The Davinci Kalani Crib in Espresso – A Mother’s Perspective

Purchasing the Davinci Kalani crib in Espresso for your nursery will give the room a timeless quality. The espresso polished wood gives your baby’s room a modern look and the sleigh rails create an old fashioned, understated elegance. Uncover the finer points of this popular crib and what safety feature this crib has over its competitors.

What special design feature is childproof?

One of the stand out features of this crib is the static side which means the front of the crib doesn’t drop down. No moving parts in this crib, equals no squashed fingers. A 4-level mattress system is used and can be lowered as your baby grows. This spring system technology is a better design than some slat systems, as it has a 4 height setting adjustment, allowing even the smallest adult to customise in a matter of minutes.

Like a lot of other cribs with polished finishes scratches can occur, care needs to be taken when assembling. In addition, a teething rail is recommended for the toddler stages. Rest assured, this crib is non toxic and formaldehyde-free. Assembled in the United States, it is JPMA approved and exceeds all US safety standards.

The major difference between this crib and the Emily Da Vinci is the exclusion of the gap between the top and middle rails. The solid ridged sides provide protection from little legs and arms getting stuck. This small difference in design eliminates the risk of limb entanglement and I believe make this a stand out model in terms of safety. Parents can sleep easy knowing they will not wake to the distressed cries of their child in the middle of the night.

The day bed and full bed configuration option that this crib offers, meets the needs of your baby’s nursery, graduating to the toddler stage and beyond. Now that is value for money!

Where are the best deals?

The Davinci Kalani Crib in Espresso not only looks great but is a perfect, chocolate rich brown. An exact match to any other espresso pieces of furniture you already own. It also has the safety features that are essential for peace of mind. If value for money is what you are looking for, check out some of the deals on offer.

Source by Jacqualine Williams