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The Advantages of Good Animal Welfare

Animals have a role to play in the economic development of any given area. The state government is responsible for ensuring the welfare of the wild animals. The authorities are supposed to set laws that protect the wild animals. The authorities set laws that help to protect the environment inhabited by the wild animals. The advantages that farmers get from farm animals help in facilitating the economic growth of the given region.

The wild animals have been a source of foreign income to some countries. Wild animal centres are used to attract tourists in some countries. Some wild species of wild animals can easily become extinct thus the need for the state’s authorities to ensure their preservation. Most countries use income generated from the tourism industry to the development projects at benefits the citizens of the given state.

Industries that have been developed as a result of the result of farm animals have created employment opportunities to a number of people. The ability of good animal welfare to create employment opportunity for people provides an opportunity for them to raise sufficient income for their expenditure. There is a large number of people who have improved living standards due to high income from animal-related employment opportunities. Proper animal welfare ensures quality animal products thus the continuity of the industries. Quality animal products enable the industries to meet the customers demand on quality and quantity of the animal products thus enhancing their survival in the market.

Employees whose activities involve interactions with the animals get to be safe if the welfare of the animals is well managed. The ability of a company to ensure proper welfare for the animals helps to promote calmness among the animals ad they feel satisfied. Its important for individuals given the responsibility of looking after the animals to provide them with sufficient feeds. The health of the animals is depended on the feeds thus the need for the responsible persons to research on the best feeds. Safety of the employees helps to protect the company owners from incurring medical costs and compensation for the employees.

Good health of the animals can help to protect them from infections thus the need for proper animal welfare. Individuals in charge of looking after the animal welfare need to maintain proper hygiene levels within the animal territories. People requiring having good health for their animals should maintain a clean environment so as to reduce disease infections. Good health of the animals will protect the owner from expenses related to disease infections. People who keep animals can be able to maintain high-profit levels from the animals by maintaining proper welfare to improve their productivity. Maintaining proper welfare of the animals will benefit the owner the region as a whole.

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