Police Impound Car Auction – 3 Myths

You've been surprised at the great deals you can get from a police impound car auction. You've even wonder why people choose to buy from main second-hand car dealers instead of agencies that offer repo auto auctions. It is important, though, that you are well-informed about these kinds of auctions.

Here are some myths and a short explanation of how they're totally untrue.

1. The origin of the car is usually misconstrued as always coming from drug dealers or other common criminals. This usually turns off many potential buyers. On the contrary, most of these cars come from owners who have failed or indemnities of erring companies to the government. So do not worry, your car was not initially bought with "dirty" money.

2. There is also a common misconception that impound car auctions are scams. This is also untrue because in reality, these are carefully regulated by the government itself, who only aim for as little profit as possible, with the end-goal of simply disposing these cars which have no use.

3. Another myth would be the difficulty of competition. Some people say that getting that "bargain" price you want is hard because you have many other bidders. On the contrary, potential buyers in these auctions do not wish to drive the price high as much as you do so there's that conscious effort of trying to purchase a car at a relatively low price.

If you're like to purchase a vehicle that's in good condition without having to spend too much money, then maybe joining a police impound car auction is for you.

Source by Subin Han