The Used BMW X3 Still a Dream Car For Many

While owning a great home is a dream for many, driving a BMW is more realistic dream now that many dealerships both online and offline offer used BMWs at great prices. In the past, this ultimate driving machine was the sole reserve of the flamboyant. But now with prices becoming more reasonable and imports in many places rising, the dream of roaring in a BMW x3 series has become a bought-after goal.

The BMW has been a top seller for years. This is because the name brand is associated with class and quality not to mention prestige. Ever since the German auto-maker shifted from making aircraft after the Second World War and began making personal cars, they have never looked back. The automaker has indeed concentrated on dominating the luxury car divisions of the world automotive market. This has not been a breeze. Other car makers notably Lexus, Acura and Jaguar have consistently held up the pressure on the BMW. This however has not deterred the auto maker which has responded by producing attractive quality and moderately-priced luxury sedans for the young and the restless. Welcome the BMW x3 series.

The x3 series has a standard fuel economy of 25 miles on the highway and 17 miles in the city and comes equipped with v8 dynamic control liquid cooling engine that can cruise at impressive speeds thanks to the engine management stability control.

The interior is impressive with safety being a major component. The BMW makers ensured that not only is there a computer-regulated dual front airbags, but side ones as well. The car also boasts a Bose surround sound system that is built with the interior dynamics of the car in mind. It has AM / FM radio capability not to mention aux jacks for attaching external devices such as computers and Ipods. This has claimed in a memorable driving experience indeed. More recent versions of the x3 also come equipped with XM satellite radio.

The brake system of the x3 BMW is also a testament of its obsession with safety. Boasting an ABS anti-lock system, the car also comes with what is called Dynamic Stability Control. This is an onboard computer system that constantly monitors the tire tract against the terrain and automatically adjusts the car and shifts its weight accordingly. This means that at any speed, the x3 is able to handle excellently regardless of weather and road conditions.

In talking of terrain, the BMW Series x3 comes with surface Halogen Headlights and front fog lights that can pierce even the harshest of fog. These are also ideal for dark environs where there are no streetlights or even places away from urban centers.

There are various ways one can get their hands on an attractive but used BMW x3. One of the best places to search is to read reviews online. This is considered prudent if you are thinking of parting with anywhere between $ 10,000 and $ 25000 that a x3 series will require. Reviews online allow you to examine the different opinions and experiences of others who have recently purchased the car. EBay motors is also another ideal source.

Source by Theodor Cartman