Wholesale & Drop Ship Sources to Help You Become an eBay Power Seller

If you are considering starting an eBay business and want to become an eBay Power Seller then you need a good wholesaler or drop shipper to find products to sell.

eBay sellers require wholesale products which they can buy at wholesale price and resell on eBay for a profit. However, finding a true wholesale or drop ship source can be difficult, especially when selling products on eBay.

eBay is an online auction marketplace that has very competitive pricing and therefore an eBay seller needs to find a wholesaler or drop ship company that specializes in sourcing products for eBay sellers. This makes finding an “eBay friendly” wholesale or drop shipping source difficult.

So how does a future eBay Power Seller find wholesale or drop ship products? And what products should an eBay seller be looking for?

Well, to start with, any serious eBayer needs to determine how they want their eBay auctions or eBay Store to run…

First, an eBay seller must decide if they want to sell based on current trends or find a niche.

If the eBay seller decided to sell based on popular eBay trends then he is going to want to find hot new products from the wholesalers & drop shippers. These products change all the time based on what is a hot and new in the market and on eBay. In the past these items have included consumer electronics such as Ipods, Xbox, Plasma Tvs, etc… Also, toys usually come in trends. As I write this article, Webkinz are very popular to sell on eBay right now. All these products can be found from wholesale suppliers & drop shippers who specialize in dealing with eBay Store owners and eBay Power Sellers.

If an eBay seller decides he wants to start a niche eBay auction store then the eBayer will need to determine their niche. A niche is a product line specific to a certain audience, often defined as “a special area of demand for a product or service”. Some popular and profitable eBay niches include golf, video games, inflatable rental items such as moon bounce houses, adult items, wedding supplies, and fishing. However, there are unlimited niches you could choose when starting your eBay business.

One thing to consider is that popular trend eBay sellers tend to rely on volume sales. This means the eBay seller will make less profit per sale, often under $20, but will sell hundreds of items per month on eBay. Using drop shipping makes this much easier. A drop ship supplier will send products directly to the eBay seller’s customers. The eBayer simply lists the product for sale in an auction or eBay store and then when it is sold, he sends the buyer’s information to the drop ship company and they ship the product directly to the customer. For volume sales a reputable drop shipping company is a huge help.

On the opposite side of the coin, if you choose to be a niche eBay seller than you will rely on high profit margins, not volume sales on eBay. The great thing about selling niche items on eBay is that there is much less seller competition and the selling price of products (and profit) is therefore much higher. An eBay niche seller will want to find a wholesaler or drop shipper who can provide the product line needed for a good price. The eBay seller’s profit is not going to be based on volume but on the high profit margins available by keeping within a niche.

Keep in mind that wholesale means buying in quantity so the price on products is usually less than if purchased from a drop ship company. However, the eBay seller should choose what is best for their business. It may be a drop shipper, it may be a wholesaler, it may be both.

So, now that the future eBay power seller knows what he/she wants to sell, it is time to find the wholesale & drop ship sources they need.

So where does an eBay Power Seller go to find good wholesale & drop ship sources?

One very popular site for eBay sellers to find wholesale products and suppliers is a website appropriately named “Products for eBay” which can be found at http://www.ProductsForEbay.com. This site allows eBay sellers to search for wholesale products and suppliers completely free of charge. The offer expanded searches such as a drop ship product search, a surplus product search, and more for a small fee.

Source by Christopher Bernard