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How to Choose the Right Ending Time to Increase Your eBay Sales

This is one of the major part that most eBay beginners have overlooked – choosing the right timing to end your auctions. The more potential bidders who will be at home at the end of your auction, the higher your final bid. If you end your auction when nobody at home or middle of the night, you will loss lost of sales. The next question is: "What is the best timing?" I have list down some strategies here to help you.

Do not end your auction at the midnight .

Midnight is the worst time to end your auction. Nobody will wake up at 3 am or 4 am just to bid your item. According to a survey done by eBay, more than 80% bidding happened at the last minute before the auction ends. If your auction ends at 3.30 am, a large number of potential bidders will just fall sleep. Conclusion – No Sales!

End your auction at peak hours.

The best time is the time that your bidders are awake, at home. Example is between 9.00 pm to 11.00 pm EST, or between 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm PST. During these peak hours, there's a great chance that you will capture lots of bids. And of course the end results will be – More Sales!

Schedule your starting time correctly.

You can sit in front of computer to wait for the best time to start your auction or you can ask for help. How? There is a feature in eBay called "Schedule your listing". You can choose which day and what time to start your auctions. When the time comes, this software will automatically start your listings. This is a very good leverage, try to use it.

End your listings at different time.

Do not end all your listings at the same time. Space out the time they end, at least by 3 minutes. The reason is simple, if one of your potential bidders is interested to bid on 4 items at the last minute before the auction ends. How does he manage to bid on all 4 items at the same time? This will make your bidders frustrated.

Best ending time.

I am showing you now some of the best timing to end your auction. Sunday evening, Tuesday or Wednesday evening and Christmas seasons. Avoid Friday or Saturday nights, holiday, first week of the month and tax season. Study this article seriously and time your auctions correctly will increase your eBay sales and profits. Happy selling.

Source by Ts Chan

Car Donation – Why You Should Donate Your Car

If you own a car and it is just sitting in your garage or driveway collecting dust, you should think about donating the car for a good cause. Car donation is something very new to a lot of people and many are unaware that it is even possible. Most people simply sell of their unused car at a dirt cheap price or take it to the junkyard for disposal. Why sell your car for pittance or scrap it for metal when you can donate the car to help people who are really in need of one?

You may now know this, but there are a lot of good things associated with donating a car. Even if your car is not in perfect working condition and has some defects you can still donate it because it might be of no value to you but to someone out there, it is priceless. With just some minor repairs you vehicle could be running again in no time. Beside that, if you decide to donate, all you have to do is make a phone call to you nearest donation center and they will come to pick up the donation. If your vehicle is not in working order, they will take care of the towing charges. Here, there is no hassle involve, just a phone call away.

Donation centers are very helpful and they will bring all the paperwork for you to sign which is very minimal in any case. Before you know it, you will have extra space in your garage or your driveway where your unused vehicle used to be. The free space can be then be used for better things that are productive and fulfilling instead.

Donating a can also help with your taxes as it can be used as a large IRS tax deduction. This is one of the best reasons to donate and most people are not aware of this. Here, besides having some extra space and doing a good deed, your tax statement will also look better with the tax deduction.

Your donation may go to a family that dreams of having a car to take them around or the organization may use your donation for charitable causes like delivering food, clothes or furniture. All in all, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your donated vehicle goes a long way and will be put to good use instead of just sitting idly collecting dust.

In order to find a charity organization that accepts car donors, you can do a search online or in the yellow pages to locate one closest to your home. Most charitable organizations would be more than happy to accept your donation. If you have problems finding an organization near your area, look for ones outside of town and chances are they will be rushing to collect your donation from you.

As a conclusion, if you own a car and are no longer using it, do consider donation. The benefits are endless and you will gain peace of mind and it is guaranteed to a put a smile on your face every time you think of your vehicle being used for charitable cause.

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Top 6 SEO Trends That Won’t Lag Behind By 2018

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, change is the only constant. Obviously, it’s hard to match pace with this ever-changing SEO rules and trends, so fast that it gets difficult for anyone to adopt them in a short period of time.

1. Mobile IS THE Trend

These days, mobile search has become a profound aspect of people’s lives. At the same time, Google aspires to be reflective of the user’s needs no matter what. Well, recently Google has announced that they would start testing the mobile-first indexing strategy. This decision was somewhat implemented after the use of mobile friendliness was considered as a ranking factor. While there has been quite a lot of controversy regarding this, but 2018 just be the year for this to cause a trigger on the search engine results. So, with that comes the importance of the mobile version of your site.

Now, Accelerated Mobile Pages helps the web pages to load faster in a mobile friendly manner. That is why Google has introduced it in order to improve the load time of your page on any device. This one has an influence on the performance of a page on the SERPs along with the interactions and conversions. Case studies reveal that AMP implementation improves the user experience and factors like CTR and bounce rates too. So, even if AMP is not a ranking factor now, it might just become one soon.

2. Link Building is not dead, but stronger

These days, you may find that certain SEOs claim that the link building strategy is feeble or worse dead. But, let me tell you that this strategy is not dead, but requires a proper planning, hard work and patience. It is more about earning your links rather than building them. As good quality backlinks serve as one of the major ranking factors, it also uncovers the direct correlation of website’s rankings with their backlink profiles.

3. Voice Search is New!

Siri and Cortana have already won our hearts through their non-stop and instant help. Similarly, Amazon Echo and Google Home also let us shop hands free. So, now with the passage of time, the accuracy of voice recognition also seems to increase.

With all due respect to the convenience that these voice recognitions feature, it is also less frustrating when you want to search for something on the social media. Initially, there would be at least one single voice search every week by every individual. But with the passage of time, the searches have increased three or four times. So, reporters conclude that the importance of voice search remains intact and it might consume about 50% of all the searches.

4. Structured Data has a profound role to play

In this era of the internet, Structured Data Markup is really underrated. But, at the same time, it is a great method to make your site crawler friendly and it also makes it easier for the search engines to make your content indexed in no time.

There have been quite changes in the way data was being displayed in the SERPs. The features include an immediate, relevant answer, relevant context, useful nuances and a visual display in the search results. All these depend on the data being arranged in a clear and logical manner.

With the importance of user experience increasing every day, the SERPs layout is also evolving. Structured layout is becoming fundamental. So, you got to consider the structured data to a great extent.

5. Maintain your Crawl Budget

Crawl Budget is all about optimizing your website both on the inside and outside as well. It must look appealing to your visitors and the search bots must also find it appealing. This will also affect the number of pages being crawled, indexed and updated by Google or any of the major search engines. With this, comes the responsibility to keep your website healthy and not to waste any of the crawl budget. This will also help Google to crawl your website more frequently, thereby benefitting your ranking factors too.

6. Quality contents over quality of contents

Change is only the constant when it comes to the SEO. But, amidst all the changes, the importance of content remains intact. But this time, you need to focus more on the quality of the contents rather than on the quantity. In fact, the content optimization goes far beyond the keywords and calls for complex approach.

Source by Saptaparni Subhajit Das

How to Design a Killer Mobile Application Template

The importance of a wonderful user interface is not hidden from anyone anymore. Everyone knows how important it is to make a good looking app. At first, it is the good looks that attract users and then the functionalities follow. All of us know that the first impression is the last one and if a user likes way an app looks, he will proceed with it; else he will uninstall it immediately. So, an amazing looking mobile application is the key to your success.

If you are planning to get an app for your business, the first condition is to make it look good. Instead of doing it on your own, it is a good idea to hire a mobile application development company. However, make sure you speak to the developers before they start designing your app template. There are a lot of important factors which should be taken into consideration when designing mobile app templates for Android or iOS. So, make sure you tell your developer to keep the following points in mind in order to design a killer mobile application template …

1. Interactive: Users like the interactive interface, so you can surprise them with the unusual features. However, make sure that it does not become difficult for them to use it otherwise they will not like them. So, maintain the consistency and go with the flow.

2. Easy to use: Most designers forget that the application is going to be used by the novice users as well as experts. Novice users are going to make mistakes when using the app and experts will flow through it seamlessly. So, make sure you design the template in such a way that novice users also find it simple and easy.

3. Back button: The back button must be the operating system specific. If the default back button can serve the cause in Android apps, keep the back button in the top left corner for iOS apps, as that is where users will expect it to have. So, make sure you do it as per the OS you are working for.

4. Ideal button size: It has been noticed that people generally use their thumbs to press the button in the mobile application. So, you must keep that in mind while deciding the size of the buttons as well as the distance between two buttons.

5. Popular icons: there are a lot of icons that have been used widly in the market since quite a long now, so the novice users as well as experts are aware of those signs. So, make sure you use them into your application to make the user interface of your application more intuitive.

Now that you are aware of some of the most important factors to consider when designing a mobile app template, it is advisable for you to keep the above mentioned points in mind and make sure your developer puts them into practice so as to design a killer template . Good luck with that!

Source by Bhatt Digant

Car Seats

We all want to make sure that our baby is as safe as possible in the event of an auto accident, but there is so much data on car crashes and car seats that you just do not know where to start. What car seat to use, what position in the vehicle to install it and facing where? There are too many options, so of course it will be confusing.

I think that it is important to understand basic facts first.

The safest spot in the vehicle is almost always the middle rear seat. This is the spot that is most protected from frontal impacts. In the moment of impact, all objects inside the vehicle will travel towards the point of impact. Frontal, or nearly frontal impacts are the most common, since that is the direction the vehicle is traveling in. Any rear seat is safer (in most instances) than any front seat, however the rear window seats can be dangerous in the event of a lateral collision. Therefore, the rear middle seat is the safest in most cases.

An infant or toddler should never be positioned behind a frontal air bag. Air bag deployment, while definitively very helpful in limiting severity and increasing survivability for adults and teenagers, is a violent event, and babies, toddlers and small children are better off being well restrained and away from their reach. Again, the rear middle seat is the farthest away from both frontal and lateral seat belts.

The people over at the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that all infants ride in rear-facing car seats (in the back seat of course) until they are both one year old and weigh at least 20 pounds. I recommend you visit their web site , where you will find the best guide I have seen regarding car seat use, including car seat descriptions by manufacturer. You will also find contact information and links to most car seat manufacturers.

Although with the LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system an attempt to standardize installation of car seat was made, regrettably there is still confusion due to the variation in motor vehicle and car seat makes. After carefully reviewing both the vehicle's Owner's Manual and the Car Seat manufacturers' instructions, contact a Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Technician. To find the nearest CPS Technician to you, you can call toll-free at 866 / SEATCHECK (866 / 732-8243). If you are reading this blog, you obviously have access to the web, in which case I recommend you visit . All you do is type in your zip code, and you will be provided with a list of CPS Technicians near to you. It is very easy.

Finally, you really need to research if the car seat your are looking to buy has been involved in a product recall. This information is easy to locate, and there is simply no excuse to not do it. For this information you may call toll-free888 / DASH-2-DOT (888 / 327-4236). Again, if you are reading this, I recommend you visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) web site for this information.

Source by Luis Rodriguez

When a Man is Distant After Sex – Why This Happens and How to Change It

When a man is distant after sex, it leaves the woman he’s involved with full of questions. She wonders what’s going on and what exactly she did wrong. In most cases, if she tries to talk to him about it, he’ll act surprised or say he has no idea what she means. If you are in this position with the man you’re interested in, you know it can leave you second guessing yourself. You’ll feel unsure of everything. You’ll question whether he didn’t enjoy himself when you two were making love or if he ever really cared for you at all. It’s difficult and if you leave it unaddressed, chances are that the distance he’s trying to attain will be a permanent thing. You don’t want that so you need to first understand why he’s acting this way and also it’s important to learn what you can do to change it.

Understanding what it means when a man is distant after sex isn’t nearly as complicated as you may think. Some women automatically assume it means that he’s withdrawing because he’s so overcome with emotion. That’s not the case at all. Typically if a man starts to pull back after you two have slept together it’s because he’s questioning the timing. If you two just started dating and you were already intimate, that may impress him in the moment, but afterwards it won’t. As soon as it’s over he’ll start wondering whether your willingness to share yourself so openly is something you regularly do.

Men don’t want to feel as though the women they are with are promiscuous. They don’t ever want to wonder whether you’ve slept with other men as soon in your relationship with them. If you did it with him, he’s going to assume you’ve done it with other men too.

Obviously you can’t go back and undo the intimacy. That line has been crossed already. If this man is someone you believe you want to build a relationship with, you have to get to work changing his image of you.

To begin with it means no more sex until you’ve established a new dynamic with him. You’re going to take a step backwards and date the man. Since he’s become distant, don’t count on him asking you out again. He may but chances are that he’s doing it because he wants to be intimate, and little more. You have to set the new guidelines for the relationship. Meet him at your date destination instead of him picking you up. Don’t go back to his place for now. Just steer clear of any situations that would put you in a position of him expecting you to have sex.

If you can do this for a few weeks, and get to know him on a basic level, the rushed intimacy will become a thing of the past. Work on establishing a real emotional connection with him and the fact that you slept with him so soon won’t seem so unflattering anymore.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

How To Give Your Woman A No-Touch Orgasm By Phone Sex (3 PROVEN Techniques!)

Women can have NO-TOUCH orgasms! They can experience this by having you talk to them (with no touching) by texting them, instant messaging them, or even PHONE SEX! Once you learn the technique you can use it with any type of medium. Learn this PROVEN METHOD today!

This is an exciting technique and concept. You can use parts or all of this technique in so many ways!

1st Tip. Make her feel comfortable.

Too many people, even women, start in too far, too fast. There’s a time to be crude and use vivid language and a time to wait. Start out with some momentum and make her feel comfortable.

Then, once she knows that you respect her. Nobody wants to totally be thought of as a sex object. The woman could tell you that she doesn’t want phone sex, yet love it when you do it in the right way.

The point is to start slowly.

2nd Tip. Getting her hot!

Now start at her mouth (actually her head) and head south. Ask her about her greatest unfulfilled fantasy or a sex game she’d like to try. The more you can get her to talk, the more you’ll turn her on.

If she asks what you’d like to do with her, then describe a very romantic scene. Give her details and set the scene with smells, feelings, taste, and texture.

Describe in detail, how her mouth would taste, and how you’ll enjoy french kissing her. Then ask her if she’s getting turned or – or damp.

3rd Tip. Driving her crazy!

Now, start with a detailed description of what you’d do with her breasts. Tell her you’d tease her breasts for a long time. Ask if her breasts fell swollen and ask her if her nipples are hard.

Tell her you’d want to give her a breast orgasm. You’d cup them, tease her nipples, suck them, and then put as much of her breast in your mouth as you could. Describe how you’d suck her breasts so fast and hard.

Now, tell her how you’d kiss her inner thighs and tease her clit with your tongue. Tell her how she’d have to arch her back and reach your tongue and finger. Describe how you’d drive your tongue inside her and reach her g-spot. Tell her how hard she’d shake and convulse.

Give her as much detail as you can, including feelings. You should have a great time and a new experience!

Source by Rachel LaDue

Automotive Industry Provides the Most Lucrative Career Option Today!

The automotive industry is one among the most booming industries in the world. It has not only left a mark on the economy but also on the world cultures. The automotive industry is greatly involved in the manufacturing, designing, developing, marketing and selling automobiles.

The automotive industry produces automobiles and various gasoline- powered vehicles like buses, trucks, airplanes, motorcycles, and also electricity-powered vehicles such as trains. With the growth in automobiles, there has also been tremendous growth in automotive jobs like: automotive technician jobs, automotive service manager jobs, store manager jobs, auto repair jobs etc. Besides giving lucrative jobs,huge amount of revenue is also generated. The automotive job provides the necessary base for a wide range of other services and related industries.

Today, the automobile has now transformed from a luxury item to everyday necessity. Gone are the days when only a few successful businessmen could think of buying a car. In the days of past, car was more than a need, it was considered as a status symbol. Only the possession of a car was enough to mark the economic stability of a person.

Today, things have changed. There are different types of cars available, from the highly lavish and stylish to the little low budgeted cars that can suit the pocket of everyone who has an average income. Each passing day, with the extensive competition and development in the technology, there are more numbers of different car models are coming into the market. This increase in the models of new cars gives the consumer the freedom to choose the one that best suits his requirements and needs.

With the facility of car loans offered by the banks, it has become more convenient to buy automobile of your own. Due to the high competition and the use of modern technology in manufacturing vehicles, some cars are also available at an affordable price. These factors have also helped a lot in increasing the number of different model cars as well as new jobs on the automobile industry.

These are some reason that shows why there is exponential growth of automotive industry and this industry has become a lucrative business. And if you really are fascinated by the automobiles, then finding yourself a promising automotive jobs can be a good option in the automobile industry.

Source by Prasad Josh

How to Make a Girl Come Quickly and Effortlessly

Imagine a sex life where regardless of how long it went for, or how hard you wanted to, you never reached orgasm.

It’d be pretty frustrating, right?

Sadly, that’s what about 70% of women go through every single day.

Many men are waking up to the fact that their partner isn’t getting the sexual satisfaction she craves, and to their credit, are seeking out a solution to the problem. However, many of you reading this article are probably still unsure of how to give a girl multiple, mind-blowing orgasms that she know she desperately needs.

That’s where I come in. In this article, I’m going to show you exactly how you can make your girl come quickly, easily, and effortlessly, using a simple, idiot-proof three-step formula.

Step 1: Build Sexual Tension

With all that goes on in our lives these days, it’s easy for us to lose touch with our inherent sexuality. For guys, this usually isn’t a big problem – we’re so highly sexually charged to begin with, that it doesn’t exactly take a lot for it to awaken.

Women, on the other hand, are a whole different story.

As opposed to men, who are generally more sexually charged the longer it’s been since they’ve had sex, women work the opposite way. That is to say, they are at their horniest when they are having regular orgasms.

In order to make a woman orgasm quickly and effortlessly, we have to re-awaken her sexuality. We do this first mentally, then physically. The mental component is called sexual tension.

Building sexual tension, whilst easy when you know how, is a whole subject in and of itself. For the purposes of this article, just understand that it involves getting a girl’s mind to be receptive to any sexual advances you make. Ways to do this may include light touching, a certain look, saying certain things, flirting, and much more.

Once you have built a decent amount of sexual tension, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Foreplay

Being able to perform powerful, arousing foreplay is one of the best skills a man can have in the bedroom.

If sexual tension is the key to awakening a woman’s mental sexuality, foreplay is the key to re-aquainting her body with her sexual side. Again, there really isn’t enough room in this article to be able to reveal the secrets to amazing foreplay, but essentially it revolves around “firing up” her nerves and putting her body in a highly sexually charged state.


Step 3: Direct Sexual Stimulation

If you have built sexual tension correctly, and have given your girl amazing foreplay, she’s 90% of the way to having amazing, powerful orgasms already.

Having said that, obviously the actual physical stimulation is still extremely vital in making her come.

Again, unfortunately, there just isn’t room in this article to give a thorough and in-depth explanation of how to use the clitoris, G-spot, and vaginal nerve endings in order to satisfy a woman’s sexual cravings. We don’t have the space to get into a discussion of primary and secondary stimulation, or the multitude of “hot spots” that are part of the female body, or how to use mental stimulation in tandem with physical stimulation in order to give her powerful, mind-blowing orgasms.

What you have just read is the basic skeletal outline of everything you need to know in order to make a girl come quickly and effortlessly. If you apply this roadmap, there is no doubt in my mind that your girl will have the most powerful orgasms of her life.

Source by Daniel Scott

4 Things You Must Know About Fushigi Gravity Ball

The Japanese word fushigi is defined as a mystery, miracle or wonder. To the public that is exactly what the fushigi gravity ball is… a mystery. Everyone wants to know what it is and what it does. It’s the commercial everyone is talking about, and the gift every child seems to want. “No strings, no tricks. Is it an illusion? You decide.” To quote the commercial. In this we’re going to discuss the 4 things you must know about the fushigi gravity ball.

How does fushigi ball work?

How does the fushigi ball work? It’s easy just take out the box and sit it on the table, and say “abracadabra”. It will then begin to float in any direction you will it. Just kidding that’s exactly what it won’t do. How the it works is a juggling style called contact juggling. It uses object manipulation to make the ball seem like it moving around without any aid from you. A DVD full of tricks comes with the fushigi magic gravity ball. This will get you started on your way to master the fushigi magic ball and all its tricks.

Is there a fushigi video?

Yes, there is a fushigi video. As I stated previously it comes with the fushigi when you buy it. It full of tips and tricks that will get you started contact juggling. There are also many videos on the internet where you can learn even more tricks.

Is fushigi a scam?

This is something I’ve seen said and asked all over the internet. No, fushigi is not a scam. Some people are mad about the suggestive marketing campaign of the fushigi ball. That doesn’t make it a scam at all. The fushigi gravity ball does everything you see in the commercial with time and practice. Anyone can do it with time and practice.

Where can you buy fushigi?

The magic fushigi ball has become a phenomenon. It can be bought by phone, and over the internet. Also now the fushigi ball is in stores. It’s already being carried in Wal-Mart, and K-Mart. It all depends on you how you get your hands on the fushigi. I know for sure if you buy it online you can also buy the new glow in the dark fushigi. You can also get the different sized fushigi balls online. Not sure if you have these options in the department stores.

Source by Adam P Williams

Auto Rebates

Rebates are discounts offered by the seller to the buyer on the market price of the product. They are generally used as great promotional tools by salespersons to attract more customers.

Auto rebates today are an important part in the sale of new as well as used cars. The fine print must always be read and understood carefully before accepting any offer from any car dealer.

The Internet is the best tool to compare car deals and check if the rebates offered are really genuine. Researching all of the available cash rebates, special percentage rates, and other current transactions and specials can save the buyer thousands of dollars while buying a car. Some of these sites that can help in this research are, InvoiceDealers, CarsDirect, Autoweb,,, and AutoUSA.

The dealer provides cash car rebates directly to the customer at the time of sale. This is done in order to reduce the net price of the car. Consumers generally prefer to use this rebate as a down payment against the price of the new car.

Special car leases are also sometimes offered by car dealers to boost their sales, as it decrees the customer's monthly payments.

Many times, dealers post misleading advertisements by listing a price much less than the usual price, leading customers to think that it's a good deal. They mention in fine print that the prices include rebate. Most ads that list a selling price also carry a pre-condition stating that the dealer retains all rebates.

It is better to compare the selling price without considering the rebate because some insurance and lien holders only consider the market price. The discount Web sites are, therefore, a good way to compare rebates and avoid any rebate related scam.

Source by Elizabeth Morgan

Government Car Auction – Your First Option For A Mercedes and BMW

If you’re like anyone else you want to live a life of luxury well beyond your means. Do you know how visiting a government car auction can help you attain a piece of your dream? Imagining driving the new Porsche Cayman or even a Mercedes CLK. This is completely possible and millions of people are getting in on this hidden secret. Think about it, the government seizes autos everyday for a variety of reasons and what are they going to do with them? They resell them! You need to be there when they place that 1 year old BMW 7-series up for auction because some drug dealer got caught. Who cares how you get the car. The hot babe at the bar Saturday night will have no clue but I’m sure she will give you that extra attention.

There are tons of deals on high end luxury cars everyday and without a doubt you should be in on this. To begin your quest you need quality reviews of existing government auto auction sites and join the one best for you. This membership sites will provide you all the resources in your local area and keep you up to date when those hot new rides are put up for auction. Once you join the car auction site browse the current listings in the area and take notice to the ones you would be interested in. If you don’t have the income to purchase a luxury car at retail but you still want to live the dream like many of us then government auto auctions are a great place to invest some time. To get started on reviewing the right site for you check it out.

Source by Joe K

The American Car Auction

Every year the need for cars is constantly growing. World wide, more and more people take driving lessons and buy cars. This shows that today's people really need the cars. But unfortunately for us, or at least for some of us, cars are also pretty expensive. That's why not all people can afford such an investment. Luckily enough though, there are other ways of buying cheaper cars.

Such a way is the car auction. The car auction is at the moment one of the most profitable businesses in the car industry. This type of auctioning has become more and more popular and is now practiced in almost every country around the world, attracting more and more customers.

One of the most reliable and profitable car auction system is the American car auction. This auction, the American car auction, probably has the largest number of clients and the largest variety of models and types of vehicles. Due to the large distances between cities or different parts of the country, the Americans have to travel a lot, that's why they all need cars. And the American car auctions is the right place to buy them.

American Cars Auction

Some of the most desired car auctions in America and not only there, are the American cars auctions. At this kind of events there are being sold only American vehicle models. We all know that the American cars are some of the most reliable and endurable vehicles. They are designed to satisfy the needs of the American people. Therefor, they should be capable of traveling long distances through all kinds of terrain and landscapes.

Tips when Buying from an American Car Auction

When participating at an American car auction, and at any other kind of auctions, the first thing you should do is to find your dream car. And after you've spotted it, you should follow all the other steps that are required before obtaining it. You should look very carefully and analyze all the aspects and all the little details, because you want to find the car that suits you best.

Furthermore, you want to find the car that is also in the best shape. That's why it is always recommended to bring your own mechanic to the car auctions. Typically, the American car auctions have mechanisms that inspect the vehicles before selling them. However, you can never know for sure. You should always try to take your precautions.

Source by Robert Darby

Online Auction Work at Home Jobs

People have been recently hooked on the internet. Well, as of this moment, who can we blame? Moreover, there is unquestionably nothing wrong with being online always. You can even have a job and find an auction work at home.

Various sites are being used as classified ads for buy and sell items. The most common today and is still sky rocketing in its aspect is the site Surely, many people are familiar with this site. You can easily join and it is open to anyone who wants to buy or sell their items. To add more, it is so easy to join in this site. You just need to register and you can start posting items that you want to sell.

The people viewing the site can see the items posted. If someone wants to purchase an item, he or she should bid for that item. Whoever is the highest bidder takes home the item. Simply joining this site is one way of earning. The seller who wishes to invite more customers to visit the site should display items that the customers are looking for. Since many people have lost their jobs just recently, many have chosen to sell some of their items to earn. In times today, this is one easy way of making money online.

Furthermore, there are diverse factors to consider when selling your items. You need to know if your buyer is really serious into purchasing your items. Be very sure that the highest bidder is serious in purchasing your item. You might end up selling your items to the wrong person. Be aware that there are lots of people in the internet who are deceitful. Remember that not everyone is sincere in making deals. You might encounter problems when you have dealt with dishonest people. Just be cautious in every transaction that you make with your customer. People have been encouraged to try and join in this kind of business. It is just like having a garage sale over the internet. The only difference is that you only see photos of the items, not the real ones.

Many people have found opportunity in selling their items through sites like ebay. In times like this, selling items could be a perfect way to earn while looking for a new job. Now that selling items online is becoming popular, many are drawn to give it a try and soon enough they might visit the site more often. Remember that it is hard to look for jobs nowadays. However, you can always try to have an auction work at home.

Source by Jayden Harris

Pros and Cons of Becoming an Auto Mechanic

There are various positive and negative realities of becoming an auto mechanic. You need to be familiar with all of them before becoming 100 percent committed on pursuing this profession. By being involved in auto shop courses and working as a mechanic apprentice early on you will gain invaluable information that will help you make a thought out choice. In this article we aim to showcase some significant advantages and minuses of working as an auto mechanic and set you on the right path to pursuing this subject further.


1. Doing work on your own vehicles.

As a mechanic you’ll be able to work on your own personal vehicles which means you will save money by doing the work yourself. Additionally, you can buy and repair older vehicles and sell them for a profit.

2. Great place to begin for launching your own shop.

After you obtain the essential expertise you will have the opportunity to open your own shop. This will require not only technical skills but additionally behavioral skills that you will need a lot when dealing with clients.

3. Employment stability.

As increasing numbers of individuals are putting off the purchases of new vehicles their older cars need more repairs and maintenance. By entering this field, you can expect to always have a place to work provided that you possess the essential skills.


1. Expensive resources.

The equipment required for the career are costly. Initially the majority of your wages will go towards your tool assortment. It is a sizable investment but will pay off for itself eventually.

2. Entry-level salary is fairly low.

When coming into the field of automotive repair, you will notice that your income will not be very high. Dependent upon your location and past experience the earnings may vary individually for each person but tend to be anywhere from $8 to $15 per hour. If you need a high paying job instantly, this may not be the career path for you.

3. Long hours and continuous training.

Fast paced mechanic shops are generally filled with cars and remain open to satisfy client expectations. Anticipate to work nights and weekends. Furthermore, with all the changing technology in cars a mechanic will need to continually retrain themselves. As a mechanic you will also have to retake the ASE examinations every 5 years in order to maintain your certification. This training costs money and typical courses cost between $500 to $2,500.

Source by Marc Webber

Is Water 4 Gas a Scam Or is it Real?

After reading the three books from water 4 gas, it's hard to call the water 4 gas system a scam. So much effort was put into testing the systems and providing information about it that it's hard to consider it anything but valuable.

I believe that some people are calling water for gas a scam because they expect more than a book. Visitors to the website more than likely quickly look at the pictures and expect a ready to go package to be delivered.

This is not the case; the books provide pictures and part numbers and places to buy the items needed to build your own system and instructions on how to install it.

After doing some research on the basic part of the system I have found that it operates very similar to alcohol injection kits that have been available for race cars for many years.

Alcohol injection kits can be very expensive, costing up to $ 600. The water for gas website has found a less expensive way to build and install a system that will increase fuel economy. Plus you can continue to expand the system at your own pace to further increase your miles per gallon.

Once installed in your vehicle, you'll notice a quiet, smoother ride in your vehicle as well. The water that converts into a gas, known as hydroxy, actually steam cleans your engine eliminating built-up corrosion. Some people who have already installed the water 4 gas system into there vehicles have reported an increase in gas mileage of 100-200% overall.

For under $ 200, your car can be upgraded to burn not only gas but water before prices climb from $ 4.00 a gallon to $ 7 or $ 8 dollars a gallon (which many countries in Europe are already seeing). Those who are unwilling to prepare for the future will suffer at the hands of the 'gas man'. My advice, be smart, prepare yourself and your family and friends.

Source by A. Drake

Some Things Your Car Insurance Company Won’t Tell You

1. How to determine the value of “total loss.”

Most companies will tell you that they use at least three methods or schemes to determine the actual a totaled vehicle’s value including value books, computer-generated quotes from dealers, and local market research. In this case, you will probably think that local area is your current neighborhood, but it is not specifically defined by the insurer. If, in any case, the company cannot find an auto replacement in your neighborhood, so they have to find it not from your “local area,” your totaled car’s value is certainly affected. For example, if you currently live in New York, replacing your totaled vehicle in suburbs will be cheaper than in the city. Insurance company will, of course, use quotes from suburbs area as the most-reasonably-priced estimates. The main purpose in totaling a vehicle is to allow the consumer (the insured person) to purchase the same car that is totaled in an accident within the local market. Since they use three different schemes to figure out real value of a totaled car, a consumer may end up with a cheaper car than the totaled one. It is impossible to be sure what value you will get when your company does not tell you how they determine it.

Fortunately, you can do some smart methods to help yourself and your company to do the value determination. First, you have to produce valid proof that your car was in good conditions when the accident occurred; car in good condition has better value than a wreck. Bring a copy of maintenance records including oil changes and inspection by an authorized mechanic. The records will tell your company that your auto was regularly maintained, meaning it was actually in great shape (in terms of appearance and performance) when the accident occurred. Moreover, you probably had special features installed such as multimedia system, anti-theft system, anti-lock brakes, rear view camera, or 5-harness seat belt. The car insurance company may charge you more because of some special upgrades, so make sure that your insurer includes that in the evaluation.

Another good thing is to find at least three dealers and get quotes on replacement from them; make sure all dealers in your local area or at least within short driving distance from your home. Present the quotes to your insurer and ask your insurer to provide a list of some car dealers who probably can provide a car for the price listed in the quotes. If you are not satisfied with the company’s value determination or you get less than you expect, you can choose to do mediation. So, meaning you present the case to third party (neutral) to get help to settle the dispute, or arbitration, or you can even request a formal inquiry to the court.

2. If you want to cancel your policy, do it officially

Most companies say that consumers can cancel their policies at any date, but you need to notify the insurer concerning the exact date you want to end the coverage. The statement is clear enough; in other words, it says consumers have to notify their companies when they want to cancel their policies. However, consumers often think that when they ignore the last bill before renewal, the company will automatically end the policy. Too bad, this is not how it is done. People can forget and deliberately miss a bill, and the company totally understands that. After this first missed bill, your insurer is going to send you one more bill for premium payment; if you don’t pay the bill, you will be cancelled for non-payment, and the record will hurt your credit score.

What you should do when you want to cancel auto insurance policy is to let the company know that you are canceling. Please make sure that you provide a specific date; it helps you avoid being totally uninsured for a certain period, time, term. The cancellation request will be sent to you, and all you have to do is to put your signature. It is recommended that you carefully check the document before signing it. Some companies may require you to provide valid proof that you indeed have another coverage before they can approve the cancellation. If you’ve financed your car, the dealer needs the updated policy information because valid proof of insurance is required in the purchase contracts.

Credit history still matters

The use of credit information to determine approval and premium rate is still common, despite the fact that some states already started to ban such practice. Some (if not most) companies use the credit history to generate risk score. They believe that it strongly linked or correlated to the likelihood of the consumer reporting a claim. More likelihood of filing a claim is exactly the …