My First Public Car Auction

No matter who buys the automobile off Ebay and where they’re situated, A1 Auto Transport can safely get the car delivered. Good TUT – May i add that if you happen to open the same public best site sale web page within the backgraoud (NEW WINDOW) the place then side by side use one window to click place bid – enter you most bid You might be PREPARED to pay right here and depart it where it says AFFIRM BID.

I opened a case and ebay closed in favor of the vendor as they have the monitoring quantity and a signature for it, I contacted eBay and they basically stated that they do not care that I have not obtained the order sinse there’s a proof of delivery.

As of yesterday morning ebay perminitly shut my account down and bared me from ebay for absolutly no cause and when i known as them to figure out why they gave me this very generic gerneral explaination that didn’t explain to me one bit how they figured that a person with over 10 sells thus far and ideal automobile battery 100% optimistic feedback with no complaints has performed something so incorrect in line with them that they only without warning shut me out.

If I was a shareholder I’d pull all my ebay stock and sell it. They don’t care about shareholders because each year they are shifting all it is earnings to ofshore accounts, and when shareholders want dividends they are not getting it. As soon google get’s their head out of their ass and opens up a vendor public sale site, ebay might be no more.

On the promoting facet eBay ninety% of the time will side with the customer, so I have needed to bit the bullet even on transactions that I did all the things proper and they had been additional reading simply scamming me. But, total I have made 1000’s of dollars on eBay, so if I have to take a success every so often I simply have a look at is as a part of doing business.

Within the meantime the client has acquired the item examined it and left nice feedback, I contacted eBay about this maintain and they mentioned that the hold will be released inside 21 days and that the maintain was to insure that the buyer is glad with the product they acquired.

After a lot frustration and long hours of research, I found a number of others that this buyer has achieved the very same SCAM to. All of us have contacted ebay in hope to cease this unethical SCAMMING practices but ebay sides with this buyer every time as a result of he discovered a loophole in eBay’s system.

Ebay have priced themselves out of the market, its terrible the costs they incur, you must up the worth on an merchandise to try to cowl the prices of expenses, then due to that you just cannot sell it. folks have got to move to another, or ebay should drop there expenses.