If You Ever Wanted a World Class Motor Coach Now is the Time to Buy

Have you ever considered owning a large RV or super class motor home? Well, right now the prices are way down and they are practically giving them away. You can buy a million dollar recreational motor coach for under a quarter of the original price. Why are there such great deals in the market place right now, during what would normally be peak summer travel season? If you guessed the high-price of fuel, you would be right on the money.

The housing calamity is another reason of course; consider that many of the people who buy the extremely large and all encompassing motor homes do so through a home equity loan. With housing prices down, many do not have the equity in their homes to buy such a large motor coach right now. If you will check out the classified sections you will find many used motor homes for sale at unheard of prices.

There are also many new motor home manufacturers and dealers offering super deals, they have to just to stay in business. The $ 5.00 per gallon diesel fuel prices have indeed severely hurt the RV Industry. Those who already own motor homes have curtailed travel due to fuel costs rising and those thinking of buying a new or used motor home have re-considered that notice.

One local RV dealer with a repair shop noted that they have never been so slow in all his 20-years in the industry. As an example of why he asked I look out from the dealership onto the road from his freeway frontage and count the RVs that go by every 10-minutes. He said a couple of years ago you would count one to two every minute and now you are lucky to see one every 5-10 minutes. Think about this.

Source by Lance Winslow