Where to Find Car Auctions Open to the Public

If you're anything like me, finding a car auction open to the public in your city can make you want to just head on over to the dealership and call it a day. But, there are a couple of easy ways you can find an auto auction near you while keeping your sanity intact. Some of them will make you say duh!

1. Look in the newspaper : This is a good place to start. Depending on your city, different car auction houses list upcoming sales in the "announcements" section through the year. The only downside is that they are only advertised every couple of month and everyone and their mom knows about them, meaning more competition and less savings.

2. Surf the web : Taking your search online is the next best thing to do when you have no luck with the newspaper strategy. If you're a computer geek, you'll be able to find a couple of car auction sites. Sometimes they'll be near you, sometimes they'll be 100 miles away and I doubt you want to go that far.

3. Ask a friend : Hey, you never know what type of things you can find out just by asking.

4. Join a car auction site : If you're lazy, want more than just one car auction location to choose from or just plain do not have time to do the first three things, your easiest way out is to join a car auction site. Once you're a member, you'll have hundreds of auctions at your fingertips to choose from. They do charge a fee of course, but you will not be able to find that many auctions on your own, as most of them are private and not advertised to the general public. That means better deals for you. At first I was like forget that! But after having no luck with the newspaper, online or with friends I finally got in and kicked myself for being so cheap after I learned about at least a dozen more listings in my city alone I could've been going to.

So, depending on how you feel you can find car auctions open to the public by looking through the newspaper, online, asking friends or take the easy way out like me and join a car auction website.

Source by Monique Tarver