Auto Rebates

Rebates are discounts offered by the seller to the buyer on the market price of the product. They are generally used as great promotional tools by salespersons to attract more customers.

Auto rebates today are an important part in the sale of new as well as used cars. The fine print must always be read and understood carefully before accepting any offer from any car dealer.

The Internet is the best tool to compare car deals and check if the rebates offered are really genuine. Researching all of the available cash rebates, special percentage rates, and other current transactions and specials can save the buyer thousands of dollars while buying a car. Some of these sites that can help in this research are, InvoiceDealers, CarsDirect, Autoweb,,, and AutoUSA.

The dealer provides cash car rebates directly to the customer at the time of sale. This is done in order to reduce the net price of the car. Consumers generally prefer to use this rebate as a down payment against the price of the new car.

Special car leases are also sometimes offered by car dealers to boost their sales, as it decrees the customer's monthly payments.

Many times, dealers post misleading advertisements by listing a price much less than the usual price, leading customers to think that it's a good deal. They mention in fine print that the prices include rebate. Most ads that list a selling price also carry a pre-condition stating that the dealer retains all rebates.

It is better to compare the selling price without considering the rebate because some insurance and lien holders only consider the market price. The discount Web sites are, therefore, a good way to compare rebates and avoid any rebate related scam.

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Government Car Auction – Your First Option For A Mercedes and BMW

If you’re like anyone else you want to live a life of luxury well beyond your means. Do you know how visiting a government car auction can help you attain a piece of your dream? Imagining driving the new Porsche Cayman or even a Mercedes CLK. This is completely possible and millions of people are getting in on this hidden secret. Think about it, the government seizes autos everyday for a variety of reasons and what are they going to do with them? They resell them! You need to be there when they place that 1 year old BMW 7-series up for auction because some drug dealer got caught. Who cares how you get the car. The hot babe at the bar Saturday night will have no clue but I’m sure she will give you that extra attention.

There are tons of deals on high end luxury cars everyday and without a doubt you should be in on this. To begin your quest you need quality reviews of existing government auto auction sites and join the one best for you. This membership sites will provide you all the resources in your local area and keep you up to date when those hot new rides are put up for auction. Once you join the car auction site browse the current listings in the area and take notice to the ones you would be interested in. If you don’t have the income to purchase a luxury car at retail but you still want to live the dream like many of us then government auto auctions are a great place to invest some time. To get started on reviewing the right site for you check it out.

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The American Car Auction

Every year the need for cars is constantly growing. World wide, more and more people take driving lessons and buy cars. This shows that today's people really need the cars. But unfortunately for us, or at least for some of us, cars are also pretty expensive. That's why not all people can afford such an investment. Luckily enough though, there are other ways of buying cheaper cars.

Such a way is the car auction. The car auction is at the moment one of the most profitable businesses in the car industry. This type of auctioning has become more and more popular and is now practiced in almost every country around the world, attracting more and more customers.

One of the most reliable and profitable car auction system is the American car auction. This auction, the American car auction, probably has the largest number of clients and the largest variety of models and types of vehicles. Due to the large distances between cities or different parts of the country, the Americans have to travel a lot, that's why they all need cars. And the American car auctions is the right place to buy them.

American Cars Auction

Some of the most desired car auctions in America and not only there, are the American cars auctions. At this kind of events there are being sold only American vehicle models. We all know that the American cars are some of the most reliable and endurable vehicles. They are designed to satisfy the needs of the American people. Therefor, they should be capable of traveling long distances through all kinds of terrain and landscapes.

Tips when Buying from an American Car Auction

When participating at an American car auction, and at any other kind of auctions, the first thing you should do is to find your dream car. And after you've spotted it, you should follow all the other steps that are required before obtaining it. You should look very carefully and analyze all the aspects and all the little details, because you want to find the car that suits you best.

Furthermore, you want to find the car that is also in the best shape. That's why it is always recommended to bring your own mechanic to the car auctions. Typically, the American car auctions have mechanisms that inspect the vehicles before selling them. However, you can never know for sure. You should always try to take your precautions.

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Online Auction Work at Home Jobs

People have been recently hooked on the internet. Well, as of this moment, who can we blame? Moreover, there is unquestionably nothing wrong with being online always. You can even have a job and find an auction work at home.

Various sites are being used as classified ads for buy and sell items. The most common today and is still sky rocketing in its aspect is the site Surely, many people are familiar with this site. You can easily join and it is open to anyone who wants to buy or sell their items. To add more, it is so easy to join in this site. You just need to register and you can start posting items that you want to sell.

The people viewing the site can see the items posted. If someone wants to purchase an item, he or she should bid for that item. Whoever is the highest bidder takes home the item. Simply joining this site is one way of earning. The seller who wishes to invite more customers to visit the site should display items that the customers are looking for. Since many people have lost their jobs just recently, many have chosen to sell some of their items to earn. In times today, this is one easy way of making money online.

Furthermore, there are diverse factors to consider when selling your items. You need to know if your buyer is really serious into purchasing your items. Be very sure that the highest bidder is serious in purchasing your item. You might end up selling your items to the wrong person. Be aware that there are lots of people in the internet who are deceitful. Remember that not everyone is sincere in making deals. You might encounter problems when you have dealt with dishonest people. Just be cautious in every transaction that you make with your customer. People have been encouraged to try and join in this kind of business. It is just like having a garage sale over the internet. The only difference is that you only see photos of the items, not the real ones.

Many people have found opportunity in selling their items through sites like ebay. In times like this, selling items could be a perfect way to earn while looking for a new job. Now that selling items online is becoming popular, many are drawn to give it a try and soon enough they might visit the site more often. Remember that it is hard to look for jobs nowadays. However, you can always try to have an auction work at home.

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Pros and Cons of Becoming an Auto Mechanic

There are various positive and negative realities of becoming an auto mechanic. You need to be familiar with all of them before becoming 100 percent committed on pursuing this profession. By being involved in auto shop courses and working as a mechanic apprentice early on you will gain invaluable information that will help you make a thought out choice. In this article we aim to showcase some significant advantages and minuses of working as an auto mechanic and set you on the right path to pursuing this subject further.


1. Doing work on your own vehicles.

As a mechanic you’ll be able to work on your own personal vehicles which means you will save money by doing the work yourself. Additionally, you can buy and repair older vehicles and sell them for a profit.

2. Great place to begin for launching your own shop.

After you obtain the essential expertise you will have the opportunity to open your own shop. This will require not only technical skills but additionally behavioral skills that you will need a lot when dealing with clients.

3. Employment stability.

As increasing numbers of individuals are putting off the purchases of new vehicles their older cars need more repairs and maintenance. By entering this field, you can expect to always have a place to work provided that you possess the essential skills.


1. Expensive resources.

The equipment required for the career are costly. Initially the majority of your wages will go towards your tool assortment. It is a sizable investment but will pay off for itself eventually.

2. Entry-level salary is fairly low.

When coming into the field of automotive repair, you will notice that your income will not be very high. Dependent upon your location and past experience the earnings may vary individually for each person but tend to be anywhere from $8 to $15 per hour. If you need a high paying job instantly, this may not be the career path for you.

3. Long hours and continuous training.

Fast paced mechanic shops are generally filled with cars and remain open to satisfy client expectations. Anticipate to work nights and weekends. Furthermore, with all the changing technology in cars a mechanic will need to continually retrain themselves. As a mechanic you will also have to retake the ASE examinations every 5 years in order to maintain your certification. This training costs money and typical courses cost between $500 to $2,500.

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Is Water 4 Gas a Scam Or is it Real?

After reading the three books from water 4 gas, it's hard to call the water 4 gas system a scam. So much effort was put into testing the systems and providing information about it that it's hard to consider it anything but valuable.

I believe that some people are calling water for gas a scam because they expect more than a book. Visitors to the website more than likely quickly look at the pictures and expect a ready to go package to be delivered.

This is not the case; the books provide pictures and part numbers and places to buy the items needed to build your own system and instructions on how to install it.

After doing some research on the basic part of the system I have found that it operates very similar to alcohol injection kits that have been available for race cars for many years.

Alcohol injection kits can be very expensive, costing up to $ 600. The water for gas website has found a less expensive way to build and install a system that will increase fuel economy. Plus you can continue to expand the system at your own pace to further increase your miles per gallon.

Once installed in your vehicle, you'll notice a quiet, smoother ride in your vehicle as well. The water that converts into a gas, known as hydroxy, actually steam cleans your engine eliminating built-up corrosion. Some people who have already installed the water 4 gas system into there vehicles have reported an increase in gas mileage of 100-200% overall.

For under $ 200, your car can be upgraded to burn not only gas but water before prices climb from $ 4.00 a gallon to $ 7 or $ 8 dollars a gallon (which many countries in Europe are already seeing). Those who are unwilling to prepare for the future will suffer at the hands of the 'gas man'. My advice, be smart, prepare yourself and your family and friends.

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Some Things Your Car Insurance Company Won’t Tell You

1. How to determine the value of “total loss.”

Most companies will tell you that they use at least three methods or schemes to determine the actual a totaled vehicle’s value including value books, computer-generated quotes from dealers, and local market research. In this case, you will probably think that local area is your current neighborhood, but it is not specifically defined by the insurer. If, in any case, the company cannot find an auto replacement in your neighborhood, so they have to find it not from your “local area,” your totaled car’s value is certainly affected. For example, if you currently live in New York, replacing your totaled vehicle in suburbs will be cheaper than in the city. Insurance company will, of course, use quotes from suburbs area as the most-reasonably-priced estimates. The main purpose in totaling a vehicle is to allow the consumer (the insured person) to purchase the same car that is totaled in an accident within the local market. Since they use three different schemes to figure out real value of a totaled car, a consumer may end up with a cheaper car than the totaled one. It is impossible to be sure what value you will get when your company does not tell you how they determine it.

Fortunately, you can do some smart methods to help yourself and your company to do the value determination. First, you have to produce valid proof that your car was in good conditions when the accident occurred; car in good condition has better value than a wreck. Bring a copy of maintenance records including oil changes and inspection by an authorized mechanic. The records will tell your company that your auto was regularly maintained, meaning it was actually in great shape (in terms of appearance and performance) when the accident occurred. Moreover, you probably had special features installed such as multimedia system, anti-theft system, anti-lock brakes, rear view camera, or 5-harness seat belt. The car insurance company may charge you more because of some special upgrades, so make sure that your insurer includes that in the evaluation.

Another good thing is to find at least three dealers and get quotes on replacement from them; make sure all dealers in your local area or at least within short driving distance from your home. Present the quotes to your insurer and ask your insurer to provide a list of some car dealers who probably can provide a car for the price listed in the quotes. If you are not satisfied with the company’s value determination or you get less than you expect, you can choose to do mediation. So, meaning you present the case to third party (neutral) to get help to settle the dispute, or arbitration, or you can even request a formal inquiry to the court.

2. If you want to cancel your policy, do it officially

Most companies say that consumers can cancel their policies at any date, but you need to notify the insurer concerning the exact date you want to end the coverage. The statement is clear enough; in other words, it says consumers have to notify their companies when they want to cancel their policies. However, consumers often think that when they ignore the last bill before renewal, the company will automatically end the policy. Too bad, this is not how it is done. People can forget and deliberately miss a bill, and the company totally understands that. After this first missed bill, your insurer is going to send you one more bill for premium payment; if you don’t pay the bill, you will be cancelled for non-payment, and the record will hurt your credit score.

What you should do when you want to cancel auto insurance policy is to let the company know that you are canceling. Please make sure that you provide a specific date; it helps you avoid being totally uninsured for a certain period, time, term. The cancellation request will be sent to you, and all you have to do is to put your signature. It is recommended that you carefully check the document before signing it. Some companies may require you to provide valid proof that you indeed have another coverage before they can approve the cancellation. If you’ve financed your car, the dealer needs the updated policy information because valid proof of insurance is required in the purchase contracts.

Credit history still matters

The use of credit information to determine approval and premium rate is still common, despite the fact that some states already started to ban such practice. Some (if not most) companies use the credit history to generate risk score. They believe that it strongly linked or correlated to the likelihood of the consumer reporting a claim. More likelihood of filing a claim is exactly the …

Get Cheap Auto Insurance For Your Teen Son

Your son has just obtained his license and with that a new found sense of freedom. Now you ask how to get cheap auto insurance for my son? Car insurances can vary dramatically at price so read on to learn how to buy car insurance that is affordable for your teen drivers.

Because teens lack driving experience insurers consider them a high risk to insure and then the premiums are assigned are much higher than an adults insurance rates would be. There are a few things you can do to help reduce the rates you pay for your teen drivers.

First you need to stress to them how important it is for them to keep a clean driving record. That means driving safely – no speeding tickets, no traffic violations, and no accidents. Over a period of time there safe driving will be rewarded with lower premiums.

You can also reduce their rates by purchasing insurance with a higher deductible. The higher the deductible is the lower the premium is.

If you are going to be purchasing a vehicle for your teen choose a vehicle that is built well with extra safety features, and do not choose a vehicle that falls into a sports class or higher risk rating class. Be sure to check the class the vehicle falls into.

The graduated licensing laws have come into effect in most states in the USA and some provinces in Canada. The rules will vary from one location to another but the basic underlining philosophy is to restrict new drivers by limiting what their license will allow them to do.

They may be issued a full auto license such as a class 5 but there is usually a letter design behind it to indicate that they are a new driver. These new drivers have nighttime driving restrictions, vehicle occupant restrictions, and a 0 alcohol tolerance restriction to name just a few. They will also be required to take an additional test after a specific period of time to remove them from the new driver programmer.

But you're still wondering where to get cheap auto insurance for my son? Teenage drivers can dramatically reduce the cost of insurance by purchasing a stand alone policy from an agency that specializes in providing teen insurance. A stand alone policy means that they are not added as an additional driver on your insurance but rather carry their own insurance.

These insurance companies reduce their risk for insuring teens by placing certain concessions on the driving habits of them. They may require driving school, no driving after dark, or various other restrictions which allow them to keep the premiums lower for teen drivers.

The statistics for teen drivers are not good. A 16 year old driver is 10 times more likely to get into an accident than an adult between the ages of 30 and 59, so you can see why insurance companies are hesitant to provide good rates.

The best thing you can do for your teenager and his or her insurance rates is to teach responsibility and make them accountable. Make them earn your trust for the use of the car, and make them accountable to pay at least a portion of their insurance premiums. They can do this by working a part time job which also breeds maturity, so it's a win-win all the way.

You and your teenager are thrilled with the new found freedom for both of you. So now you need to do your homework and research teen insurance rates so you can get them on the road. What are you waiting for?

Source by Sher Matsen

Discount Airfares To Europe – Protect Yourself

Discount airfares to Europe – it doesn’t matter if you are straight out of school and eager to see Europe, or you’re simply on a tight budget and want to travel – this one purchase can have a major effect on your finances for your trip. These days there are many budget and discount airfares available for nearly all European countries, and with this comes stiff competition between companies. Make sure that while you take advantage of the discount airfares, you protect yourself from the disadvantages you may run into along the way.

Prepare Yourself For Obstacles

As attractive as discount airfares to Europe may seem, be prepared to go through many more obstacles that are often hidden from the passengers. With nearly all European countries having their own no frill-budget airlines, the costs are certainly low (ridiculously so) and discount airfare in Europe can mean flying almost for free, though you do have to pay airport tax.

The obstacles begin when you realize that the discount airfare Europe flight actually emanates from small provincial towns located many miles away from the main cities. Not only does it add to travel time, but you will have to pay to travel to the town, effectively increasing the true price of your ‘discounted airfare’. As such, you should keep this point in mind as you compare prices among different discount airfare European offers.

Educate Yourself on Potential Hidden Costs

When choosing your discount European airfare, you need to consider what will happen in the unfortunate event that you miss your flight. It could mean extra cost in the form of a hotel stay, especially so if your discount airfare may be non-transferable. Also, once you do get on board don’t expect any in-flight service and you may have to pay for whatever you eat or drink during the flight and that too at premium rates. If you even want coffee, sandwiches or beer you may be required to pay extraordinary. However if you can survive your flight without food and drink, discount airfares in Europe might be right up your alley.

Discount airfare within Europe is meant to attract as many travelers as possible and so many things are cut down on, or dispensed with. For example, the quoted fares may only apply to APEX travelers and there may be more to pay if you change your flight time. These low cost fares are generally only low if you book well in advance or very close to take off. If you buy only a few days before, the price will go up and you won’t be able to also carry a lot of baggage either as the allowances are on the low side.

No doubt, discount airfare in Europe can be cheap, but you have to consider the many trimmings in your freedom to travel. Add all hidden costs and factor in added travel time as well; you may find a difference to your original estimate. Also, make sure that you compare these fares against the normal and less restricted airfare before making your final choice. In the end though, do your research, trust your instinct, and then focus on enjoying your trip!

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Salvage Auto Auction – How To Get Quality Salvage Cars At Very Affordable Prices

All the things being equal, a salvage auto auction remains the most appropriate venue to secure affordable vehicles. If you want quality cars and at affordable prices, you might want to take a very critical look at the useful tips below to help you out. These tips will help put some facts in the right perspective. 

Be An Early Bird 

Going to a salvage auto auction early helps you to gain some ample time to do many things. Getting to these venues early enables you engage other bidders in very educative chats. Each bidder has styles peculiar to each one of them; being early gives you an opportunity to learn one or two things from some experienced bidders. Some of these bidders have so many years of bidding experience in their kitty, and engaging them in chats will help you a lot. 

Carry Out A Thorough Check 

Experienced bidders do not get carried away by the external looks of salvage cars. Some cars have very attractive external appearances, but have engine problems. Judging vehicles based on outward appearances is capable of making you lose some quality vehicles, thereby going home with cars that are mechanically faulty. Cars that are not too attractive in their outward look are cheaper because they attract lesser attention from bidders. Taking along a professional mechanic to a salvage auto auction will be of immense benefit to you. However, going along with a trained mechanic may not be necessary if you have some basic experience about cars. 

Confirm Every Fact Provided 

When you get to a salvage auto auction venue as a participant, avoid swallowing every hook-line-and-sinker everything you are told by fellow bidders. Remember that everyone wants the best value for money. Every auctioneer wants to project every car in positive light; even if it means exaggerating facts. Never pay beyond the true value of any car, and avoid becoming too excited by some of the details or information you hear from these venues. 

Be At Your Best 

Being at your best in terms of composure is absolutely important when bidding for salvage cars. Being too excited can make you take decisions that may mar your chances of going home with vehicles that fall below your expectations. Check your budgets before putting in any bid, and never make any bid based on your emotions. Weighing what you have budgeted for against what you have on ground at the venue is also very important.  

These tips can help you get the best when you get to these venues; just be yourself. 

Source by G Sam

When and Why to Replace Convertible Tops

Owning a convertible car has tremendous benefits over an ordinary one. It gives the driver a feeling of freedom and also has a sportier look, regardless of the make and model. Perhaps one of the only downsides is that the lifetime of the top is short in comparison to the rest of the car's body. This means that a car owner will most likely have to replace their top at some point; a small sacrifice that must be made compared to all the joy that such a carrings. A main question that an owner will have is when to replace the top. The truth is that there is no set time-line for the car top, just different standard occurrences that will deteriorate the look and functionality of the convertible top.


The first issue that will decrease a lifetime of a convertible top is its exposure to the outdoors. Weather, including sunshine, rain, and snow, is a large aspect of the fading and aging of the fabric. Another aspect that causes a surprising amount of damage is bird droppings. The acidity can eat away at a new top, and make it look years older in a short amount of time. These culprits can be avoided to a great extent if the vehicle is parked in a car port or garage when not in use. The extra protection can go a long way when it comes to maintaining the appearance of a convertible top.


How an owner cares for a convertible top is another factor involved in the life of a top. Caring for a convertible will mean that the owner is taking steps to make sure that harm to their top places at a minimum. For example, the weather may have eaten away at the protective coating, increasing the chances for fading and rips, but if the owner sprays a protective coat after cleaning it will revitalize the top. Maintaining a vehicle is not such a hard job and only requires about one day out of the month, but if the proper steps are taken a convertible's top can last longer than expected.

In general, a convertible top will have to be replaced when exposure has taken its toll or no maintenance can restore the look. The quality of the top will have something to do with how long it can withstand the abuse. A low quality convertible top will last generally 3-5 years while a high quality one can last up to 10. In terms of when to replace the convertible top, it will really be based on the owner. Some owners replace a top as soon as it starts to fade or the seams start to split; others may even wait until there are visible holes in the top. At the end of the day, only an owner will know when it's time to replace the top.

Source by Eli Kahn

Cheap Hotels

Really cheap hotels in Paris or New York may be hard to come by. But outside of Europe and North America there are some great accommodation options on offer for the budget traveler looking for a bit of luxury.

And let's face it, traveling is pretty hard work. Although backpackers hostels may be the cheapest choice, there are times when you want to have a long shower all to yourself, put the air-conditioning on, and curl up in a beautifully made bed … After attacking the mini-bar, that is!

When it comes to price, many people seem to stick to the rule of thumb that 'if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is'. Hotels that offer a host of wonderful facilities, and are still really cheap, may cause a few alarm bells to ring. 'It can not be good if it's that cheap', people seem to say …

But, if this may occasion prove to be the case, then here are a few cheap hotels around the world that really are that good:

Siem Reap Riverside Hotel, Cambodia

With Angkor Wat, one of the world's most exquisite monuments on its doorstep, you've got to think that accommodation at the Siem Reap Riverside Hotel would be seriously expensive. It's not the case, however. This charming place offers double rooms from around EUR4 ($ 6) a night.

The hotel will even help arrange transport to the wonderful Khmer temples. And in the evenings after a long, hot day of sightseeing you can sit out and have a drink on their beautiful flowery terrace.

Villa Serena Margarita Island, Venezuela

Margarita is, generally speaking, the domain of large, expensive resort-style hotels. But the Villa Serena is a family-run place with a warm, comfortable vibe. And with prices from about EUR15 ($ 21) a night, it means you can spend a few extra days lounging around on the nearby beach.

Venus Hotel, Pamukkale, Turkey

At just a shade over EUR6 ($ 9), and with a pool thrown in, the Venus Hotel has got to be one of the best offers in Turkey. Everything is very carefully put together, and the place has an intimate feel. What's more, the word's beginning to get out about the homemade meals that they provide to hungry guests.

Tibetan Lodge, Dali, Yunnan, China

There are cheap hotels, and then there's the Tibetan Lodge. Plenty of places in China fall under the 'budget' category, but few are as beautiful and lavishly decorated (in traditional fashion) as the Tibetan Lodge. Most important of all, though, it's spotlessly clean. And from a trifling EUR4 ($ 6) a night, it's got the luxury a footsore traveler could possibly need.

Hotel Kaoba, Cabarete, Dominican Republic

At the Hotel Kaoba, in the paradisiacal country of the Dominican Republic, EUR12 (EUR17) goes a long way. In fact, you get a lovely two person bungalow set amidst a tropical garden. Not that you'll spend much time in it! The beach town of Cabarete is full of great restaurants and bars. And during the day there are fantastic opportunities for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Source by Ben Cooper

Top Ten Negotiation Traps and How to Avoid Them

Negotiation Tactics are more than just having a set of tools. The great negotiator is aware of the negotiation tactics being employed by the other party. Sometimes the person you are dealing with will use a number of Negotiation Traps, the purpose of which is to trip you up and make you concede more than you had intended.

Here are my Top Ten Negotiation Traps and how to avoid or deal with them.

1. Hot and Cold

This is where the person you are negotiating with suddenly seems to lose interest in the deal. They blows hot and cold. There is a marked change from their initial enthusiasm. They have started to go quiet on you. You start stressing, and feel the emotion is creeping in. Are you losing them? You ask yourself. Should you offer another concession to grab their attention retrieve their enthusiasm? When negotiating with people who are hard to judge it is difficult. This type of negotiator is deemed a low reactors.

As ever, remain calm, and do not panic. Keep asking open ended questions so it forces them to talk and respond, and restricts their opportunity to play the silent card. But also do not forget, do not be afraid of the silence.

2. Rolling Concession or “Eleventh Hour” request

So you are at the point where you think the deal is about to close. You are keen to close, it is within touching distance, when, all of a sudden the other party just says “actually, could I just get one more point.” Then if you concede just to close this damn deal, they say, “Oh yes… and another thing”. And then another. You get the picture. Your emotions will be high as you want to close the deal, and your cool judgement maybe impaired, by the emotion and adrenaline of thinking the deal is about to be done. Research has shown that more concessions are conceded in the final few minutes than at any other time during the negotiation.

It pays to list all the points that need addressing at the beginning of the deal, so there are no surprises.

3. Heavy Investments

When you have spent a lot of time on the deal, there is a real eagerness to close. You have invested heavily in terms of time and emotion, and this investment heightens your want to close the deal. The other party, knowing this keenness on your part, may spot a weakness, and start to ask you to do more and more, and jump through an ever increasing amount of hoops. These could be in the form of more documents, tenders, presentations, feasibility studies etc. You maybe emotionally drained, and more likely to concede these requests. All of these requests may make you think you are failing, and in a desperate attempt to get the deal back on the course where you think it was, the more likely you are to drop the price. You have invested so much time and energy you may start thinking that you might as well drop the price to save that investment.

Remember, they want to do a deal as well, so a little bit more work here and there is fine. Stick to the key elements of the deal proposal and do not waiver. Do not let emotion fog your thought process and ultimate goal.

4. “If you throw in…. then it is a deal”

This plays along the similar lines to the Heavy Investment approach. Again, it relies on you being close to the end, maybe emotionally exhausted and champing at the bit to close the deal. Then at the final moment, just as you are about to seal that deal, the other side asks for one last offer. Maybe they suggest it a favour, or a sweetener for the deal. If you are not careful, at this stage of the deal you are likely to concede too easily, and what they ask may have a heavy price. This trap is all about the timing, you are so close to the end, and they seemingly move the goal posts at the last second.

Do not forget, that both parties have invested a lot of time and energy in this deal. They want this deal as much as you do (maybe even more). They are more than likely just trying it on. Stay focused and keep firm. They are probably just trying their luck.

5. “Not Having the Mandate”

All of a sudden the other party suddenly says it does not have the authority or mandate to agree the deal. They have gone a head and accepted all your concessions, but needs to ask line manager. The line manager then of course objects to one of the third party’s concessions, and so the third party …

eBay Cash Secrets – How To Make Huge Sums Of Cash Without Stocking Any Inventory

Is making huge sums of cash on eBay without stocking any inventory even possible? Yes, it is. There are two ways to make money on eBay and create a real business without ever stocking up on inventory and risk having your inventory being unsold. Here are the two ways:

1) Dropshipping

Dropshipping allows you to sell physical products without buying up on inventory and storing them in a warehouse. How dropshipping is arranged is that you find a dropshipper who ships out products on your behalf to your customers. When you receive an order, you simply email your dropshipper with the order details and they will do the rest. You profit from the difference between the wholesale price and the sales price. Generally, profits are lower with dropshipping than if you would stock your own products and ship them out on your own, but the plus side of this business model is that you do not need to do any shipping or run the risk of your inventory being left unsold.

2) Create-On-Demand Information Products

eBay once allowed the sale of digital information products, such as ebooks. Now that this is not allowed, creative information entrepreneurs have taken the products and made them physical by burning them into CD's or DVD's, or selling the audio and video versions of their product. You can use a print-on-demand service or a DVD duplication service that will create a DVD set for you whenever you receive an order and even ship it out for you.

Those are two quick and easy ways to make money on eBay without ever stockpiling inventory. Go and see how they might benefit you today.

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How to Know If a Woman’s Attracted: The 5 Signals

Maybe she’s that waitress at the local café. Or maybe she’s a coworker or classmate or even the friend you’ve always secretly had a crush on. Regardless who she is, if you like her, then you want to know if the feeling’s mutual.

Lucky for you, all women give off signals when they’re attracted. Most guys never pick up on these signals. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you could easily overlook these secret signals, as well. And you probably already have. You have probably let countless women slip through your fingers in the past because you failed to see the signals.

But you’re never going to make that mistake again. By learning the 5 most common-but least understood-signals of female attraction, you are prepared to get the girl. Just look for 1 of these 5 signals, and then make your move. It’s as simple as that!

1.) She says your name a lot in conversation

If you find a woman saying your name in conversation, there’s a good possibility she has feelings for you. When someone has feelings for another person, the sound of that person’s name gives them a little emotional rush. (Just think of children in the schoolyard writing their crush’s name in their notebooks!) While adults don’t skip around the playground and chant their crush’s name, they do unconsciously say it whenever they can. So if she says your name a lot, there’s a good chance she’s attracted to you.

2.) She fidgets with her hair

When a woman plays with her hair, it often means she’s turned on. It’s a grooming reflex: primate females groom themselves for males before mating. (If you want proof, just go to your local zoo!) Thus, if you catch a woman stroking her hair as she talks to you, it means you’re probably arousing her interests.

3.) She breaks eye contact first

Poets say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, her eyes are also a window into her feelings. It’s a well known fact that eye contact signifies confidence. And confidence is nothing more than comfort in one’s status. So, for example, if you were training some new entry level employees at your job, then you’d probably feel very confident in holding strong eye with all of them. If, however, you were having a business with your boss’ boss, then you probably wouldn’t feel as comfortable maintaining strong eye contact (since your boss’ boss has higher status). Likewise, if you notice a woman continually breaking eye contact first, she’s probably nervous with attraction for you.

4.) She gets carried away with emotion sometimes around you

A major misconception most guys have of women is that they need to “like” you to feel attraction. Just think of all the bad boys who do amazing with women! Now, you don’t need to become a “bad boy” just to attract women; however, you shouldn’t be discouraged is a woman isn’t always in a peachy mood around you. In fact, it’s better if she’s not! A woman would never waste her emotions on a guy she didn’t like. So if she sometimes gets frustrated with you or even angry at you, it’s a good thing.

5.) She speaks in the future tense about you

Here’s a very subtle-but very powerful-attraction signal that women give off. If a woman’s interested in you, she’ll make comments about seeing you in the future. It’s important to note that none of these signals will be overt; instead, they’ll be little offhanded comments like, “Are you going to x, y, z event next week?” If a woman is asking such questions, it’s a telltale sign that you’re on her mind.

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O2 XDA MINI – Weigh to Go!

Holding an O2 XDA MINI mobile phone in your hands as a symbol of ostentation might not be a good idea. It is not so because it has been incorporated with ordinary set of technical specifications or looks terribly ugly but the cause to this effect is its bulk. The O2 XDA MINI weighs 160g with dimensions making it huge for a mobile phone but nothing radical on the lines of PDA phones.

Let us walk down the features lane of O2 XDA MINI which makes it a pretty impressive device to go through. Even if the XDA Mini throws a hefty impression to begin with, it more than makes up for its bulk in other departments. To begin with, O2 XDA MINI is a GSM QuadBand mobile phone making global roaming a part of this package. The TFT touchscreen is huge at 42 x 57 mm and a viewer’s delight at 240 x 320 pixels display. The sliding QWERTY keyboard covers enough ground as expected to complement O2 XDA Mini’s status of Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC Smartphone.

Moving ahead, we come across the TI OMP 850 200 MHz processor which ensures the operational rate of O2 XDA MINI so that the users do not experience slow processing while interacting with their phone. Memory expansion provision does not surprise but always comes on a welcome note. The MP3/AAC player has a task well specified which it performs with aplomb.

Data transfer/connectivity has options to rely on with Wi-Fi connectivity tools leading the charge followed up by Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, USB, infrared and WAP 2.0/xHTML browser. In the wake of as many features of this quality, it would be needless to say that O2 XDA MINI has a rather strengthened data transfer/connectivity front. The 1.3 megapixels camera with video and flash is nothing out of box but does well to be included as a standard feature.

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Forex Mobile Trading Software – Trading on the Go

Forex mobile trading software allows traders around the world to execute and manage trades from anywhere using software based programs on there mobile phones and PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants). This allows great flexibility to the individual that has time constants from sitting in front of computer.

Advantages to mobile trading software include:

Allows individuals to access there trading platform anywhere and at all times.

Allows the individual to be alerted when price hits a desirable level.

Allows traders to view charts and indicators for strategic planning.

When the trader decides to implement the software on their device, you get all the same features that are available on the software on your desktop computer. All of the components work comparably with most forex brokers. With live updates with your internet connection through your mobile media, it allows you to receive up to date live quotes from the market makers. This is crucial to your trading success.

To get forex mobile trading software for your mobile device, you need to download this software from your broker of choice. Some software needs a specific operating system to be set on your mobile device. This usually is advised to your before downloading and installing the software. Most brokers will offer you a free trial period to test out there software on your mobile device to see if its something of interest to you.

Safety of your funds and transactions in of no concern since your connections through your broker to your mobile device is encrypted with a firewall which provides the security of your transactions. You are also required to establish a user-name and password with your trading software to provide only you access.

Forex mobile trading software offers traders the option of not being tied down to their computers all day to profit from the exciting forex market.

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