Volvo C70 – A True Contemporary Convertible

The Volvo C70 has been redesigned and it sure is going to be bringing in the bucks and translating to more sales for Volvo Cars. This vehicle is able to show off just what it means to be a contemporary vehicle and add along with that the fact that it is a convertible at that. And going back to the colorful history of Volvo, you would find out that this vehicle is quite impressive. It has got a retractable hardtop and many auto lovers find this vehicle to be quite a spectacular one.

Not that huge and muscular like the Volvo XC90 and Volvo XC90 parts, but the Volvo C70 is a unique car by itself. This vehicle is lithe and sleek. It was first made available as a coupe or a convertible. However, it seemed that it only made the sales go down for this vehicle. But come its redesign that now makes the Volvo C70 a vehicle equipped with a retractable hardtop making it both a coup and a convertible, the sales are sure to go shooting up. Now, the Volvo can be purchased with a couple of options.

A walk around the Volvo C70 and you would find that everything seems to be symmetric. The vehicle also looks smooth and has an aura that it can perform greatly and has power in store. Most people who take a look at the Volvo C70 claim that that it is a car eye candy. After all, the vehicle sports a frameless glass which is quite unique and not so ordinary. And for those who do not know it yet, this second generation Volvo C70 is actually a product of Pininfarina, a much applauded Italian coachbuilder.

That is why it would not be very surprised to find the Volvo C70 topping in sales, in performance, in appeal and most certainly in popular. Indeed, the Volvo C70 coupe / convertible has certainly gone a long way.

Source by Khevin Anderson