The Most Weird Odd and Bizarre eBay Items Ever

Bizarre eBay items are part of the history of eBay. Weird eBay item collectors have paid thousands for a single deformed Cheeto or a piece of French toast partly eaten by Justin Timberlake. The strange and odd eBay items have kept coming this year. Here we present a few of the strangest from 2009:

Weird eBay – Three Slim Jims In A Two Pack

Not even the Macho Man could get this spicy eBay snack a bid. While this item probably is not the strangest item to ever be auctioned on eBay, one has to wonder what was going through the sellers mind when then he decided to auction it on eBay. The package does clearly describe this food item as a dual pack, but I would be hard pressed not to just eat the auction rather than put it up for sale.

Weirder eBay Item – Haunted Recipe Box

Over the years there have been many haunted items for sale on eBay from jars to various food items, but this one has to "take the cake" This is the first haunted recipe box ever to be listed on eBay. The reason the author says its haunted? She found a mysterious necklace in the box when she woke up one morning. Woooooo …. scary.

Weirdest eBay – Titanium Screw From My Knee

There are rules on eBay about body parts for sale, but this weird eBay auction just barely stays within the lines. The seller states that he is selling a titanium screw from his knee complete with remnants of bone still fused to the metal. One hopes that the seller no longer "kneeds" this gross eBay auction item. Otherwise he might not have a leg to stand on.

Source by Michael E Cohen