Car Covers for Classic Cars – Why You Need Them

Why should you get a car cover for your classic car? I get asked this question all the time and to tell you the truth it confuses me. People that have classic cars should always have a cover. Most of the time I get this question it is from people that do not see the value of spending money. That does not make sense at all to me as your car is an expensive investment that I would think you would want to keep protected.

These are the same people that will spend a lot of money on their car so it does not make sense. Protecting your car should be the highest priority. Just because you keep your car in the garage is no a reason to not buy a cover. You can still get dents, scratches, and swirls from falling objects that are sure to damage the glossy exterior finish of your car. No one wants that to happen. It usually happens the day before you are going to a car show.

A few specifications that you must keep in mind while buying a quality car cover are as follows:

  • A cover should be resistant to mold and mildew so that they inhibit bacterial growth that can otherwise damage the car's exteriors.
  • Good covers can tolerate temperatures up to 200 degree Fahrenheit as they are usually made from polymer fabrics.
  • Buy a cover from noted manufactures who guarantee performance of their covers in the most different external conditions. You can expect such covers to last between 7-10 years.
  • Really good covers actually prevent paint-reducing moisture from getting trapped underneath them as they are made up of breathable and waterproof materials.
  • A good cover cover will not blow away when the winds are blowing really strong.
  • A cover will ideally protect your car from the damage of falling objects as it is composed of several layers of padding material to provide extra protection.

Quality car covers are always more expensive and you can grab some attractive deals online while shopping for them. You have the option of choosing from ready made or custom-made car covers that are both high on quality and protective function.

So if you care for your car a bit more then do not hesitate from spending a few extra dollars for a quality car cover! A quality car cover will go miles in helping you save on those huge recurrent bills on frequent paint jobs than the cheap car covers.

Source by Vince O'Hare