Send the RFP, with a clear deadline, to three to six 3PLs that you believe are stable, industry-proven, and can effectively handle the volume from your business.

It is important to identify clearly every statement of what the candidates propose to do and not to do, and every requirement and cost within a proposal. Establish a spreadsheet so you can compare proposals and details. If your team does not possess the experience to review and negotiate agreements, pursue the services of a consultant. Next you have to negotiate all the standards of work and contract terms to assure that the 3PL can actually provide the service you expect.

Your work is not complete even after you have negotiated an agreement. Developing a successful 3PL partnership requires a significant amount of time, effort, and follow-up by the client company. You need to make clear that you have relinquished only the physical handling of your product to the 3PL, not the responsibility to manage your business.

Identify key client contacts and decision-makers who will be issuing direction to the 3PL. The 3PL provider needs to clearly understand who will provide direction and who is responsible for resolving problems.

Remember that the 3PL is proud of how it manages its business. Use the same consideration communicating with the 3PL that you would extend to your most valued associates inside your own company. Never ignore issues or problems, but be firm and respectful in resolving them. The 3PL is normally quite aware of who is paying the bills and who owns the inventory. The 3PL exists to serve; you should be a gracious ruler.

Communicate daily with 3PL management and visit the site as frequently as travel restrictions permit. Discuss the basics of the previous day’s operations-receiving, shipping, inventory management-and always inquire what you can do to assist them to achieve their goals and objectives. If possible, visit monthly, but no less than quarterly. This sort of relationship can become a classic case of “out of sight, out of mind.”

The client has to be diligent in managing the 3PL through daily reporting. You are now managing a remote location, and therefore your best source of information is the 3PL’s daily reporting and invoices. This is no different than managing your own operation. Master the information reporting so you can identify trends and immediately spot issues as they appear.

Inventory management is the most important reporting in managing a 3PL. The client has to know where to look for issues such as lost or damaged inventory, out-of-stock, and when the inventory records indicate adequate supply. These are indications of performance concerns requiring the client’s follow-up and resolution.

Receiving performance reports …

eBay Searching – Research That Pays Part 1

Most experienced sellers on eBay understand the importance of research. It is foolhardy to try and sell an item on eBay, if you do not know what the market will bear.

eBay is sometimes likened to a huge garage sale and in some ways that is an accurate description. With millions of items listed every day, it can have a hodge podge feel. There are over 26,000 categories on eBay which help to bring some organization to this awful number of items. When starting to sell its really important to research what items similar to yours have sold for in the past.

The only way to really understand what an item will go for is to search through eBay's Completed Items List. Information on completed items is only available to registered eBay users. In order to search on eBay you can just go to the site and enter a search term in the search field. Searching eBay's active listings is free and open to the public. But active listings really do not give you a lot of information regarding what an item will absolutely sell for.

Since a lot of the bidding happens during the final minutes or even seconds of the auction, looking at the lists before they end, does not tell you very much. You can see what the starting bid is that the seller wanted to get for the item is; and you can see whether sellers of items similar to yours usually start the bidding at a penny, a hundred dollars, or anything in between.

This information is only marginally helpful because if it's toward the end of the auction and it does not seem to be much interest in the item, the seller may have started the bidding too high or too low. You may wonder how can you start an item's bidding too low. Bidders are sometimes suspicious of prices this seem too low.

If you're selling of $ 10,000.00 diamond ring people will probably be leery if you start the bidding at a dollar. By the same token if you have an expensive item and you start the bidding too high you can scare off legitimate bidders. There seems to be a starting bid 'sweet spot' that you need to try and hit when setting the stating bid for your items.

That 'sweet spot' starting bid will be either too high nor too low. When you look at the Completed Items Listings, you get a lot of information about how bidding on an item preceded from the first few bids through the final closing bid.

I always say bidding starts with the seller, in that the seller is the one who sets the opening bid that either entices or scars off the potential bidders. Once the seller's initial bid is met, all of the activity centers around the bidders in the process.

In order to look at eBay's Completed Items you need to look under the Advanced tab under the Search field on the top right of any eBay page. I put in a general search term that describes the item I am researching. When the list of items comes back I determine from the list what words or descriptive keywords I could put in the my search field in order to get results closer to a match for what I'm selling.

Looking at the list of items that is returned from the search, I start by sorting the list of Completed Items returned by my search and then click on the Ending Price field so that the items sort in descending order, with the item that was sold for the highest price at the top of the list.

I am usually only interested in the first few items at the top of the list, since these are the items that had the highest ending bid. These are the auctions that I want to emulate. I am not interested in the items on the list that did not sell, or that sold for significantly less than the highest items.

In part II of this article I will take a more in-depth look at using the Completed Items Listing to price your items to sell.

Source by Stephanie McIntyre

Two Must Have Tools to Dramatically Increase Sales

If someone asked you as the sales professional, to name the two must tools that would dramatically increase sales, what would be your response? I recently asked this question to a group of small business owners, sales professionals and executives. The answers were many and included these:

  • PDA
  • Calendar
  • Business Cards
  • Elevator Speech
  • Cell Phone
  • Computer
  • Vehicle
  • Website
  • Thoughts
  • Customer database

All of these are great answers, but to increase sales begins before you utilize any of these tools within your daily sales behaviors (sales skills).

Before I share what I believe are the two most critical tools, let me ask you a question. Where do you begin to increase sales?

  • Do you attend more business networking events?
  • Do you buy more ads be them Google or media?
  • Do you make more phone calls?

All of these activities could possibly increase sales, but this is not the real place to begin. The real place to start is take your thoughts and turn them into actual written plans and goals.

During the past 10 years, I have lost count of the number of sales professionals to executives who tell me that they want to increase sales. My first question is "Have you placed your sales goals to writing?" The answer over 90% of the time is No. My response is how can you increase sales when you do not know how much you want that increase to be; where you want those increases; and the results specific to profitability from those increases?

By now, you may realize that the TWO most critical tools to increase sales are a pen and piece of paper for a proven goal achievement worksheet. For when you commit a goal to writing using a proven goal worksheet, something almost magical happens. You have taken an intuitive thought and turned it into something tangible. Sales Coaching Tip: Start with pen and paper and then when writing your sales goals becomes a routine and daily habit then look to your computer.

Think of the every day common written grocery list. Now remember what happens when you leave that list at home. Failure to have that list creates additional wasted resources of time, money and energy. When you have that written list in hand, you stay on budget, save time and save your own physical and emotional energies.

Even if you only use a pen and a piece of paper you will increase sales. However to secure a dramatic increase requires the use of a proven goal worksheet that contains a goal achievement process.

Sales Coaching Tip: So if you really want to increase sales, find a proven goal achievement process that has been integrated into a goal worksheet. Then take pen in hand and commit each sales goal to writing. Finally, work that goal each day as an integral sales skills and within a very short time, you will realize your sales goals.

Source by Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Nokia N73- Magic Wand

Think of magical powers that would accomplish tasks at your command. Imagine forces that would connect you to people divided by time and space. Fancy a moving image that only the greatest wizard would possess, a device that would make you see the person you wish to be with. Technology, a contemporary appropriation of magic makes this possible. No more circumventing … the device which realizes all of this is a phone … Nokia N73 .

Nokia N73 is a magic wand with superlative capabilities. Yet, unlike a wand the phone is wieldy and utile. Handsets are dyed in shades of Silver Gray, Deep Plum, Frost White, and Metallic Red. Each handset has an exquisite visual appeal. They extend it just as much to the sense of touch. A candy bar model, the Nokia N73 phone has round edges. Surface is smooth and glossy. The phone has an oblong screen, which exudes a high picture resolution.

Nokia N73 is a gizmo's delight. It commands first grade features of different kinds. Functionalities are nuanced. The phone has a 3.2 mega pixel camera with 20x Digital Zoom. An inexhaustible list of features has been approved to this mobile to accord perfect imaging.

Perfection is written on the face, that is, the interface of the mobile. The Nokia N73 is a Symbian Phone. Symbian is synonymous with Smart in the context of mobile phones. It is laced with 3G qualities, which make internet access, downloading, and exchange of data and applications effortless tasks. Nokia N73 exemplifies the tag line "Stay Connected". It hosts an avalanche of messaging options. The catalog consists of SMS, MMS, Email, Email with attachments, and Instant Messaging. It permits Video and Voice Calling.

Music functionalities of the Nokia N73 phone would make you dance with fervour and serenade a lover as in Shakespearian sonnets. The device supports Real Player Media Player, Music Player, Stereo FM Radio, Visual Radio, Nokia PC Music Suite Transfer, Playlist, Equalizer, and a world of other features.

A phone with fantastic capabilities, Nokia N73 is a magic wand. Would you like being the magician?

Nokia N73

Source by Alice Erin

HTC Mobile Phones – Multiply Your Advantages

Swimming across the ocean of gadgetry revolution, science and technology have shown its best through the invention of mobile phones. Mobile phones are now extensively used worldwide not only for mere communication but also for taking pictures and videos on the move, listening to music while working, web browsing, playing games and for many such purposes. Dozens of mobile phone makers have come up-so the scope of mobile phone features have also increased. HTC or High Tech Computer Corporation is one such mobile manufacturing company which is constantly launching innovative smartphones and PDA devices all across Asia, Europe and the USA.

As the demand for high end mobile devices is constantly increasing, HTC has brought some of the mesmerizing handsets like HTC S710, HTC S620 and HTC MteoR, HTC Advantage, HTC P4350 etc. These eye-catching mobile gadgets fall under the categories of PC phones, smartphones and PDA phones and they boast of some really cool features like Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system, 3G connectivity, high speed processors, crystal clear displays, Internet browser, Windows Media Player, EDGE, GPRS, Bluetooth wireless connectivity etc. Some of the HTC mobile phones even come with high resolution cameras which help you to capture the memorable moments of life in images as well as in videos.

There is a very good news for you! HTC mobile phones now can be purchased online with attractive deals like 12 months free line rental, contract mobile phone deals etc. Simply sit in front of your PC and log onto the site of any online mobile phone shop. You will find a huge inventory from where you can pick your choice. What’s more, you will find many add-on benefits like free gifts, free airtime, free texts, free insurance and so on. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase a HTC handset online and enjoy multiple benefits.

Source by Morton Devi

Passengers Dangerous In Vehicles Of Teen Drivers

Teenagers are hot blooded. It is wrong to blame only the current generation. Every generation has remained the same. If you make rules, they love to break them. If you set limits, they love to extend them. If you set a curfew, they are sure to cross them. However, all this is fine as long as it affects only them. However, when this extends to put the lives of others into danger too, warning bells ring.

Most of the people who break traffic rules and regulations are youth. They fail to understand that these rules and regulations are made only to ensure the safety and security of everyone who travels on the road.

It is noted that most teens never stop on red lights, jump over road dividers and always park in no-parking zone. Although they get sentenced with the police, they still try to bend the rules again and again. Thus, it is very dangerous to travel in a case driven by a teenage driver.

The points given below will help you to understand this better:

1. If your teenage friend or relative offers to give you a lift, politely refuse.

2. If you are forced to have a teen driver, cheek his license and driving history before getting on the vehicle.

3. In case you are in a vehicle driven by a teenager and he is speeding too much or is involved in DWI, order him to stop, get off the vehicle and walk off or take a cab.

If you follow the above safety measures, you can have a safe ride. If you are a parent, advise and encourage your teenage daughters and sons to fellow road rules and drive safely.

Source by Archana Sarat

The Best Places to Show Off Your Car

With so many cars on the road these days, we see the familiar shapes and colours drifting into each other and become just one more mundane car. But for groups of auto enthusiasts, a car means so much more than something to get from A to B, it is a way of showing your personality, or of bringing something back to life, or even a piece of art.

These small groups of people around the country spend hours, days and even years creating their own private masterpieces and gain immense pride from the slightest complement to all their hard work, not to mention the thousands of dollars they spend in the process. So where are the best places to go to see these custom cars?

Many owners are members of clubs which organise runs or tours to a specific point where they will stop for breakfast, lunch or even just the scenic outlook, and most are happy for the public to take a look around their vehicles.

Another common type of event which are increasing in frequency is the Car ‘Show N Shine’ an organised even usually held in a public park or sports ground where a large number of different types cars will convene to compete for a ‘Best of Show’ title. The public are usually granted admission to such event for a small fee, and are able to browse the vehicles for a few hours.

An increasingly popular event is the regular Friday or Saturday Night Cruise where a large number of different vehicles will meet at a set point, these type of meets are not officially conducted by any one group and tend to grow with popularity through word of mouth, and the standard of vehicles attending varies widely.

One of the newer concepts is the ‘MySpace’ type webspace, whereby users devote their own webpage to their vehicle, and are also able to interact with their friends via galleries, forums and chatrooms. These webpages are becoming increasingly popular as Gen Y become increasingly interested in the scene and are boosting their usage.

Of course, all these different sorts of events and clubs may attract different sets of people, so if you are interested in the custom car scene, it is well advisable to look at each of these avenues and explore which best suits you.

And please remember, these people have put a lot of work into their vehicles, so please admire them and remember to respect them at all times.

Source by Suzy Bremner