When and Why to Replace Convertible Tops

Owning a convertible car has tremendous benefits over an ordinary one. It gives the driver a feeling of freedom and also has a sportier look, regardless of the make and model. Perhaps one of the only downsides is that the lifetime of the top is short in comparison to the rest of the car's body. This means that a car owner will most likely have to replace their top at some point; a small sacrifice that must be made compared to all the joy that such a carrings. A main question that an owner will have is when to replace the top. The truth is that there is no set time-line for the car top, just different standard occurrences that will deteriorate the look and functionality of the convertible top.


The first issue that will decrease a lifetime of a convertible top is its exposure to the outdoors. Weather, including sunshine, rain, and snow, is a large aspect of the fading and aging of the fabric. Another aspect that causes a surprising amount of damage is bird droppings. The acidity can eat away at a new top, and make it look years older in a short amount of time. These culprits can be avoided to a great extent if the vehicle is parked in a car port or garage when not in use. The extra protection can go a long way when it comes to maintaining the appearance of a convertible top.


How an owner cares for a convertible top is another factor involved in the life of a top. Caring for a convertible will mean that the owner is taking steps to make sure that harm to their top places at a minimum. For example, the weather may have eaten away at the protective coating, increasing the chances for fading and rips, but if the owner sprays a protective coat after cleaning it will revitalize the top. Maintaining a vehicle is not such a hard job and only requires about one day out of the month, but if the proper steps are taken a convertible's top can last longer than expected.

In general, a convertible top will have to be replaced when exposure has taken its toll or no maintenance can restore the look. The quality of the top will have something to do with how long it can withstand the abuse. A low quality convertible top will last generally 3-5 years while a high quality one can last up to 10. In terms of when to replace the convertible top, it will really be based on the owner. Some owners replace a top as soon as it starts to fade or the seams start to split; others may even wait until there are visible holes in the top. At the end of the day, only an owner will know when it's time to replace the top.

Source by Eli Kahn