Short Take – 2009 Infiniti G37 Convertible

Infiniti's G Series is a proven competitor to the BMW 3 Series, with the G37 coupe demonstrated to be an especially worthy alternative to Germany's best cars. For 2009, Infiniti has extended the G Series to include a revised M35 sedan as well as the G37 convertible, the latter which is the subject of this article.

For the record, the G37 convertible's official debut will not take place until this November at the prestigious Los Angeles Auto Show. That has not stopped parent Nissan Motors from sharing tidbits about its newest model in a bid to drum up interest and to measure demand.

What We Know About The G37 Convertible

Like the coupe, the convertible will benefit from several new Infiniti features, updates which will certainly appeal to avid enthusiasts:

  • A VQ37VHR "VVEL" 3.7-liter V6 rated at 328 horsepower.
  • A 7-speed automatic transmission. Optionally, drivers can select a close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission.
  • G37x AWD model with advanced ATESSA E-TS (TM) all-wheel drive system.
  • New sport 18-inch wheel design.
  • Scratch Shield paint (self-healing clearcoat finish) is now standard.

Although the convertible will not go on sale until well into the 2009 model year, the standard coupe will be available for sale in September 2008.

A Uniquely Designed Roof

Perhaps the most significant feature of the G37 convertible will be its roof. It will feature a fully automatic 3-piece folding top, a design which provides a coupe-like silhouette and all-weather protection when up, or open-air motoring when in the down position. The one picture of the convertible circulated by Infiniti that far shows the car with its roof down. However, Nissan says that the convertible will complete the coupe's lines so what will be on display at the auto show this November will likely do justice to the G37 theme.

What This Means For You

With the coupe retailing just north of $ 36,000, you can expect the convertible to sell for around $ 40,000 while offering the same class competency amenities found in the coupe. Although the numbers have not been officially published yet, the new engine and transmission pairing will probably push the G37 right into 335i territory; sometimes a 0-60 time in under five seconds will now be possible.

(Source: Infiniti)

Source by Matthew Keegan