Poker Tables 101 – Quick Start Guide to Selecting a Poker Table

The largest divider for tables is the location or venue the table will be used for. I divide tables into three categories:

Furniture Poker Tables
Pro Use
Home Use

Furniture poker tables will be used exclusively in the home and are often much pricier. Oftentimes these tables are made of wood and are beautiful to look at. While these tables initially seem expensive, compared to a similar dining room table they can be very affordable. You can also get dining tops for these tables that allow you to go back and forth between a dining table for the family during the week and then into a poker table for the weekend. If you have a finished basement or use the dining table option this can be a beautiful addition to your home. For people with less room this could still be an option. The legs on these tables typically remove with a small wrench in 15 minutes or less. However, they tend to be very heavy and will probably require two or more people to move.

Tables that are for pro use or large charity leagues often contain a dealer tray, no cups and a single line along the inside of the table. The single line is called the betting line. It helps to keep the game organized by showing the players where they put their chips. It makes it easier for the dealer to collect chips and not swipe cards accidentally. Instead of cup holders, casinos or charity leagues use trays that sit behind the players to hold drinks and other concessions. For groups buying ten or more tables it also becomes very economic to get a custom design imprinted onto the table.

Home use tables typically contain cups for drinks and come in a wide range of colors. Folding legs are usually preferable as it makes it easier to store the tables.

In terms of size a 96 inch table is typically considered a full size table 84 inch tables are slightly less in price and can still accommodate 10 players. Recently, some manufacturers have switched to using a 92 inch model. What is innovative about this size is that it is more comfortable than an 84 inch table and can usually fit in an SUV whereas a 96 inch table is difficult to move anywhere.

A recent innovation in poker table design is the removable top. There is nothing worse than a buddy spilling his drink all over your new table and ruining the surface. Newer designs have removable tops that cost a fraction of a new table. You can easily replace them or have a different color to suit your mood for the week.

Unfortunately, most of us have limited means and have a certain amount set to purchase items such as poker tables. This can often be one of the first criteria we use when selecting a table, but there are many more items to consider when thinking about a table other than where can I get the cheapest table.

Clearly there is a relationship between quality and price. If you plan on using a cheap table more frequently there is a good chance you will be purchasing another table shortly. If the table is used infrequently it might be OK to get a cheaper table. Manufacturers that make higher quality tables will often send out their tables with a manufacturer's warranty. For leagues or groups that play a lot this is definitely worth considering.

The great things about tables is that there are many different designs and styles to fit every budget and desire.

Source by Geoffrey Moore