What to Know about Broadway Shows

Millions of people arrive in the Big Apple every year just to see Broadway Shows Playing New York NYC. There are a few essential aspects to know about Broadway shows before setting out to see one. Ticket prices will surprise most people depending on the show they wish to see and when they want to see it. Shows on the weekends sell out quickly, so prepare far in advance and get tickets early. Keep in mind that weekend shows typically cost more per ticket, so consider going during the week to save money.

Factors that Dictate Pricing

The most popular shows, regardless of how long they have been running, will be expensive. Tickets to see Wicked, Lion King, and Hamilton, for examples, start at over one-hundred dollars per ticket. The experience is not like anything else, so the shows are worth every penny. Some tickets for will shows will be affordable but go up the closer people sit to the stage.

Shows that have won a Tony Award will tend to cost more than those that have not won any awards. If a big star is appearing in the show, expect to pay higher prices. Shows that are expensive to produce will need to recoup expenses, so they will cost more to attend as well. There will be plenty of shows that offer tickets at affordable pricing, so compare shows and find something that fits the budget. Going on a bus tour with a group allows people to take advantage of discounted pricing.

Read Descriptions

Do not assume anything about a Broadway show based on the title or the cast poster. Read a complete description of the plot before deciding to go. The play called Avenue Q has a poster that includes puppets, which gives the impression it is a family-friendly show. This is not the case at all. Another play, Drunk Shakespeare, is designated for an audience that is at least twenty-one years of age.


Those who are driving into the city to catch a show will need to remember to get a parking pass when they get their tickets. Buying both online is wise because the date on the ticket and on the pass for parking will be the same. Parking is a separate cost and is not included in the ticket price. Save money, get tickets early, and enjoy the show.