Understanding Digital Delivery on EBay

If you sell information products through EBay then you will know that one of the main advantages is the low listing fees and selling costs. However, while it was once possible to list downloadable info products, these days it is prohibited. That means that you now have to find a way to send your products physically to the buyer.

What is Digital Delivery?

Digital delivery of products on EBay basically involves providing the buyer with a download link where they can immediately receive their purchase. This is particularly useful for EBooks and digital images. However, as EBay has now changed its rules regarding information products it means that you can only digitally sell domain names or tickets online.

Digital delivery EBay was stopped after complaints were made that buyers were not getting enough for their money. There were also a lot of sellers who sold EBooks and documents that were not exactly what they were advertised to be. So EBay demanded that buyers needed to physically receive something for their money and there were various restrictions that sellers had to follow in order to sell digital products.

These restrictions include:

o Having the right to sell the product
o The product has to be listed under "Everything Else-Information Products"
o The content can not be pornographic in nature
o Sellers have to be PayPal Verified

If you follow the above restrictions then you should be ok. However seem as though digital delivery EBay is no longer available for most information products, how do you go about selling your EBooks or graphics? Well the easiest way is to place them onto a DVD. It still keeps costs fairly low and it ensures that you keep your business on EBay.

The main thing to keep in mind is to make your listing as unique as possible. Ensure that you do have the right to sell the EBooks that you are selling and change them a little so that your listing is different to other seller's listings. For example, make your listing eye catching and possibly include little extras with the EBook. Could you throw in additional hints and tips if the EBook is based on learning something? Or maybe you could include additional recipes to a recipe DVD? Think outside of the box and your business will become more profitable in no time.

Overall in order to avoid the new digital delivery EBay rules, you will have to place your info products onto a CD or DVD. It will not push your costs up too much and it really is not a high price to pay when you consider that you get to keep your business instead of having it closed down!

Source by Roberts Kukurs