How To Sell Cars On eBay As A Dealer – 3 Starter Tips For Car Dealers

As the world’s largest online auction site, eBay offers the potential to get your products in front of a large and diverse group of potential buyers. This is especially so for car dealers, as the eBay Autos section of their site is one of the most popular. With about fifty percent of sellers on eBay Autos being licensed dealers though, you’ll have to have a few tricks up your sleeve to get ahead of your competition. Read on for three techniques that will give you the edge.

Tip #1: Build Trust.

Selling a car to an online buyer is a difficult prospect, as they can’t take the car for a test drive before bidding. Add to this the ever present fear of being scammed online, and you’ll have to build a lot of trust with your prospective customer before they will be comfortable bidding on your vehicles. To start with, make certain you have plenty of recent positive feedback.

If you are offering you first vehicles, you obviously won’t have much feedback as a seller yet, but that doesn’t prevent you from making some purchases on eBay and completing them. This will give you feedback as a buyer and at least show that you are an honest person to do business with.

When it come to listing your vehicles, make sure you provide plenty of photos and answer any and all questions that come your way quickly and honestly. If requested, be prepared to provide a Carfax history on your vehicle to potential buyers.

Tip #2: Use The No Reserve Auction Format

The main benefit for people to purchase a car via eBay rather than in person is that they can often get a better price, and avoid the uncomfortable haggling that goes with purchasing from a dealer in person. Because of this, the no reserve auction format is the most popular one among potential buyers and is the format that is more likely to get a lot of bidding action and result in a fair price for both the buyer and the seller. Sticking with this format will increase your sales and reputation, even if it means the occasional vehicle going for less than you expected.

Tip #3 Offer A Back Out Option Guarantee

After a bidder wins an auto auction, they will need to complete payment. Then they may choose to come and pick up the car in person. If they’ve gone through all this trouble and taken the risk to bid, pay and come to pick it up, it is only fair to give them the option to back out of the purchase once they’ve had a chance to see it in person and take it for a test drive.

If you’ve honestly described your vehicle in your listing, you should be comfortable enough to offer a back out option. The increase in sales you’ll make from increased buyer confidence in you will more than make up for the rare customer who takes you up on this type of guarantee.

Source by Stacey Tagerfield