5 Reasons Why You Should Motorise Your Garage Roller Door

Wireless technology allows doors to be controlled via key fob, wireless key switch or wireless key fob. Motorized garage doors allow for a rapid entry and exit by use of remote controlled devices. They are also far more secure than a non-motorized garage door. The home or business owner can program the opener to respond to a pre-selected PIN code before the door will open, preventing thieves from unlawfully entering the promises. They also allow owners to sync their systems to other home security systems, so that if a breach does occur, law enforcement officials will be notified immediately. Strongly consider the five aspects that have been highlighted below:

1. Security
Motorized roller doors fit into steel guides that span the height of the door opening. These doors are equipped with dual-lock bars or a comb-locking mechanism. A bottom rail is included to reinvigorate the door against possible intruders. When lowered, the controller provides protection against lifting and drawing in. Security can be further improved by the addition of an alarm.

2. Optional Drive System
This is essentially the mechanism by which the motor opens and closes your door. The two most popular are chain or belt drive systems. Roller Doors open vertically into a compact roll above the opening, taking up minimal space in the garage. They are highly versatile. With many garages being built with segmented, squared or full arch, they are able to fit any type of garage opening. By having them motorized, you are still provided with an option of having a chain or belt driven system. Chain drives use a metal chain to run the door on its track – they're usually the least expensive, and the most rugged, but can also be noisy. Belt drive openings are almost silent, as they run on a rubber belt.

3. Minimum motor power
The power of your motor will depend on the weight of your garage door. Most garage roller doors measure up to 8 'wide and this makes them suitable for a motor rated at about 45kgs only. This means that you do not need needlessly to use a motor with great amounts of power output.

4. Safety Protection System
The greatest question to ask yourself when you install a garage door is, "Could the door hurt someone if they're in the way?" Most automated garage doors have a safety protection system. This means that they will immediately stop if there is an obstacle in the way. A roller door rolls up vertically inside the garage above the opening and does not have an outwing like it's up & over counterpart. This allows you to park right up in front of your door and provides more interior garage space.

5. Feedback System
The automation control is equipped with an LED light to provide system status and maintenance diagnosis. Integrated courtesy light, automatically switches on with garage door operation. Settings are automatically maintained to ensure that the roller garage door rolls up fully and closes perfectly over time, protecting your installation.

Source by Brian Nzou