How Motor Fleet Insurance Works

Motor Fleet insurance in a nutshell is obtaining coverage for three or more vehicles that are covered under the same policy. This then is applied as a single policy for all vehicles, rather than identical individual policies. This policy is applicable for people who own multiple vehicles, and helps to avoid the complications that arise when you have different sets of policies for several vehicles; it keeps things nice and streamlined for you as the policy holder! Whether it’s cars, motorcycles, vans, motor homes, all of them can be insured under motor fleet insurance.

Need for insurance

Need for insurance? Firstly it’s a legal requirement! However, it can spiral and potentially become unmanageable when you need to handle different policies for different vehicles. To eradicate such situations you need to Compare Fleet Insurance so that your vehicles have single cover, and then decide which fleet insurance is most applicable to you. Although the number of vehicles may change according to the requirements of the policy, if you have three or more vehicles you are eligible for this type of policy. Fleet insurance has been around for many years now, however market competition means that today’s cover is more comprehensive than ever.

Business and other customers

For a larger family, with each member owning one vehicle, the policy of fleet insurance comes to help. As a matter of fact, you can feel the benefits of this policy if many members of the same family each have vehicles. However, this policy only works for a business which has three or more vehicles that are used often for the operations of the business. For instance, you may run a cab company or need to send several vehicles to pick up employees that arrive at your city from different corners of the globe. Obtaining Motor Fleet Insurance Quotes is the best way to procure a policy which suffices your requirements. Whether you are a business owner or part of a big family, this policy suits the preferences of vehicle owners.

Coverage you get

When compared with the features of the other policies which insure your vehicle, fleet insurance often offers better and comprehensive coverage. Whether it is breakdown of the vehicle, thefts due to their parties, loss of keys, accidents due to fire, assistance for windscreen replacements and the injuries that the vehicle owner may suffer, all of it comes under a single policy. However, the opportunities may vary according to the amount of premium that you are willing to pay.

Factors affecting the premium

There are different factors that can affect the premium amount such as the kind of business you run, the length of business operations, the mileage, age and condition of the vehicle. In addition to this, the young drivers will not see the same coverage for the price their parents pay, for example.

Cost-effective and convenient

Of the advantages of motor fleet insurance, the primary is the relief that you get from handling different policies for several vehicles, and although a single premium may look expensive on paper, it has the potential to save you a lot of money in the long run.

Source by Thomas Chyke