How to Jump Start a Vehicle

Are you stranded by a dead battery? This is how to jump start a vehicle. A simple and common Emergency Roadside Service for the do it yourself person.

Tools and Things Needed:

Method # 1

1. Jumper cables preferably color coded meaning one set of clamps in one color usually red or black some are orange or yellow.

2. A second vehicle of the same operating voltage.

Method # 2

1. If you have one of those Jump Start Packs it is color coded usually Red for + Positive and Black for -Negative.


Method # 1

1. Connect cables to the second vehicle first clamp Red to + Positive terminal making sure that the cables are not crossed or lowered, then clamp -Negative terminal.

2. Connect the other pair of clamps being careful not to short them, first clamp Red + Positive to the dead battery positive terminal.

3. To avoid arcing connect the clamp Black -Negative to a metal part of the motor where the cable is safe from rotating parts or a safe part of the metal frame.

4. Start vehicle and remove Jumper Cables in reverse order with the negative clamp first.

Method # 2

1. Connect the Red clamp first to the + Positive terminal of the dead battery and then clamp the Black -Negative as in step 3 of Method # 1.

2. Start vehicle and remove Jump Start Pack in reverse order.

I hope this was informative and helpful to you on how to jump start a vehicle. Self reliance is a good thing and your can save on the Emergency Roadside Service (no HOOK !!). Please understand that I claim no responsibility for any damages and or injury as a result of following these instructions or operator error.

Source by Camron Stroud