Kayak Trolling Motor Buying Guide

A trolling motor is installed in a kayak to help it sail through water smoothly and quietly. It is an electrically powered motor which helps the fisherman to concentrate more on fishing instead of worrying about boat direction and sound.

Kayak trolling motors are available in various designs and styles using latest electronic technology and quality materials. These motors are reliable, affordable and also offer a trouble free boating experience. You can pick from a saltwater or a freshwater motor.

The advantages of installing a trolling motor include:

– Easy to use and environment friendly.

– Light weight and easy to install.

– There is a trolling motor for every boat as they are available with different battery power, thrust power and shaft length. Also there is a different trolling boat for different environmental condition.

– They are available with different options like hand steer, foot steer and electronic steer.

The number of choices available in the market makes it a little difficult to decide upon which kayak motor to buy.

You need to make the decision based upon your boating needs. Few of the important considerations include:

Environment– The type of motor you need depends upon whether you will use the kayak in fresh water or salt water. There are separate motors for each type of water. Salt water ones cost a little more as they are corrosion resistant.

Type of Mount– Your boat size and type will decide whether you require a transom, engine mounted or bow mount trolling motor. Transom motors are easy to install and uninstall and you can easily carry it home. They are not complicated and therefore preferred by many anglers. They are more suitable for small boats. Bow mounted ones help the boat to be in straight line during varying wind conditions. It also increases boat control as the bow can be pulled sideways to keep the boat in balance. It is usually installed in large boats. Engine mounted motors can be fitted on to the shaft. They eliminate the need to swap engines over and are considered to be the best among all.

Kind of Control– These motors can be controlled either by hand or foot. There are also electrically steered motors available with features like auto pilot and co pilot.

Thrust– Right amount of thrust is required to keep the boat sailing smoothly. An underpowered trolling motor will be of no good use. The amount of thrust your boat requires will depend upon the boat length, boat weight and fishing conditions.

It is important to do thorough research before buying trolling motor for a kayak. It will keep the boat in control and will also help you in catching more fishes.

Source by Richa Khandel