Norwex Review – Is it Really the Best Buy For Your Money?

The Norwex enviro cloth has gotten a lot of attention for it’s cleaning ability.

Some Cons:

Did you know that it is only sold through the MLM or network marketing distribution? You have to know an affiliate of Norwex to get an ‘enviro cleaning cloth’. Norwex doesn’t let them sell on eBay – hoping you will find a website and buy directly from them for the full price.

Network marketing company has over inflated prices for their products so that they can compensate their affiliates.

Network marketing companies want you to leverage your friends and family to get more sales so that you can get free product for yourself.

Some Pros:

The multi-purpose norwex enviro cloth is great at cleaning up grease, dirt, grime, crumbs, counter and table tops. Also floors, car interiors and window sills.

The polish cloth works wonders on lighter jobs like windows, granite, tile and stainless steel appliances. We all know what a pain it is to try to keep those finger prints off the stainless steal fridges and trash cans. With this polish norwex enviro cloth, you simply just wipe with the cloth and a little water and it is cleaner than you could get with Windex and a paper towel. It feels magical.

We all know that chemicals are bad for you, so these enviro cloths are a great solution since they only use water.

This company, myEcloth, sells for a much lower price point as compared to Norwex and has the same amazing cleaning and polishing power. If you are looking for a comparable cleaning cloth that is NOT connected to a MLM or networking marketing company, check out myEcloth. And if you want to stay away from home parties and the pressure of going to your friends and family, this is going to probably be a better option for you.

Source by Constance Matter