Top 10 Reasons Why EBay Auctions Fail

Is your eBay auction not attracting any bidders? Do you find it difficult to sell your items with so many competitors. Then you need to take a look at the list below of the top 10 reasons why auctions fail.

1. High Starting Price

Many eBay Buyers are looking for a good deal on ebay. If you fixed your price too high, you are probably scaring them away. They will not even look at your auction. Try to lower your starting bid each time the auction fails.

2. eBay Buyers Can not Find You

With millions of listings on eBay with thousands added each day, buyers may not be able to find your auction listing. That is why your auction title is so important since most buyers only uses basic search function.

3. No Picture

Humans animals are visual animals. We tend to be attracted by images. So it is important to insert an image for every auction you list. Buyers like to see what it is they are bidding on even if they already know the product well.

4. Reserve Price

Putting a reserve price sometimes scares potential buyers away. Try not to have a reserve price if possible.

5. Bad Presentation

The presentation of your auction needs to be professional. Get a free auction templates from eBay or on the internet. Make it easy to read your auction by choosing a light colored background and 12 size black font.

6. Bad Spelling and Grammar

Run a spelling checker before you list your auction. A bad spelling or grammar auction makes you look bad and does not inspire the buyers' confidence in you.

7. High Shipping Cost

Do not overcharge your shipping costs. Most buyers will be able to know if you overcharge pretty easily by using the shipping calculator provided by ebay. A small handling charge is reasonable.

8. Low Feedback

Are you just starting out selling on ebay? If so, it may be quite difficult to sell your auction. My advice is to get your feedback rating up to at least 20. You can buy a variety of items to increase your feedback. It will be easier for you to sell then.

9. No Payment Options

Paypal is far the most acceptable form of payment on ebay. If you do not have it, go and get it. There are also other payment processor such as 2checkout, nochex but they are not integrated into eBay like paypal. Your customers may not know how to pay through those.

10. Do not respond to Questions

There will be times when buyers have questions regarding your auction. You should try to respond as soon as possible or within 24 hours. Take too long and your buyers will run off to buy your competitor's product.

There you have it. This is my list of top 10 reasons why auctions fail to get any bidders. Of course there are other reasons as well which I will highlight on my website but if you can eliminate the points I mentioned in your auction, then you should be able to get bidders.

Source by Ricky Lim