eBay Art Sales – Good, Bad & the Ugly

eBay is great. It's a wonderful venue for selling just about anything … even original art. It's a marvel for those of us who probably would not have a large venue to sell their art (sans galleries, art dealers and a cult following – yet). There are artists making wonderful money selling on eBay. Some of them literally so. I'm trying to be one of them.

I work diligently on my art. I try new techniques, new brushes, new colors. I study what sells and for how much. I investigate websites and listing templates. I definitely do my homework. However, I still can not seem to hit on what will work. I send listings to the forefront (paying exorbitant fees to do so), yet often my listings will not sell.

I can not compare myself to some of the wonderful talent out there, however I am growing as an artist. I strive to be better every day. I enjoy it immensely. However, every time a listing goes unsold, I feel my heart frown. I see other describing art also fail to sell and shake my head. Where are the art buyers and why are they giving that one go?

Art is so subject it almost goes without saying that certain pieces will only speak to certain people. Getting those people to see you art and be willing to part with the cash to own it, is another level entirely. But there are buyers, wonderful, generous art buyers and collectors who do buy a large amount of art on eBay. They get great deals (sometimes randomly so) and they get some beautiful art.

But is art on eBay a collector's art? Is it the I-just-got-my-first-apartment-and-want-to-graduate-from-posters art? Is it buying art on a whim 'cause I just gotta have it art? It's certainly a more friendly way to buy art than stuffy, erudite galleries. Some are really obnoxious, catering to the $ 10,000 per piece crowd. Who needs that when they just want to prettify their walls and add a degree of sophistication to their bare, white walls?

I hope to develop a collector's following and even have had some repeat customers. I reallyly treasure the buyers I've had. I will continue to sell on eBay because the joy of every sale beats out the unsold blues. It's not about selling. It's about creating. But when you do get someone who likes your creation enough to pay for it, it's a Jubliance I can not get enough of!

Source by K Rishay Moehr