How to Choose the Right Ending Time to Increase Your eBay Sales

This is one of the major part that most eBay beginners have overlooked – choosing the right timing to end your auctions. The more potential bidders who will be at home at the end of your auction, the higher your final bid. If you end your auction when nobody at home or middle of the night, you will loss lost of sales. The next question is: "What is the best timing?" I have list down some strategies here to help you.

Do not end your auction at the midnight .

Midnight is the worst time to end your auction. Nobody will wake up at 3 am or 4 am just to bid your item. According to a survey done by eBay, more than 80% bidding happened at the last minute before the auction ends. If your auction ends at 3.30 am, a large number of potential bidders will just fall sleep. Conclusion – No Sales!

End your auction at peak hours.

The best time is the time that your bidders are awake, at home. Example is between 9.00 pm to 11.00 pm EST, or between 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm PST. During these peak hours, there's a great chance that you will capture lots of bids. And of course the end results will be – More Sales!

Schedule your starting time correctly.

You can sit in front of computer to wait for the best time to start your auction or you can ask for help. How? There is a feature in eBay called "Schedule your listing". You can choose which day and what time to start your auctions. When the time comes, this software will automatically start your listings. This is a very good leverage, try to use it.

End your listings at different time.

Do not end all your listings at the same time. Space out the time they end, at least by 3 minutes. The reason is simple, if one of your potential bidders is interested to bid on 4 items at the last minute before the auction ends. How does he manage to bid on all 4 items at the same time? This will make your bidders frustrated.

Best ending time.

I am showing you now some of the best timing to end your auction. Sunday evening, Tuesday or Wednesday evening and Christmas seasons. Avoid Friday or Saturday nights, holiday, first week of the month and tax season. Study this article seriously and time your auctions correctly will increase your eBay sales and profits. Happy selling.

Source by Ts Chan