What’s Up With a Free Public Car Auction

I know many people that have gone to a free public car auction and have saved a lot of money on their car purchase. In fact, in the small town where I grew up there was a huge public car auction that took place once a week. They would run hundreds of cars through this auction and if you knew what you were doing you could walk away with a really sweet deal. There are some things to look out for when thinking about these auctions, and you need to be careful about what you buy. Here is how to walk away a winner at the free public car auction.

Many times the cars that they have to bid on at the free public car auction are someone else’s problems. Perhaps they bought a car from a private sale and they just want to get rid of the car that they had. They would take them to this car auction and see what kind of a price that could get for them. Before the auction you could walk around the lot and look at all of the cars that were going to be put on the auction block. It was possible to look at them inside and out, start the engine and check all the lights, but you could not drive them at all. You really needed to be careful that you were getting something that was going to run you for a while.

I knew people that spent a hundred dollars at the car auction and had a vehicle that ran them for years, and I’ve known people that spent a thousand dollars for someone else’s lemon. So when you are going to visit the free public car auction make sure that you either know what you are doing or take someone along that can help you.

Source by Tim Shank