Evolving Vehicle Tracking

About 20 years ago, navigation was a skilled exercise as if you were a keen enthusiast of walking, you were required to negotiate the arduous task of understanding the Ordnance Survey if you were trying to hike your way up a mountain and for drivers, the ability to multi task such as driving and pinpointing your destination on the AA road map was a daily occurrence.

Today, the use of maps and compass for walkers has become almost redundant as technical devices developed specifically for walkers can pinpoint locations of the nearest watering holes or telling them their axis location since how far in the clouds they may find themselves.

For lone drivers, driving navigation devices have become traveling companions as the computer generated voice routes people to their destinations and reduces the anxiety and illegally which female drivers experience whilst driving alone.

The intervention of vehicle tracking added further technical capacity to navigation devices as it enabled businesses to monitor their vehicles from A to B, giving them comprehensive intelligence over their fleet such as how much carbon emissions were being released, fuel costs etc.

Vehicle Tracking software in 2009 has evolved itself further as it has been deployed by the largest military army in the world in their war against terrorism. The United States army has developed technology which will allow army personnel to engage in battle faster and more efficiently in hot-spots such as Iraqi and Afghanistan.

The Hot Panel program allows the HIMARS, part of the army's vehicle fleet to link into an aircraft's GPS and track itself in the air anywhere in the world which allows soldiers to switch between a land mode and an air mode so the vehicle tracking system can find its location and its targets quickly when it exits an airplane for example.

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Source by Ryan Kealey